Trust your Gut!

This seems to be a repetitive lesson for me!

I am continuously presented with situations where I am to trust and listen to my intuition the first time.

But what seems to happen is that I always find myself giving the wrong people the benefit of the doubt – because my “flaw” is that I always choose to see the BEST in people.

I see their soul and not their actions

Sometimes this does feel like a curse.

Many times, I have been presented with harsh lessons for not listening to my gut!

I had a situation arise in my life yesterday where I didn’t follow my gut.

Well really, I wanted it to be true

Even though I knew it was TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!

But luckily, TRUST YOUR GUT

this time around,

when the alarms bells were ringing loudly


Luckily, I didn’t get myself into a situation that could have cost me.

I have found myself going through a process a lot like grieving:

DENIAL – at the first stage, although a lot of strange thoughts and visions of past situations that I had not thought of for a long time were coming up, THEN  finally I had to accept it for what it was…

so then came…

ANGER – with myself primarily for allowing myself to believe the unbelievable…then today, anger with the perpetrators

followed closely by

BARGAINING – “If only I had investigated this before!” “If only I had taken more time to ask questions!” If only I had listened to my gut – who was telling me that this was much like another situation I instantly recognised as TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!

which brought me to feelings of

DEPRESSION – feeling stupid, not good enough, victimized, sad, lonely, hopeless: feeling like everything in my life never works out the way that I want it to – these are feelings that I allowed myself to sit with and flow through my body, acknowledging them, letting it out and finding myself being supported by my family 

and then finally

ACCEPTANCE – not of the situation, but of the learning that has arisen from this situation…talking about it and expressing myself through other means such as writing, reading, creating – helped the light to shine through so that I don’t remain in the darkness/negativity of the situation….

therefore bringing me to

GRATITUDE – I have yet to go through the forgiveness process but finding the little things that I can be grateful for – forgiveness is opening its doors to shine its light upon me.

Isn’t it amazing when messages are delivered to you in your own writing?

Gotta love it <3  :)

I am grateful for this outlet to soothe my mind and my soul <3


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