Trust your Gut!

This seems to be a repetitive lesson for me!

I am continuously presented with situations where I am to trust and listen to my intuition the first time.

But what seems to happen is that I always find myself giving the wrong people the benefit of the doubt – because my “flaw” is that I always choose to see the BEST in people.

I see their soul and not their actions

Sometimes this does feel like a curse.

Many times, I have been presented with harsh lessons for not listening to my gut!

I had a situation arise in my life yesterday where I didn’t follow my gut.

Well really, I wanted it to be true

Even though I knew it was TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!

But luckily, TRUST YOUR GUT

this time around,

when the alarms bells were ringing loudly


Luckily, I didn’t get myself into a situation that could have cost me.

I have found myself going through a process a lot like grieving:

DENIAL – at the first stage, although a lot of strange thoughts and visions of past situations that I had not thought of for a long time were coming up, THEN  finally I had to accept it for what it was…

so then came…

ANGER – with myself primarily for allowing myself to believe the unbelievable…then today, anger with the perpetrators

followed closely by

BARGAINING – “If only I had investigated this before!” “If only I had taken more time to ask questions!” If only I had listened to my gut – who was telling me that this was much like another situation I instantly recognised as TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!

which brought me to feelings of

DEPRESSION – feeling stupid, not good enough, victimized, sad, lonely, hopeless: feeling like everything in my life never works out the way that I want it to – these are feelings that I allowed myself to sit with and flow through my body, acknowledging them, letting it out and finding myself being supported by my family 

and then finally

ACCEPTANCE – not of the situation, but of the learning that has arisen from this situation…talking about it and expressing myself through other means such as writing, reading, creating – helped the light to shine through so that I don’t remain in the darkness/negativity of the situation….

therefore bringing me to

GRATITUDE – I have yet to go through the forgiveness process but finding the little things that I can be grateful for – forgiveness is opening its doors to shine its light upon me.

Isn’t it amazing when messages are delivered to you in your own writing?

Gotta love it <3  :)

I am grateful for this outlet to soothe my mind and my soul <3


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Keeping it Real!

AngelPAs Getting RealFunny how when you want to be real…warts and all, no one sees you…
…people would rather see the fake, pretending to be happy side of you, rather than the real, both sides of YOU..the good and the bad…

Whether we want to admit it to ourselves or not, it’s real and it’s true.

Isn’t that scary?

Is it any wonder most of us feel alone?

We can paint it as prettily as we want…but sometimes, we just want to be bad..sometimes we just want to be negative…

Yeah there are dozens of explanations, theories and philosophies on this………

But the trick is …
to not stay there…
to experience it
acknowledge it
thank it
and leave it behind.

And sometimes, yes…easier SAID than DONE!
And can take much longer than SAID.

~AngelPas(just being real)

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Your FREE oracle – Wednesday 13th of April 2016

Today’s FREE card reading is from The Oracle of E deck by Pam Grout & Colette Baron-Reid

Two of them drew me in as I was shuffling:

1.JACKPOT:Free Card reading 13th april

Straight from the card and book:
Do you see dollar signs?
They’re circling around you like a veritable cyclone!
Eveything in your aura is pointing to material gain.
Do you want to manifest a NEW house, more love, a better job, a new life?
Maybe a bigger pocket book?
Maybe Gucci?
Might be wise to make some room!

AngelPas reflections:
This card represents moving through what has happened – making room for the new. Leaving the past and looking to the future – as the future is abundant – ready for the taking. All you need to do – is step into it and reap the rewards coming your way!


Straight from the card and book:
You have every reason to skip, to hop, and to leap with joy.
Optimism is the only reasonable choice, because everything else is an illusion.
Hope is the only thing that matters, because it points to the inevitable.
The glass is not full; it runneth over!

AngelPas reflections:

Everything that lands on your path is an opportunity for growth – especially when it seems like there is no hope!
Acknowledge your emotions
Recognise them
Listen to your intuition on how you need to channel this
Allow yourself to go through the grieving process…
Then pick yourself up
And greet the light that awaits you Angel :) <3 

Big love to you all
<3 <3 <3

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An introduction to Chakras

Have you ever heard of chakras?
Do you know much about energies?
Do you know that an imbalance in these centres can be the cause of your emotional turmoil?

Hi my name is Pascale Dureau and I am your wellness angel

I work with a new generation of women who have lost their way (sometimes men too), and are feeling unsupported in their lives – bringing struggles of physical , emotional and mental pain – resulting in stress, anxiety, overwhelm, numbness and feeling alone

I have been fascinated with chakras and energies all my adult life
The more I delve myself into this world the more I understand it from a practical and experiential standing.
There is soo much that goes into this kind of work.
so much more involved than is taught out there
but the basics is enough to help you find your balance and guidance

Chakras are our energy centres

Some describe this as a swirling wheel of energy – where matter and consciousness meet (basically what we think and feel affects these centres)

Others describe this as conical funnels, shaped like spirals, all stemming from the nervous central system of our spine.
There are 12 energy centres – I work with the main 7 chakras – with bundles of nerves and our major organs that affect our psychological, emotional, spiritual and some of our energetic states.
The 7 chakras are your:
1. Root chakra – located in your hip/genital area
2. Sacral chakra – located in your abdomen, just below your belly button
3. Solar plexus – located above your belly button tummy area
4. Heart chakra – located in the middle of your breast bone
5. Throat chakra – located at your throat area
6. Brow or 3rd eye chakra – located on your forehead, between your eyes
7. Crown chakra – located where we originally had our soft spot on top of our heads
Much like taking the time and investing the money to service our cars – our bodies and energy centres need your time and energy invested in its service too!

For the next 7 days, I will share a couple of small ways that you can start to nourish your chakras.

Just by doing these small things, you will immediately feel the difference!

Of course, there is much more work required to bring your chakras back into balance – as we all have an imbalance in these centres.
Though it is never to late to move through the blockages, align and open them for you to have more awareness, bring more intention, purpose and colour back into your life!
Wellness Angel offers group and 1 on 1 support to shift through these blockages.

This Wednesday, 13th of april, I am starting the first 2016 Chakra Shake Up movement 7 week meditation classes.
This will help you immensely in acknowledging releasing through your emotional blockages that you have been holding in your chakras.

To find out more or to book your spot – go to this Facebook event link:
A supportive community/circle of women to help you shift through your pain may just be what you have been praying for as i have done many times on my journey.

SAVE $100 Until tomorrow – Friday 8th of April 2016

I also offer 1 on 1 programs, if group situations are not for you

Go to this link:

to book your free 30 mins discovery session with me – let’s just chat and see how i can be of service to you on your journey.

Tune into for the next 7 days for a couple of tips in bringing more awareness to nourishing your root chakra and what colour this chakra is connected to 

Looking forward to connecting with you over the next 7 days and serving you on this part of your journey!



To find out more or to book your spot – go to this Facebook event link:

To book your free 30 mins discovery session with me – Go to this link:

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Not giving up


Honestly… I do give up!

We all give up in the smallest ways or shortest moments.
That’s the truth.
And sometimes,
Giving up in these small ways or short moments
brings me to where I need to be
Or to realise or see what I couldn’t before
I ALWAYS get back up!
Even if I am a little more battered from the last time
The difference is
That I am either a little or a lot wiser than before
And a little or a lot stronger than before
Something that I can have faith in;
Change is always taking place
Sometimes with my action
Sometimes with just a thought

Sometimes just because it’s time.

(c) AngelPas


How can I help you not give up completely in your life?

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Brow Remedy



download (1)(Pic Credit: Trout and Hawk)


  • 2 Green Apples
  • 1 Carrot
  • 1 Celery stalk
  • 1/4 of a Cucumber
  • 1 Raw Red Beet
  • 1 Tomato
  • 1 small handful of Red Cabbage
  • 1/4 of a Lemon
  • 3 cm of Ginger(according to taste)
  • 2 ice cubes(or crushed ice)


  1. Juice all the fruits and veggies
  2. This can be blended briefly before serving
  3. Serve in tall glass or wine glass over ice

Please do not fret over the Red Cabbage.

I admittedly did!

But with all these other fruits and veggies mixed in – the taste is absolutely amazing and refreshing!

Watching the colours as it comes out of the juice is magical…just like a Rainbow for our energy centres – namely our Brow/3rd Eye :)  This juice was chosen for this chakra because of it’s beautiful purple element from the red cabbage.

As our 3rd eye is connected more on the spiritual side than the physical, any foods can be associated with it – namely Bluish or purple foods – which helps this centre gain clarity and focus. Among the most popular choices are: blackberries, black currants, blueberries, red or purple grapes, prunes and raisins.

When making this juice, consciously bless and invoke all the goodness of the ingredients being added for strengthening and healing of your 3rd Eye.


I am wise, intuitive, and connected with my inner guide.

Get on this :)

 (Inspired by Jason Vales’ Rainbow Remedy)

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How to make overwhelm your friend…

images (2)You are most probably reading this blog entry because the title has attracted your attention

For this to have attracted your attention…

Then you and I must have this in common


I have to be completely honest with you here…

The older I get

The more of a challenge this is for me!

Is this the same for you?

I find myself wanting to do everything at once

Fit everything in one day!

Realistically, that is not actually possible

Because having that expectation of myself…

Only brings me to






when I realise – NOPE, there’s no way this is all going to get done today!

So then what happens?

WELL, usually… I find myself


imagesAnd what happens when I give up?

ANXIETY kicks in again!



because I am not doing what I know I should be doing!

It’s like a freaking vicious circle!

So how do we make overwhelm our friend?

Well I just had this experience a few minutes before writing this blog – and this is what I did to get over it and make friends with Overwhelm



I ALLOWED the frustration and the anxiety



do you know what I did next?

Have a WILD GUESS!!!



And you know what happened?

You will never guess!!


My “problems” were solved!


Because I got on the phone and


And most importantly

downloadI ASKED FOR HELP of those I know can help me with my “problem”!!!

Simple as that.

Why do we make things so complicated all the time?

No wonder we get overwhelmed and anxious.






we also must remember to


God knows, I know that’s not always easy…as I always seem to have the BIG picture in my mind – which makes me feel OVERWHELMED!

Does this happen to you too?

It’s a constant practice

To breathe and just bring it back down to


Take comfort in the fact that this ONE STEP…

is taking you closer to the BIG PICTURE…

But leave the BIG picture out there(give it to God/The Universe) whilst you are taking your steps…

Only go back to the BIG picture when you are reviewing your goals.

A reminder that  we all need…of that I am sure :)

So to recap –




Make friends with Overwhelm by

bringing another friend to join the party -





What a huge revelation for today!


Are you looking for support through your overwhelm?

Let’s have a 30 mins chat to find out how you can be supported in your process.

Contact Pascale:



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Is perfection ruining your life?

c932e7cb9b4ce5bd7407b1bcc852802dHas perfection been ruining your life?

It has been brought more and more to my attention lately that perfection has been ruining my life.

Well, I have allowed it to ruin my life.

Although in my defence, it was unconscious for much of my life until recently

Deciding to embark on a spiritual journey is not as airy fairy and all doves and butterflies as it may seem.

The truth is…

It’s HARD!

Why is it hard?

Well, because it means that we have to look at ALL aspects of ourselves.

And one doesn’t accept all those parts of ourselves all at once.

It takes time.

It takes experiences

It takes relationships

It takes love

It take being hurt

It takes hurting others

It takes facing the lighter and darker sides of ourselves (as much as we’d all like to think that we only have a light side)

It takes

Waking up

Out of

Righteousness and facing one’s

Karmic lessons

So much of my “perfection” has been showing up lately – in wanting to only share when in “My Perfection”

Being on a 28 day juice fast and January Health kick has really opened my eyes along with some other less favourable sides of myself that I am having to face.

On day 23 of the juice fast – I started to crave saltiness and more than anything, I really wanted to have some Bhuja mix that was in the pantry …this was a craving I just couldn’t surpass.

I know that it is a choice

And my choice was to not have this craving consume me – so I had it.

About a large handful of it

And I did it again on Day 25 of Juice Fast.

Through that decision, came an important lesson and realisation.

I was upfront with my family about the fact that I had the Bhuja mix and through the disappointment in their eyes and energy – I realised that it is me who created this perfection expectation.

a7bee252bd112c01c8b7da4fd73b62b5Whenever I embark on these journeys, I always expect myself to get through it without a hitch – even if it means that I may completely fall off the wagon by the end of it….just so that I can demonstrate that I completed it in perfection.

This time, I felt that it was important for me to NOT be in what I see as complete perfection as perfection creates restriction.

Restriction then just turning into something that I feel like I have to fight against or try to break free from!

Allowing myself to have small imperfections during the process, allows the lessons to be revealed and allows me to feel less pressure.

It’s amazing how such a simple act can bring deep perspective.

When walking through the fears instead of running away from it

Through all the hard work on this journey, eventually – as you allow it – the butterflies and blissful moments do come

When you ensure not to miss those moments and celebrate the realisations and better self-understanding

And this is an even easier road with support on our journey….

When  we have positive, supportive, like minded relationships – these things can be vented and off our chests

Even as I write this blog entry – I have to consciously release my need for perfection and allow my imperfections to show – because I want others – especially women – to know that it is ok to be imperfect.

The word itself can be so defining but it is the word that best describes my point and sharing of my experience.

Yes we are spiritual beings, experiencing a human life

Part of that experience, comes the imperfections for us to learn more about our true authentic selves

It’s a process and everyday is a progress – bringing us closer to our true essence.


Has perfection been ruining your life?

Let’s have a 30 mins chat to find out how you can be supported in your process.

Contact Pascale:







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3 Simple ways to get Out of Confusion

c261759cb00ac4c40f808a616f891e6bDo you feel like you don’t know where you are meant to be?confusion

Do you know what you’re suppose to be doing?

Are you completely in touch with your heart’s desire? If so, What’s your practice to get yourself in to this space?

Are you confused about the difference between what’s in your heart and what’s in your mind?



I have found that the best way to get back in touch with MY heart is getting back to my basics


Here are 3 basic steps I take to come out of my confusion:

1) MORNING PAGES – Before picking up my phone to check Facebook,  as soon as I wake up, I get out of bed – I pick up my journal and I write continuously, anything that comes to my mind before my ego wakes up. Allowing everything to flow as it is – with no editing, no thinking for 1-3 pages at least. This really helps to empty my mind of anything that will not serve me throughout the day, making room for clarity, ideas, etc…

2) YIN YOGA – Restorative yoga – gentle, long stretches to get back in touch with my feminine energy (Yang yoga  can be used for masculine energy) – Holding  poses and breathing through the discomfort can really bring  clarity. Followed by:

MEDITATION – silent or movement meditation that helps me to move some energy out of my body and focus on bringing only what my intentions are for today – Even if it’s only for 5 mins

3) READING – something spiritual, uplifting, motivating and in line with my desire – this can be a book or something on Facebook or Instagram from the many uplifting pages I follow – it always helps to ground me and bring me back to my heart’s desire.


Maybe these basic steps resonate with you.

Or maybe you find yours to be:

Dancing (slow or fast – listen to what your heart and body desires in that moment)

A meditative walk

Lying in the sunshine for 30 mins (being sure to take necessary measures to take care of your skin)

Uplifting Music (I find India Arie to be amazing to listen to and lift my spirits as well as brings me clarity from her uplifting, supportive lyrics)

Writing in a Gratitude journal

Writing in a journal to move energy from your mind and your emotions

Alternatively, if these don’t resonate with you –

Sit for a moment, with your hand and get in touch with your heart, your body and your energy  and ask:

What are my basics?

In the silence you hear your truth and your solution


Did you also know that confusion could also be a sign that your 3rd eye (Brow Chakra) is out of balance?

To find out how I can help you out of your confusion and help you bring this chakra and your other chakras into balance – Contact me:





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Lapis Lazuli Charge

The Stone of Truth & Enlightenment

I have created one charge for this crystal:
1. Archangel Gabriel & the natural powers of this crystal
Help me to balance my throat chakra and open my third eye
Bring enlightenment and enhance my psychic abilities through dream work 
Please release any stress and bring about your wealth of deep peace through my throat chakra into all my chakras, my body and my aura
Protect me from psychic attack by blocking it and return the energy to where it came from.
Teach me the power of the spoken word
Bring harmony to my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels so that I  have deep inner self-knowledge
Support me in taking charge of my life.
Reveal my inner truth and step up my self-awareness
Allow me to express without holding back or compromising but always from a place of compassion, honesty and love.
Bring me objectivity and clarity.
Help me to accept truth, and its teachings, wherever I find it.
Allow me to express my own opinions and find harmony in conflicts that come my way
Assist me expressing my feelings and emotions
Please activate all healing properties of this crystal for what my body needs.

Physical Healing Properties include:

  • Alleviates pain – especially with migraine & headaches
  • Overcomes depression
  • Benefits the respiratory & nervous systems and the throat, larynx, thyroid
  • Cleanses organs, bone marrow, thymus and the immune system
  • Purifies blood and boosts the immune system
  • Alleviates insomnia & vertigo and lowers blood pressure 



Wear of place at the throat or third eye

Position above the diaphragm, between the sternum and the top of the head


Personal use:

I use this amazing stone in Chakra Shake up Meditation classes – for Throat Chakra week:

This is a truly powerful stone.

It has a history of opening up massive doors through expression and psychic abilities, especially in Ancient  Egypt.

Are you looking to awaken this chakra and would like to shake it up?

Check it out and if it resonates with your heart, contact me to schedule your shake up – this can be in a group or 1 on 1 Intensive

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Expectations! Expectations!

We are surrounded by this each and every day – in EVERY aspect of our lives.

Be it in relationships

Our work


Our Health

How we behave

And more and more so lately – in our spirituality


There is so much advice out there.

Enough to really drive you COMPLETELY BATTY!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it’s not good advice

but really too much of it.

It almost really feels like I NEED to turn away from social media and the Internet altogether!

I love and have always absolutely LOVED inspirational quotes

For years they have driven me and motivated me

But lately..

I feel like there’s a new message coming from these quotes

I don’t know if it’s in the energy of the people who share them or if it’s just become too much of an EXPECTATION for people to live up to these quotes.

What happened to it just inspiring your day?

Or inspiring your life?

I have stayed away from a  lot of the social media and even my own page lately because  



IMG_118652355829963REALLY ALL TOO MUCH

So I have not wanted to add to it by sharing too much…

But now I just feel like I need to let this out.

Really what does expectations end up creating?



Even the people who PROFESS that they don’t wear masks, are themselves wearing a mask!

Yes, it is amazing to have practical steps to put our spirituality in practice

I agree with all that because I too want to share that with you all here and on my page









I have found myself at times feeling like a FAILURE not meeting up to these quotes that I come across!

What does that say?

Well about me – it says that I am in a very confused state ….


Am I really?

Is it all really a WAKE UP CALL?

Saying – 

IMG_318477396732345“Hey Pascale – you don’t need these things that are outside of you – LOOK WITHIN YOU!”

Is that my conclusion to all this?

Maybe it is

Maybe it’s not

Maybe I just needed to type all this and share it with you for my message to come out for myself – this may not necessarily be for you.

But I DO STILL BELIEVE IN THE POWER of sharing with others


Especially through our biggest downers.

And you know what else this brings out -

this state of confusion

Our authenticity

Really not wanting to hide any more (although that’s all I have been wanting to do for the last few weeks!)



I feel like I want to share this from the top of my voice (hence all the caps)

It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense

It only matters that it comes from my confused heart

And I hope that it  helps someone else out there – because everything can be taken with a different perception right?

Depending on where our energies lie at the time.

We are ALL always learning – I think that’s the biggest message 

NEVER think that even the people that you have decided to put up there on that pedestal as your guru 

HAS all the answers

Because the TRUTH is


They are still learning just as you are

Be it that it may be on a different level




Even the answers that you do find – eventually evolves to 


You know what I am talking about.

For a long time 

We find something that propels us to where we want to be

And as soon as you have moved up from that learning

images (62)It’s like you are starting AGAIN



You feel like you don’t know ANYTHING

Because it all comes down to

“What we think we know – WE DON’T KNOW!”


Because we always only know the smallest percentage of it

When we ascend to higher understanding

That’s when we realise

“OMG, I didn’t really know AT ALL!”

Although,NOW you will feel like you know – but you have only shone a new light of perspective on it!

This is where I am now….

Many will not agree

And we all know where that all stems from….

I won’t apologise for where I am 

as this is where I am 


I thank you for reading :)





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Reading of the Week: Message from ISIS – Serpent of FIRE

PhotoGrid_1432011683600Wellness Inspiration Sacral Chakra Card of the week.

Message from Isis – Serpent of  Fire: Priestess of the Serpent Sisterhood


Isis, Priestess of the Serpent Sisterhood and Queen of the Serpent of Fire, guides you through transformation NOW as your energy field grows stronger and old energies are burned away in the process of your growth.

Trust that you ARE growing and are more capable than you have been previously.

DO NOT assess your current ability based on past standards – as they NO LONGER apply to you.

This card comes to you in accordance with your sacral chakra this week as a representation of empowerment

Your inner energy and power is growing NOW - get used to NEW levels of strength

Adjust your sense of your own abilities to meet your new level of energetic empowerment

Realise that you are capable of MORE than you previously were and may need to temper your behaviour to take into account the greater power and effect of your words, thoughts and actions – as they grow more in potency with your growth.

Your responsibility for what you put out into the world grows too – ask Isis to assist you to come from a place of wisdom, love, service, compassion, healing and awareness.

Your first lesson is to recognise your power – just as explained above.

Become aware of your power by having an open and curious awareness and noticing with detachment and clear perception, the signs of confirmation that you do have effect upon your surroundings – so that you can manage this with greater wisdom.

Your second lesson is to TRUST in the process of the inner fire and what is being burned away.

Old identities, beliefs about yourself and others, old habits and patterns of behaviour will not survive the growth going on inside of you.

There will be a sense of uncertainty as you transition into the new expression of you – this is a profound sign of growth.

Embrace it.

Any endings or discomfort as the old and familiar falls away are to be celebrated.


Repeat this Incantation 3 times:



Serpent of Fire, Rise above

Filled with unconditional Love

From the base of my spine to my heart

Your ascending fire now does start

To cleanse

To release

Begin, Begin!

Rebirth of my Self now from within

From my heart to the crown of my head

Burning away energies dying or dead

Igniting new life, new love, new fire

Serpent of Fire, Rising, Rising Higher




Resource:  (Isis Oracle By Alana Fairchild)


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Orange Calcite

Crystal-of-the-week4The crystal of Energy & Cleansing

I have created one charge for this crystal:
1. Archangel Sandalphon & the natural powers of this crystal
Please invoke the powers of awareness & appreciation through  my creative expression
Bring me your high energy and cleansing  to my sacral Chakra
Please help balance my emotions and remove any fear & depression – inhibiting me from expressing in my full power through creative expression
Help me to dissolve problems that no longer serve me and step into my fullest potential
Please activate all healing properties of this crystal for what my body needs.

Physical Healing Properties include:

  • Heals the reproductive system, gallbladder & intestinal disorders such as IBS
  • Removes mucus from the system
  • Cleanses the organs of elimination
  • Alleviates intestinal & skin conditions
  • Fortifies the immune system
  • Works quickly as an elixir and can be applied to the skin, ulcers, warts and wounds



Use a pendant 

Use to grid around a bed

Use as a gem essence


Personal use:

I use this amazing crystal in Chakra Shake up Meditation classes – for Sacral week:

The name describes exactly what it is and what it will do for you – if you so choose to shake things up in your life and finally awaken. Or take the next step in your awakening.

Check it out and if it resonates with your heart, contact me to schedule your shake up – this can be in a group or 1 on 1 Intensive

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Reading of the Week: Message from Kuan Yin – Blessings of the Moon Maiden

Wellness Inspiration Root Chakra Card of the week.

Message from Kuan Yin – Blessings of the Moon Maiden

The Moon maiden brings auspicious tidings of prosperity and abundance to you now

The universe seeks to replenish, restore and create through you.

Allow yourself to receive beyond what you have thought is possible by opening your heart with gratitude now and allow this to be accepted through your Base chakra.

Gifts of abundance and prosperity are flowing to you NOW.

This week, be opened to good fortune in all its forms to come to you.

Don’t limit what you are capable of attracting with false beliefs about how much you deserve or what you are worthy of having.

Let go of all these self-imposed limitation, doubts and fears and allow the universe.

The moon maiden brings great generosity,blessings of good fortune and peace.

In order to receive this, you must TRUST how these come to us and accept that we MAY need to grow for those blessings to manifest in our lives.

Our beliefs, openness, vitality and trust need to be big enough to receive the magnificence of the blessings coming to us.

Have gratitude so that you can attract even more goodness to support this growth.

Start today by keeping a gratitude journal on a daily basis. 

Start with 5 things to be grateful for each day and work your way up to 10 things after a week.

Watch the magic happen just from that simple task.

Then choose what it is that you would like to share with others to help expand your being – whether it is kindness, your talents, love and affection, knowledge or material things.

Give because it feels good to give, not out of fear or guilt or obligation.


A prayer to the Moon Maiden:

I now choose to release negative energy, negative beliefs and negative memories connected with abundance, money, relationships, success and well-being.

i offer these for healing to beloved Moon Maiden, Kuan YIn.

May she turn the heaviness of these offerings into golden light.

May I receive this gold light into my heart.

Good fortune and blessing flow to me now.

may i share as I receive.

May I flow with joy, abundance and divine grace.

Through the blessing of the Divine Kuan Yin, so be it. 




Resource:  (Kuan Yin Oracle By Alana Fairchild)


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Reading of the Week: Crocite – Passion

Wellness Inspiration Solar Plexus Card of the week.



Crocite comes to us this week as it is time to look at the lower chakra system – from the solar plexus down to the Base for the balance of passion

Passion is crucial to the solar plexus for direction, self-love & identification in the world.

Passion is crucial at the sacral for co-creation, creativity, freedom & choice.

Passion is crucial at the base chakra for sexuality, raw physical direction & physical life mastery.

When exploring passion, remember that blind passion shows a lack of mastery and the presence of the ego – addiction being the extreme of blind passion and depression being the extreme LACK of passion, expressed in your life.

Balance is key!

DO WHAT YOU LOVE, not what the world would have you do!

Passion is personal, share it with those you love, and those who love you



My fire shines brightly, I express passionately.


Resource: Liquid Crystal Oracle -Justin Moikeha Asar
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