An introduction to Chakras

Have you ever heard of chakras?
Do you know much about energies?
Do you know that an imbalance in these centres can be the cause of your emotional turmoil?

Hi my name is Pascale Dureau and I am your wellness angel

I work with a new generation of women who have lost their way (sometimes men too), and are feeling unsupported in their lives – bringing struggles of physical , emotional and mental pain – resulting in stress, anxiety, overwhelm, numbness and feeling alone

I have been fascinated with chakras and energies all my adult life
The more I delve myself into this world the more I understand it from a practical and experiential standing.
There is soo much that goes into this kind of work.
so much more involved than is taught out there
but the basics is enough to help you find your balance and guidance

Chakras are our energy centres

Some describe this as a swirling wheel of energy – where matter and consciousness meet (basically what we think and feel affects these centres)

Others describe this as conical funnels, shaped like spirals, all stemming from the nervous central system of our spine.
There are 12 energy centres – I work with the main 7 chakras – with bundles of nerves and our major organs that affect our psychological, emotional, spiritual and some of our energetic states.
The 7 chakras are your:
1. Root chakra – located in your hip/genital area
2. Sacral chakra – located in your abdomen, just below your belly button
3. Solar plexus – located above your belly button tummy area
4. Heart chakra – located in the middle of your breast bone
5. Throat chakra – located at your throat area
6. Brow or 3rd eye chakra – located on your forehead, between your eyes
7. Crown chakra – located where we originally had our soft spot on top of our heads
Much like taking the time and investing the money to service our cars – our bodies and energy centres need your time and energy invested in its service too!

For the next 7 days, I will share a couple of small ways that you can start to nourish your chakras.

Just by doing these small things, you will immediately feel the difference!

Of course, there is much more work required to bring your chakras back into balance – as we all have an imbalance in these centres.
Though it is never to late to move through the blockages, align and open them for you to have more awareness, bring more intention, purpose and colour back into your life!
Wellness Angel offers group and 1 on 1 support to shift through these blockages.

This Wednesday, 13th of april, I am starting the first 2016 Chakra Shake Up movement 7 week meditation classes.
This will help you immensely in acknowledging releasing through your emotional blockages that you have been holding in your chakras.

To find out more or to book your spot – go to this Facebook event link:
A supportive community/circle of women to help you shift through your pain may just be what you have been praying for as i have done many times on my journey.

SAVE $100 Until tomorrow – Friday 8th of April 2016

I also offer 1 on 1 programs, if group situations are not for you

Go to this link:

to book your free 30 mins discovery session with me – let’s just chat and see how i can be of service to you on your journey.

Tune into for the next 7 days for a couple of tips in bringing more awareness to nourishing your root chakra and what colour this chakra is connected to 

Looking forward to connecting with you over the next 7 days and serving you on this part of your journey!



To find out more or to book your spot – go to this Facebook event link:

To book your free 30 mins discovery session with me – Go to this link:

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