Reading of the Week: EMERALD – Compassion




This sacred stone shares the medicine of the heart and invites you to deepen into the love & compassion of your organic nature.

The Emerald Crystal deva is calling on you for a deeper level of compassion as this is this week you are connecting more with your heart chakra.

Drop deeply into your heart as you awaken the pure essence of who you truly are..

Focus on expanding your heart in love for yourself, those around you and situations in your life – be guided & supported to awaken the compassion that always lies within.

Love & compassion is the only way for you to truly love yourself & heal.

Allow yourself to let go of any judgements & expectations you may have about yourself & others.

Forgive yourself and let go of any self-criticisms  – allow compassion to heal your heart.

Be gentle with yourself at this time.

Open and let the devas of Emerald shine their healing light of compassion deeply into your heart.

Imagine this card or stone is on your heart chakra; breathe this healing energy deeply into your being to bring a DEEP sense of compassion.


Source: Crystal Reading Cards by Rachelle Charman
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3 simple steps to bring more colour into your daily life!


images (37)Since beginning Chakra Shake up©, one of the things that I have firmly been putting into practice is consciously choosing and wearing a specific colour everyday.


I have varying colours in my closet – mainly all the chakras(except for green which I need to bring more of in my life to be more in tune with my heart chakra).


So each day, I have been quickly seeking guidance as to which of my chakras needs more attention or strengthening and focus today, and choose that colour top, skirt or jumper to wear for the day.


And the next step has been to be aware of what the colour and the focus on that chakra brings to my day.


My daughter and I
My daughter and I

For example, on Sunday I went to my niece’s 18th birthday, wearing an extremely bright orange dress that I had bought about 2 months or so ago.


I never wore it, thinking it was too bright (very fluorescent – this pic doesn’t actually really show how bright it is..hehe)


On that day, I was consistently guided to wear that dress…even prior to that day.


10955714_820777441322407_1001358697807506380_nOrange = Sacral Chakra

I have to say that I felt completely in my power.

It was what I really needed that day as I was entering a pretty negative environment.

Having this orange dress on – just brought out what I needed to get through the day – feeling empowered in my being and in my unique essence. 

And truth be told, really connected with many of these positive aspects of the colour on that day

This truly works amazingly with intention.


Would you like to bring more colour into your life?


Follow these 3 steps every morning or before you go out as you stand in closet:

1. Take a moment and connect with guidance for which of your chakras needs strengthening today

This should only take a 30 seconds at best

2. Listen and choose the colour that first comes to your mind

Don’t over think it…just allow the answer to flow and accept it. Don’t try to change it

3. Wear the colour with intention and watch the MAGIC happen!

The intention to be aware will bring the magic to your consciousness




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The only way is UP!

It was recently brought to my attention that there is potentially someone out there who has been using the terminology that I have chosen to use for my program and classes.

I am feeling like I need to write about this – going by Yogi Bhajan’s  quote here that I recently completely fell in love with – watching a Gabby Bernstein video.

Teach it

So here I am…writing to understand it!

I have to admit that this has brought up some stuff for me.

Firstly, I actually felt like the fraud!

Even though I know that I followed guidance on this whole path.

Chakra Shake up©  was birthed when I was operating under Angel Spice in September 2013

I started to offer it as a package back then but always felt like there was an element missing and then I finally found the missing part last year when I undertook training to become a Body Spin practitioner.

The common things that may be coming up is the information about chakras and the colours, etc….because that is information that is out there, in books, websites, blogs….

ANYWHERE really!

I feel that it’s important to use accurate information, along with what I am guided.

I haven’t even seen what this person has shared or used.

Why am I writing this blog?

Well I do feel like I need to stand up for myself in some way.

I refuse to let this beat me.

People are going to think what they’re going to think

People are gonna do what they wanna do!

There’s nothing I can do about that.

Content_SummerThemeMy integrity is still strongly in place.

I won’t pretend to know everything about what I am doing – but I am learning through reading, researching, meditating, teaching  and most importantly, by listening to MY guidance.

Really in the end…

When you think about it and open yourself up to the reality – there is no new information out there.

Everything is recycled


All that is different

Is how it is presented



And Shared!

The truth that there are a lot of people out there in the spirituality world and New Age world who are unfortunately not operating in integrity!

There are so many’s not funny.

It’s actually quite sad!

But that is how it is with a lot of industries in this world.

There will, unfortunately, always be those that just want to take advantage of others.

It would be completely naive to ignore that or accept that.

2014-08-29-Shine-Your-LightSo, with thanks to my guidance..leading me to where I am suppose to be…

Despite falling in a heap for a few moments

Doubting my path for a brief moment

I am now back on the path

Ready to take on what comes next!

I read recently somewhere something like this:

It doesn’t matter how many times you fall down,  It ONLY matters how many times YOU GET BACK UP – in addition to that, I would include,

It ALSO matters how much faster you get back up …because THAT also shows  how much you are building your RESILIENCE MUSCLE!

As I stated in my last blog –

And being like everyone else is not  MY answer

Blending in with the crowd is not where I am supposed to be


So look out world…

the more my light shines,

the more yours will too!

Namaste Angels





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Why do I want to be like everyone else?


235e090f944bf5d41d6d3981e555aef7(I apologise if there are grammar errors or what not in this – I am being guided to just post this as it is and not edit it – Namaste)


I just watched this amazing amaaaazing 90 minute training video by Gabby Bernstein.

I had never heard of her.

It was actually a beautiful soul, whom I met about 3 years ago, who shared the video on a group that we both belong to who led me to it.

In the first 10 mins of the video, I was crying.

In the next 10 minutes, I was thinking of all the people I know that I want to share this with.

The authenticity and purity of her message was what had my entire attention!

One of the clear messages that came through during this 90 mins was for me to go back to basics – my basics is blogging and writing ….and the extra message was to share…share with authenticity!

I took hold of this message to the shower and – as usual, as it always does – the reflections and realisations just came pouring in.

Usually I would hold on to these and think I will write it later and then NEVER do!

This time I listened…got out of the shower, quickly dried myself and ran to the computer and started typing all this – whilst it’s all completely fresh and purely in my authenticity of wanting to share.

Gabby talked a lot about Marianne Williamson being one of her teachers – and as much as she has been mine too…my greatest teacher was actually Debbie Ford.

I loved her for her rawness and authenticity.

Then, when I found out she had cancer and died – something in me began to resent her for not getting through her illness.

I started to listen to her Courage audio book and found myself judging her!

For what?

For being real!


11012375_10153182428958707_4030554571212921830_nThe thing that I most admired her for, now became my judgement.

Because I really didn’t allow her to be real as she really was being in my world, I only allowed some of it to come through..only what I could handle!

Now that I am thinking about it…as I type this…I am asking myself…


The answer is now only too obvious….


It’s what I have allowed to rule my life … in every aspect.

And then I was diminishing the courage of this amazing soul …

Only because I was fearful of her courage!


That’s what it is…

Unconsciously, I did not want to get to where she got to…

I admired her for it…

But I wasn’t prepared to be courageous

In every way

Warts and all

Not only the good bits!

This has been a massive learning for me just in the past year –


I keep wanting to attract it

But I won’t allow myself to be IT

It’s amazing how we see only what we want to see.

Debbie, for me, was the teacher of AUTHENTICITY….

Through my realisations,  I saw that we all allow our fears to justify and filter what we want to see and hear!

Much like Jesus came on this earth to teach us who we truly are,

But what most don’t want to accept is that he was here as a human being…just like all of us!


Showing us that we have a choice on how to lead our lives


That does NOT mean that you will not experience the dark

Believing that Jesus did not experience the dark….even within himself and us all allowing him to only be held on a pedestal is partly what ended up created such hatred and war.


What a realisation.

And being like everyone else is not   MY answer

Blending in with the crowd is not where I am supposed to be

11138580_10153260925973707_4307144469775066067_nI AM TO SHINE MY LIGHT IN THIS WORLD!

What a message that just needed to come out and be shared through this story of this experience today.

The message that is clear to me and has been delivered to me…day after day for the last 4 weeks:


Thank you Gabby for your message today and another beautiful messenger Rachael  Jayne Groover who has also helped bring me to my authentic space

I am feeling FREE just being able to express this from my heart to yours. 

In gratitude

Wellness Angel Name

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