Wellness is a journey



Hi Angels…

Was just having a look at the last time I did a blog entry in here..and it’s almost 5 months!


That is a long time. Although I have been writing in spurts on my Facebook page J

Today I am feeling like I have a message to deliver.

Getting into  more of what I love and finally having the fog lift from the last 2 months of highly emotional and strange energies…feels like it has opened up a door of wisdom within me.

Two weeks ago, I started hiring a  room from Infinite Health Practice in Beaconsfield on Wednesdays as well as running Chakra Shake Up© meditation classes on Monday nights there too….this practice is run by my beautiful, generous and big hearted naturopath, Karina Francois.

Karina has a  slogan for her business and that is:

If Health is a Destination – Wellness is the Journey!”

And today, whilst having a shower, this quote kept going over and over in my mind.

I was reflecting on my own journey of wellness and health over the years.

And how up and down that has always been for me.

Mainly because I am a highly emotional person and I do and have admittedly allowed my health to take a negative turn because of those emotions leading me to eat. There are so many more explanations to that, but we will just say that’s what it is at the moment.

Wellness is a journey to health.

And that is exactly what I have been experiencing.

Much like in life, the terrible decisions that I make in my health teaches me every time how to get back on that horse and ride that baby like never before.

I said this in my Facebook post today:

“So I have decided to take on my health by being comfortable through being uncomfortable!”

And the reason why I said this is because I have been trying to go back to all the things that I did before (which all worked at the time) to get back on track with my health but these things that I did before are no longer motivating me.


Because they’re just too darn comfortable!

I know too much what to expect and what may happen.

I find myself steering things to the way things turned out before and if it doesn’t … I get all emotional and down and out about it ..and then you know what happens…yep, I eat crap!

So, it’s time to do something different.

To really throw challenges at my mind and my body so that I find motivation and see some results…

fall downWellness is a journey we embark on as part of life.

It is just as important as our spiritual journey.

It is one that we need to take seriously and really apply to ourselves

Most importantly…

Through it all….even if you do fall down…

It’s ok!

It’s all part of the process

We live and learn through everything that we decide to undertake in this life don’t we?

That’s why there’s a couple of Mercury retrogrades every year – where old ground is revisited – so that we can see how much we’ve grown and how much more growth we can achieve!

The downs have been here…

Now it’s time to BRING ON THE ups

And face some challenges

Face some discomfort

Face some pain

And know that at the other end..

is results


Bring on Kick boxing class in 45 mins and commitment to my wellness through fitness and lots of self-loving along the way.

And cheers to applying all this across the board in my life



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