Is perfection ruining your life?

c932e7cb9b4ce5bd7407b1bcc852802dHas perfection been ruining your life?

It has been brought more and more to my attention lately that perfection has been ruining my life.

Well, I have allowed it to ruin my life.

Although in my defence, it was unconscious for much of my life until recently

Deciding to embark on a spiritual journey is not as airy fairy and all doves and butterflies as it may seem.

The truth is…

It’s HARD!

Why is it hard?

Well, because it means that we have to look at ALL aspects of ourselves.

And one doesn’t accept all those parts of ourselves all at once.

It takes time.

It takes experiences

It takes relationships

It takes love

It take being hurt

It takes hurting others

It takes facing the lighter and darker sides of ourselves (as much as we’d all like to think that we only have a light side)

It takes

Waking up

Out of

Righteousness and facing one’s

Karmic lessons

So much of my “perfection” has been showing up lately – in wanting to only share when in “My Perfection”

Being on a 28 day juice fast and January Health kick has really opened my eyes along with some other less favourable sides of myself that I am having to face.

On day 23 of the juice fast – I started to crave saltiness and more than anything, I really wanted to have some Bhuja mix that was in the pantry …this was a craving I just couldn’t surpass.

I know that it is a choice

And my choice was to not have this craving consume me – so I had it.

About a large handful of it

And I did it again on Day 25 of Juice Fast.

Through that decision, came an important lesson and realisation.

I was upfront with my family about the fact that I had the Bhuja mix and through the disappointment in their eyes and energy – I realised that it is me who created this perfection expectation.

a7bee252bd112c01c8b7da4fd73b62b5Whenever I embark on these journeys, I always expect myself to get through it without a hitch – even if it means that I may completely fall off the wagon by the end of it….just so that I can demonstrate that I completed it in perfection.

This time, I felt that it was important for me to NOT be in what I see as complete perfection as perfection creates restriction.

Restriction then just turning into something that I feel like I have to fight against or try to break free from!

Allowing myself to have small imperfections during the process, allows the lessons to be revealed and allows me to feel less pressure.

It’s amazing how such a simple act can bring deep perspective.

When walking through the fears instead of running away from it

Through all the hard work on this journey, eventually – as you allow it – the butterflies and blissful moments do come

When you ensure not to miss those moments and celebrate the realisations and better self-understanding

And this is an even easier road with support on our journey….

When  we have positive, supportive, like minded relationships – these things can be vented and off our chests

Even as I write this blog entry – I have to consciously release my need for perfection and allow my imperfections to show – because I want others – especially women – to know that it is ok to be imperfect.

The word itself can be so defining but it is the word that best describes my point and sharing of my experience.

Yes we are spiritual beings, experiencing a human life

Part of that experience, comes the imperfections for us to learn more about our true authentic selves

It’s a process and everyday is a progress – bringing us closer to our true essence.


Has perfection been ruining your life?

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3 Simple ways to get Out of Confusion

c261759cb00ac4c40f808a616f891e6bDo you feel like you don’t know where you are meant to be?confusion

Do you know what you’re suppose to be doing?

Are you completely in touch with your heart’s desire? If so, What’s your practice to get yourself in to this space?

Are you confused about the difference between what’s in your heart and what’s in your mind?



I have found that the best way to get back in touch with MY heart is getting back to my basics


Here are 3 basic steps I take to come out of my confusion:

1) MORNING PAGES – Before picking up my phone to check Facebook,  as soon as I wake up, I get out of bed – I pick up my journal and I write continuously, anything that comes to my mind before my ego wakes up. Allowing everything to flow as it is – with no editing, no thinking for 1-3 pages at least. This really helps to empty my mind of anything that will not serve me throughout the day, making room for clarity, ideas, etc…

2) YIN YOGA – Restorative yoga – gentle, long stretches to get back in touch with my feminine energy (Yang yoga  can be used for masculine energy) – Holding  poses and breathing through the discomfort can really bring  clarity. Followed by:

MEDITATION – silent or movement meditation that helps me to move some energy out of my body and focus on bringing only what my intentions are for today – Even if it’s only for 5 mins

3) READING – something spiritual, uplifting, motivating and in line with my desire – this can be a book or something on Facebook or Instagram from the many uplifting pages I follow – it always helps to ground me and bring me back to my heart’s desire.


Maybe these basic steps resonate with you.

Or maybe you find yours to be:

Dancing (slow or fast – listen to what your heart and body desires in that moment)

A meditative walk

Lying in the sunshine for 30 mins (being sure to take necessary measures to take care of your skin)

Uplifting Music (I find India Arie to be amazing to listen to and lift my spirits as well as brings me clarity from her uplifting, supportive lyrics)

Writing in a Gratitude journal

Writing in a journal to move energy from your mind and your emotions

Alternatively, if these don’t resonate with you –

Sit for a moment, with your hand and get in touch with your heart, your body and your energy  and ask:

What are my basics?

In the silence you hear your truth and your solution


Did you also know that confusion could also be a sign that your 3rd eye (Brow Chakra) is out of balance?

To find out how I can help you out of your confusion and help you bring this chakra and your other chakras into balance – Contact me:





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