Wellness Fans


I was fortunate to have an incredible aromatherapy relaxation massage coupled with some Reiki.

From the time of arrival, I was made to feel very welcome. The atmosphere was very inviting and soothing. Pascale was very professional and courteous, but also very friendly and engaging. I felt deeply relaxed during my treatment and indeed, had to fight from falling asleep. Pascale really knows what she is ding and has magic fingers. All in all, it was a very relaxing, soothing and enlightening experience. One that I will repeat as regularly as I can. I have no hesitations in recommending Pascale.

Make the time to meet with her to de-stress, recharge and indulge. You will not regret it.

Jodie. V



Hi, I would just like to thank Pas for the reading that was done for me last night. My reading stated that the angels have been helping me to be in touch with my sensitive qualities and to be more intune with my intuition. I must say that in the last week this is exactly what I have been focusing on in my life and am amazed how this was picked up on!!!I am so looking forward to another reading in the near future. Thanks again Pas!!



I had a reading today from the beautiful Pascale. She’s very intuitive and was able to link in to the issues I am facing at present and offer guidance as to the directions I am going. Without me having to give any details – I received clarity and I could feel the love being given to me from my guides through Pascale. Thank you so much for your understanding and patience while I had my cry out. You truly are an angel and anyone who reads this and is considering a reading with Pascale – go for it! I feel calmer clearer and know that I am on the right path – even though it doesn’t feel that way sometimes! A special person who can pick up on your energies and problems you are facing without you having to say a word and offer comfort via spirit guides is well worth seeing and I would recommend Pascale anytime! I’ll be back xoxo

~Sarah. C


I just received my free reading from the Beautiful Pascale over at Angel Spice and I am blown away! It was spot on and confirms everything that is going on in my life now and what I must do to get where I want to be. I needed that clarity and guidance! Thank you so much Pascale, I feel so blessed to have been a recipient of your gifts, Thank you! I highly recommend that if anyone would like clarity and guidance in their lives now, get in contact with Pascale and book a reading, it’s truly amazing.


Hi..Just thought I’d write a few lines to firstly thank you for the recent unique massage of yours but also to reiterate how amazing that experience was, simply beyond amazing..I felt n received that peace energy I had been so desperate for lately, with your guidance to get there through a complete relaxation mode. Gotta say I managed to relax, again with your help during the massage,trying not to think being a massive thinker, to relax & enjoy and yes.. got to my destination, peace energy in me ! Only shows me you are very good at what you do:-) So thank you for this amazing massage and I highly recommend it to others!! Totally worth it!! I am definitely looking forward to the next one..:-)

Jerome Francois