How AngelPas was born



My spiritual journey began in 1998 when I went back to my home country Mauritius, after 15 years of living in Australia for the first time.


It was there that I experienced and was introduced to Reiki, by my cousins.


After the whole beautiful experience, both my husband and I were adamant that we were going to find out how we can be attuned to this once back in Australia.


Mind you, I had NEVER EVER heard of Reiki before that.


Reiki awakened me to help work through a lot of suppression.


 Reiki also helped me to release a lot of anger.


 All this alone, was an immense journey all on its own. 


It helped me by getting me to recognise all the aspects in my life that were making me unhappy. 


I fell pregnant with my first son, Keenan 5 months after being attuned to Reiki 1.

It also helped me a lot throughout my pregnancy. Keenan got a lot of it! 


Amidst all the busyness of being a Mum for the first time, eventually got attuned to Reiki 2 and Master Level, at the same time.


 Two years later, I fell pregnant with my second son Aidan, which began another whirlwind of busyness in our lives In early 2003, I experienced crystal healing with my cousin – another important aspect in my spiritual journey, helping me to overcome many of my inhibitions and work though a lot of my core beliefs.


download (2)

It was also during this time that I was introduced to Young Living Oils. In September 2003, I enrolled into Doreen Virtue’s Angel Intuitive (AI) course in Melbourne.


 This and other occurrences in my life, is what helped me to realise my dream or divine purpose of creating this website and starting this business as Angel messenger & Healing Guide.


I also had the opportunity to be attuned to Lightarian Reiki. 


From 2005 -2008, everything changed for me personally.


 My world was literally turned upside down with both my parents crossing over in 2005 …After many other adventures which included so many more spiritual awakenings via personal development experiences, to date. 


 I have learnt so much more and picked up so many more ideas as to how to express my art through singing. I learnt that I need to let go of what others think and just do it anyway.


People will think whatever they want to think, no matter what I do. It’s all about making me happy. Just before having my 3rd child, 3 years ago(a little girl after 2 boys!), I decided to take on some extra studies for what I wanted to incorporate in this quest to support & guide others on their path to their intuition.


images (2)

So for a year, I studied Massage, Aromatherapy & Introduction to Naturopathy with Health and Harmony College. After having my daughter, I put on  lot of weight, but with the strength of my earth Angel I brought into this world, found myself  embarking on a health journey.


This has also been taking me to amazing places, and allowing me to meet so many like minded people online. Also re- discovering that my health is all part of the healing evolution, everything is linked, everything needs to be balanced! 


It’s been 10 years since I dreamed up the name of Angel Spice.So many ideas evolved over that time as to what I wanted to offer with it…the spice being centred around my passion for incense and oils at the time of its creation


Finally, I decided to go back to the basics of what I wanted to share with the world from Angel Spice, so in December 2012, started to launch the name into the world as well as how I want to contribute to making this world a better place.


In the last year, so many changes have been happening within me, my life, my relationships, my home and Angel Spice as a business.


I was guided to change the name and to finally come into my light and shine as Wellness Angel.


Heal innovate inspire master fb banner

One HUGE change I made this year,  was the decision & commitment to give up drinking alcohol


I did this because I felt that this was holding me back from shining through my authentic self


I was a massive social drinker.


 Too massive for my own good.



It’s been 5 months since I finally made that decision with MASSIVE commitment and I haven’t looked back since.

There is so much more to come from Wellness Angel as I shine my light and live through my divinity.

The learnings are endless 


The journey is of course, ongoing, continuously growing and full of rediscovery.


Remembering to


Wellness Angel Name

“I am incredibly excited to introduce you to the wonderful world of Wellness.”

Pascale Dureau has the following qualifications:

Certified in Reiki 1, 2 & Master levels

Certified in Lightarian Reiki
Certified Angel Intuitive 2003
Diploma in Aromatherapy
Diploma in Massage Therapy
You can also find me on the International directory of Reiki practitioners:
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We can wallow in the self pity

Or we can choose to rise above it!

We can allow it to bruise our ego

Or we can choose to allow our spirits to guide us.

We can be a victim

Or we can choose to take Self-responsibility.

We can blame others 

Or we can choose to learn from the experience.

Every time


YOU make a new choice

You experience opportunity for growth

You evolve

You learn

You experience in a new light

You experience clarity

You have the opportunity to bring this energy into something so much greater



YOU become one with YOUR highest self




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Passie’s HEARTY Red Lentils Soup

Passie’s HEARTY Red Lentils Soup

I am sharing ANOTHER one my warm, beloved hearty soups with you.

This recipe can also make a huge batch, which pretty much covers your lunches or dinners for about 5 days :)

Feeds my whole family of 5 with some left over for 1-2 people for lunch the following day :)


  • 1/2 – 3/4 of a 1 kg packet of Red Lentils
  • 1 celery
  • 5-6 medium sized carrots
  • 1-2 cloves of Garlic (go according to your to taste)
  • Smoked paprika
  • 250 ml of Vegetable stock
  • About 1-1/2 litres of water(you want this to become soupy and not thick, so add water as required whilst preparing
  • Salt (pink himalayan salt and/or garlic salt)
  • Black Pepper
  • Fresh Parsley

Note: you can add some crispy bacon to serve with this if you’d like

We keep this as our regular vegetarian meal per week :)


  1. It is best to soak the lentils before cooking this soup(which can be overnight or as little as 2 hours before preparation)
  2. Once that’s done, rinse out under water in a colander and keep aside
  3. Wash & Dice celery & carrots(being sure to peel carrots before) & set aside
  4. Dice onions and crush garlic
  5. Using a pressure cooker, add some virgin olive oil at the bottom of pot over stove
  6. Add onion & garlic and cook until onions become translucent
  7. Add in the celery & carrots & mix in well with garlic & onion
  8. Add in lentils and mix in with all ingredients
  9. Add in smoked paprika to taste..I put a quite a bit, just gives it that lift in the taste :)
  10. Season here with Salt & pepper to taste
  11. Add in vegetable stock and water
  12. Close pressure cooker and allow to cook for about 30 mins(being sure to keep an eye on it in case it burns. Red lentils does not take long to cook)
  13. When ready, open pressure cooker under a cold tap
  14. Bring it back uncovered over stove and taste for seasoning and test for thickness(where water may need to be added)
  15. Add & mix in parsley
  16. Pour in bowls or allocate into freezable containers for your week’s meals :)

And VOILA.. Another beautiful hearty soup  to ENJOY in the winter time :)

PERFECT for weaning from any cleanse :)



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Passie’s Smooth Pumpkin Soup

Passie’s SMOOTH Pumpkin Soup

I am sharing my warm, beloved hearty pumpkin soup with you.

This recipe makes  a huge batch, which pretty much covers your lunches or dinners for about 5 days :)10530938_716335085099977_7691834863250647033_n


  • 1 whole butternut pumpkin
  • 1 sweet potato(optional as it can make this soup quite sweet) If you don’t like sweet potato, use a couple regular potatoes for heartiness :)
  • 1 big onion
  • 1-2 cloves of Garlic (go according to your to taste)
  • Salt (pink himalayan salt and/or garlic salt)
  • Black Pepper
  • Fresh Parsley


  1. Boil water in a big pot
  2. Remove all skin from pumpkin and sweet potato
  3. Cut up into medium size chunks(so it cooks faster) & wash
  4. Put pumpkin & sweet potato in boiled water over the stove & allow to boil until cooked(usually takes about 20-25 minutes)
  5. Meanwhile, dice onion, garlic and parsley
  6. When pumpkin and sweet potato ready, drain over a bowl(saving the water) and set aside
  7. Use same pot, drizzle a little virgin olive oil at the bottom of pot over stove
  8. Add onion & garlic and cook until onions become translucent
  9. Add in the pumpkin and sweet potato & mix in with garlic & onion, flattening chunks if necessary with your spoon
  10. Season here with Salt & pepper to taste
  11. Add in saved water and stir in (you could mash this in here, if you don’t want to use blender or use electric hand mixer with fire off(may not be as smooth tho)
  12. Allow to cool for about 20 minutes
  13. Pour into your trusted powerful blender or food processor with parsley
  14. Blend to desired complete smooth consistency
  15. Pour in bowls or allocate into freezable containers for your week’s meals :)

And VOILA.. A beautiful smooth, hearty pumpkin soup  to ENJOY in the winter time :)

PERFECT for weaning from any cleanse :)



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Women inspiring Wellness Angel

Day 5 of 21 day blogging challenge:

There are so many men and women that I admire and that have contributed to my self development over the years.

I will do my best to keep this to a short list of them :)

A Round Up of the women, whom I find the most inspiring for their experience, their creativity, their wisdom, and how they touch people’s lives by being so raw and true to themselves!

Melody Beattie

1. Melody Beattie is a self-help author and a household name in addiction and recovery circles. Her international bestselling book, Codependent No More, introduced the world to the term “co-dependency” in 1986. Millions of readers have trusted Melody’s words of wisdom and guidance because she knows firsthand what they’re going through. In her lifetime, she has survived abandonment, kidnapping, sexual abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, divorce, and the death of a child. “Beattie understands being overboard, which helps her throw bestselling lifelines to those still adrift,” said Time Magazine.

I first encountered her words of wisdom through a yahoo group that I was part of many years ago. Really not realising why  I connected with her what she shared so much back then. But while writing this, coming to a realisation that her books have helped me in so many ways and her words have touched me to my core because I was addicted to self-destruction & self-sabotage for many many years. I was especially inspired by her book,  Miracles in 40 days. It actually helped to change my life and look at my daily gratitude list in a different way. I was then hooked! And bought most of her books and just love her words of wisdom when challenges present themselves in my life.


Amanda de Cadenet

2. Amanda is a fashion and portrait photographer, who makes TV and online shows.  She writes, produces, directs, takes care of her kids – all the while,  running her own production company.

Spring 2012, she  created and produced with Demi Moore for Lifetime Television, THE CONVERSATION with AMANDA DE CADENET. The concept was to capture the essence of women through our universal language of shared experiences and solutions. In addition to reaching a television audience in 18 countries, THE CONVERSATION lives online as an active community and website.

She’s continually trying to make media that challenges perceptions of women.
UNDONE with @amandadecadenet, is her new live, primetime tv show.

I came across Amanda through my cousin a few years ago. I had ever since become a member of her online community and kept following her through The Conversation and now through her new show. Amanda inspires me because she’s real. She gets real with the women celebrities that she interviews. She allows us to get into the psyche of celebrity women and women alike – getting to the core, nitty gritty stuff that no one really wants to talk about. I was truly inspired by her last show and I am looking forward to share in more women’s wisdom about different “don’t go there” topics that Amanda seems to have a knack for exposing :)

Debbie-Ford-659x728Debbie Ford

3. Debbie Ford was an author & speaker. Debbie’s quick wit, her ability to stand strong in the presence of human pain and suffering, her true belief that we are all encoded with the ability to serve and be our greatest admirer gained her the support of the greatest spiritual teachers of our time, from Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson to Neale Donald Walsch and Andrew Harvey. Debbie was never willing to settle for anyone being less than what is possible for themselves. Debbie offered straight, honest talk and feedback which always made a difference in the lives of others. She had an uncanny and unique ability to see beyond the mask and the false personas that we all wear and because of this, she earned the right to be known as one of our greatest teachers.

Debbie-Ford-QuoteDebbie-Ford-QuoteDebbie-Ford-QuoteI can’t remember exactly how Debbie came into my life as inspiration – I think it may have been through a book I was reading a few years ago, and there was  reference to this book: The Dark Side of the Light Chasers.

The title just completely sold me. Cried out for my attention! It  was during a time of much self destruction in my life. Of projecting that all was ok, when all was not well at all. Through Debbie’s teachings, I was able to embrace my dark side and bring it to the light. YES, it most definitely is a process and one that always brings challenges for me. Having a much deeper, new perspective and clarity around my behaviour has definitely contributed to where I am today. I have been inspired by many of her books since this one and then “The 21 day Consciousness cleanse“. She began the journey of allowing me to face my raw, true authentic self – accepting all aspects of me, instead of running away from them.

As I said, I have so many that have inspired me on my journey, but I will stop here, maybe that’s a list for another blog post?

Who has inspired and contributed to the person you have become today?





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3 Ways to stay motivated with your workouts

3 Ways to stay motivated with your workouts on a weekly basis

Day 4 of 21 day blogging challenge – yes I am behind and catching up profusely today :)

I am often asked how it is that I have managed to keep up an exercise regime for so many years, despite my busy family life.

Here are some tips(and programs) that I have learnt and used over the years that could help you.



Start by maybe participating in challenges to start your momentum.

Commit by scheduling the workouts in your calendar on a daily basis(Google calendar allows you to send an SMS reminder)




It is important to mix it up so that you don’t get bored(that is a MASSIVE thing for me)

mixitup_burst_clipartSchedule your workouts weekly by mixing up with:

  • Walks(Fresh air is definitely needed to be part of the regime – amazing for not just the body, but the mind and soul)
  • Sculpting workouts (such as Jillian Michaels Body revolution – they are only for 30 mins a day, and incorporates 2 days of cardio – and caters for all levels of fitness) – at least 2-3 times a week
  • Cardio (such as Shaun T Focus T25 – brilliant for only 25 mins a day – and caters for all levels of fitness – at least 2-3 times a week(which can be alternated with walks as your cardio)
  • Yoga – such as Shiva Rea, at least once a week helps to brings balance to your mind, body & soul. Helping you to remember that it’s not just about your body. A weekly or daily practice of  yoga brings much peace and clarity in your life, as well as flexibility.
  • Meditation – end any of your workouts with a 5 -15 mins meditation. Bring you balance and clarity and an amazing amount of extra energy after a workout


2014-01-17 06.26.083.  DO IT IN THE MORNING!

In my experience, making your workout your first priority is the best to stay motivated and stick to your regime.

Have your clothes ready from the night before.

Wake up, brush your teeth, get dressed and GET MOVING!

It will ENERGISE your entire day.

You will feel amazing for having taken the time out for yourself to nurture your body, your mind and your soul.

I am not going to pretend that it’s easy! It does take some getting use to and Winter does it make it a lot more challenging.

Although, when you have a reason for getting up and doing it, it becomes easier.

The initial days are hard to get through, but once the habit is created, it becomes just like needing to get up and brush your teeth every morning.

And of course, it goes without saying that by nourishing your body with the fuel that it truly needs(primarily fruits & veggies), will automatically give you the motivation that it needs to sustain you through your workouts and recover healthily :)

Leave a comment and share with me how you keep motivated :)


Please note that I am sharing purely from years of experience and knowledge and I am not a nutritionist or personal trainer. Just a person who is passionate about wellness in all forms.Namaste



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Wellness Interviews: Featuring Louisa Forrest – The Eco Mum

InterviewsThis is Day 3 of Flourish Online’s 21 day blogging challenge

The focus on this day is to approach someone for an email interview and share it on our blog.

What a brilliant idea!

So I decided to create this as a new segment on my blog – bringing inspiration from people I know or have admired from afar, to ask them a few questions about their path to success and how they bring the balance of wellness into their lives.

It will be inspiring and amazing!

Can’t wait to share more with you.

First I have one of the most inspiring women I know:

Louisa Forrest ~ one of the co-founders of Lavenderia NappyCare & a passionate eco-warrior.

She is also the founder of The Eco Mum, a green living website and thriving online community with a unique all natural product range for Mums and babies.

She was also recently nominated for 2014 ausMumpreneur awards.

Louisa and I met about 7-8 years ago at a  personal development seminar in Melbourne

There was an instant connection between us, like kindred spirits.

Although, we don’t live  in the same state or see each other as often as we’d like, Louisa and I are still connected.

I have admired her since we met and so inspired by her success with her 2 businesses since she had her first child 4 years ago.

It felt entirely fitting to ask her to be my first Wellness inspiration feature for this challenge.

Louisa is very passionate about what she does and about the environment.

She’s an amazing woman and business woman with the hugest heart, so much wisdom and inspiration to share with the world.

Introducing :


Louisa Forrrest - The Eco Mum

1. Please share about yourself beautiful Goddess

My name is Louisa, I am the founder of The Eco Mum community and also the Founding Director of Lavenderia Group; a group of businesses built totally around sustainable practices and products for families and various sectors including corporate, Child Care, Aged Care and eventually Health Care.

I am a single mother of one, with another one on the way and we live a peaceful and simple life on almost an acre at the top of the Blue Mountains of NSW.

2. What inspired you to be of service to others/ the world?


I always knew from a young age that I was ‘meant to do’ something with my life – I just never knew what that was.

I have gone through many phases and stages in terms of being of service to others and have learnt many of the hard lessons along the way that those of us in service need to learn i.e. to stop rescuing, to put myself first, to remember to ‘be’ and allows others to as well etc.

Being of service to the greater world around us, through the work that I do in my company and within the communities we’ve created is something that is very deep and personal for me.

I feel a deep sense of conviction and a moral obligation to assist with educating and dispelling myths and untruths about the environmental movement and the medical industry. I strive to see those around me empowered about their health and empowered and compassionate about the environment, living in abundance and remembering the consequences of their choices – not just for us and our generation, but generations to come.

We may not have to see the price paid for our choices, but the next generations will. What do we want them to say and think about us and how we lived?

3. What is your self-care regime?

Given I am currently 6 months pregnant and a single mother of a very active toddler, there are a few things that are non-negotiable in my life. These help keep my mind on the ‘straight and narrow’ and help me shed the stresses and energies of the day.

Every night I light some incense to cleanse myself and my daughter and our home. I then have a hot shower and sit under it letting my bath fill up and shedding the worries of the day. I will throw salts in and Lavandula Officinalis oil as well to help my body and mind unwind. During this quiet time is when I have my communion with God and we connect again. This whole process brings me back to a conscious centre – I feel lost with out it.

I eat a very healthy and clean diet – no wheat, little dairy (I still love cheese!) and mostly organic and local grown produce. We don’t have junk in our home at all and I can’t remember the last time I had a sip of Coke or similar!

I have herbal infusions everyday – strong herbal tonics to help support my body, mind and health. These are vital to my stamina as a single Mum and business woman has an awful lot on her plate! If I skip a day on these tonics I really feel it. My favourite is Stinging Nettle infusion and I have a litre of this everyday. I will be starting on Nettle with Raspberry Leaf soon for toning my uterus ready to home birth at the end of the year.

I am very excited about giving birth at home, in my own special space. I can’t wait!

4. How do you stay on purpose?

By knowing and remembering why I am here.

I spent a long time and a lot of years trying to answer that question, trying to figure out ‘God’s plan for me’. Then I realised that there isn’t one – my life is what I want  it to be and how I want to create it.

I love my work, I love contributing and I love the growth that comes with the challenges of my life – and there are a few! I love parenting consciously, I love learning through relationships with my children and the world around me. I also love the peace that comes with keeping your own counsel and being ‘in the world but not of the world’.

All these things add up to my purpose – I simply follow my bliss. That might be cooking one day, crochet the next and building a dozen good relationships in my business after that. It changes day by day and I accept that is the nature of my being – ever changing.

What I feel like doing, I do – as often as I can. That always keeps me on purpose and on track.

Oh – and I stopped ‘should-ing’ on myself. That helps a lot :)

5. What inspires you everyday?

My daughter and my team.

My daughter is so amazing – she’s so clever and kind, very sweet and compassionate with a fire in her belly, just like Mum. She is so very thoughtful and with her bright blue eyes and clear peaches and cream complexion, every time I look at her I see a little bit of heaven in her face. She looks just like an angel so often – its so inspiring and brings tears to my eyes, regularly.

I so want her to be so proud of me – in my later years. I want her to be like “This was my Mum! This is what she did for us! This is how she changed the world, to make it better”. If I can do that, without her feeling she was left out or left behind – so whilst balancing being a conscious and present parent – I will feel I have truly lived.

She is the single most important thing in my world and I strive, very hard, to make sure she knows it and that she comes first. Yes, I have big plans and big dreams and a huge purpose to fulfill whilst I am here in this life but she comes first – she is bigger, more important and more special than all of that. I just try hard to ensure she knows that.

And my team. They work so hard – nothing is ever a hassle or a bother to them. They make sacrifices when times are hard, and will always find a way around a challenge or a better / more efficient / more effective / more viable way to do things – just because they can. I am truly blessed to have such a great team around me now. It wasn’t always this way and I have been taken for a ride and my generosity and compassion greatly abused. Those lessons have lead me to a wonderful bunch of people whom I count myself very fortunate to have the privilege of working with.

6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I am living overseas a lot of the time; part time in south of France, living a quiet, simple life surrounded by cheese factories and lavender farms and part time in Australia.

My children are partly home schooled through travel and experience and we are a very close family unit.

I have created the largest sustainable solutions provider for the Child Care, Aged Care and Health Care industries and we’ve revolutionised the filthy and polluting commercial laundering sector.

I hope to have written several more books by then; for families and business and perhaps I will have started speaking once again. I know that is in my future, its just a matter of when feels right. I am happy to be patient about that :)

7. How do you bring balance in your life, with your business & family?

My family are first – always.

Growing up with a workaholic parent was difficult and has left deep scars in adulthood. There are many things that I wish had been different; I wish my parents had been able to see, to be a part of and to understand. I don’t ever want my children to feel that longing and emptiness.

I can see the regret now for times they missed and it makes me remember the important things – family ALWAYS comes first.

There have been many that do not understand or want to see where I am coming from on this; people have had their noses out of joint for prolonged periods because I would not drop everything for them.

My rule is family first. That’s it and its not negotiable.

As to how that manifests? It starts with me – self care. If I let my health and time out routines slide, it makes for many more ‘Bad Mummy Moments’. I have them – we all do – but I work hard at finding what has caused them. Stress? Pressure? Lack of time? Inadequate nutrition? Did I get enough sleep? Where is this headache coming from?

If I need rest, I take it – but I incorporate my daughter into it. Right now, I feel very tired about 6pm most nights so often we simply have a ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’ on the bed together and watch a funny movie on my tablet. Its special time for us, we snuggle up together in our jammies and I can wind down and give myself a break too. We have only good food at home so that makes it easy when it comes to nutrition for us both but some nights its simply a platter of fruit, nuts, cheeses, meats, home-made crackers and juice. She loves it and I get a break from preparing a full meal.

I choose not to see my family as a burden or as something that ‘gets in the way’ of my work. They are the reason for my work, they are the reason I do what I do and they are the inspiration for all the days when I feel like I can’t get out of bed to tackle another client. So why then would I put them last instead of first, where they belong? Why should they ever feel they are not more important than my work?

Perhaps being driven by what I feel was missed by my own parents is not the right reason – who knows – but I know one thing is for certain; my children will not be made to feel second best to anything. I can still love them and tell them everyday, I can still be present to them and there for them whilst fulfilling my purpose. Why? Because they are PART of my purpose. They always have been :)

That to me is the second of balance. It all has to come together, to be a cohesive unit, a common aim for all the family and for me too. They are all a part of my goal, my purpose and they inspire it too.

Time for self is always the first step though. From there, everything flows because you have filled yourself up. You will always have more to give the way and that is how true balance can be attained.

Having said that, its elusive at times and takes work – I constantly check in with myself and see what I need. And I no longer feel guilty doing so because I see how much more I can serve others when I do put my needs first.

Its so much easier from that space!

8.  How have you manifested success & abundance in your life?

I have been knocked – hard – by life, many many times. I have struggled with mental illness since I was 13 years of age. I have lost a child, lost my business, lost my home and lost all my supposed friends all at once. I was medicated to within an inch of my sanity just to cope with waking up and I had to return home to family as I had nowhere to live. It was a terrible terrible time and just one of many, in my earlier life.

From there, I just decided to never give up and that I would have another go. So I did.

I now own and operate a very fast growing company that is making a REAL and tangible difference in the world. We’ve been operating less than 3 years and are very nearly a million dollar company – doing something that has never been done before!

I have a beautiful daughter who is just the most inspiring and amazing little being – she fascinates and delights and frustrates all at once. I have another healthy baby on the way and we live in the most amazing World Heritage Listed National Park in the country!

All this has come about in 5 short years from being basically homeless, totally broke, down and out and completely terrified. So have I manifested it? Totally! How? By never giving up hope, by always knowing it was destiny for me to succeed – no matter how long the road may seem.

I have bad days where my moods get the better of me – usually when I am not taking care of myself – but I don’t wallow. I have a bath, I talk with God, I light incense, I watch a movie I love, I cuddle and talk with my daughter.

A dear friend of mine said recently that he found me inspiring – I asked why. He said “because you have so much going on, you’re doing this and this and this all day then you have to go home and be cheerful and loving to your family – and you do it! How?”

Because I come first and I make time to consciously create. My time with God and myself is conscious creating time and it happens everyday. It fills me up, energises me and sets me on that magical path towards my goals.

Manifesting is all about faith and taking the time to consciously create your life in your mind, in your thoughts.

It doesn’t take long – you just have to keep going, one foot at a time in front of the other. You will get there.

9. What do you believe is your unique essence that you bring into the world?

Sheer dogmatic tenacity coupled with a huge heart for people.

My single minded determination can be frustrating to some but its the internal fire that keeps burning even when I have burned myself out – which I’ve done a lot. That fire, that drive, that ambition to get up and make a difference never goes out and drives me day after day after sometimes-too-long-a-day.

My heart to love, forgive, understand and have compassion for people has often been a source of great pain and anguish for me however I have learnt to harness it now. Its a blessing, not a curse and so long as I know who I am and what I stand for, I can give love and light freely to all – no matter what they may or may not do with it.

10. Share with us your definition of Wellness?

My belief is that wellness comes from within and is all-encompassing. You can not have wellness whilst your relationships are in turmoil with all the psychic energy exchange that comes with that. In fact any type of stress is limiting to wellness so it must be sought out and removed.

Wellness to me is flow. Living in flow. Allowing flow. Surrendering to what life brings and seeking the lessons with an eager and open heart. From that space, all falls into place.

Thank you Louisa!  You are an inspiration!

Building an amazing legacy for your children <3 <3


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What is Wellness Angel all about?

This is Day 2 of Flourish Online’s 21 day blogging challenge

The focus on this day is to write about something that I am most often asked about.

I decided to make this question about Wellness Angel, for you all to get  a better understanding of how Wellness Angel was born and my vision.


As a Wellness Angel,  connecting you(women or men)with your unique essence and purpose is my inspiration.

ReikiImageHonouring the energy of wellness by using the various priceless modalities such as Reiki,Intuitive Massage, Body Spin(Life Alignment modality) and more.

As women(and men), you are so focused on the day to day activities and responsibilities, and forget to honour and nurture your self love and personal self-care

This is so important in order for you to nourish and shine the higher version of you.

Wellness Angel can help bring balance into your life ~ connecting you spiritually, physically, mentally & emotionally.


Healing is a lifelong process.

After all, we chose to be on this earth to experience this process, pay our karmic debts and activate our karmic lessons.

Healing has many layers.

The initial process of healing can sometimes peel off a massive layer for you to sift through, deal with.

Or it can sometimes be in smaller layers, depending on what your soul agreement is and what you are ready for.

Wellness Angel serves & inspires you to honour your self love by honouring the love, truth, light & peace within.
Connecting you with your weird & unique essence.

Only you can HEAL yourself, no one else can do that for you

The healing comes from the willingness to allow a Wellness Angel like myself to gently guide you on your path to the highest version of you.

INNOVATE YOU – change and apply all that you learn and know deep within your soul,  to make your life what you truly deserve and dream

INSPIRE others to do the same. Share your transformation by being an example 

MASTER  YOU. As you heal, innovate and inspire, you evolve and become the Master of YOU

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10 Random things you may not know about me

10 RANDOM THINGS ABOUTWellness-Angel-About-Photo-[merged]


I am currently participating in a 21 day blogging challenge to help me be more committed to writing and create a momentum on my blog.

So as my first challenge, here are some random facts about me:




1. I was born in Mauritius(a small island off the coast of Madagascar) and lived there till I was almost 10 years old, then migrated to Australia in 1984



2. As a young girl, I wanted to be a singer & dancer and then I was told that I  needed a real job in life to get by.

images (1)

Then I decided that I wanted to become a fashion designer and gave up on that dream when I failed Graphics communication(now Visual Arts) at school.

In the end, I studied to be an Accountant and spent most of my working life in the banking industry and then administration and accounts jobs.



download3. I have an obsession with stationery.

I just love them!

The more colourful, unusual &  dynamic the better.

Especially love pens & notebooks!


4.I love baking.32007_l

I would much prefer to bake than cook anyday!

And of course, I adore eating what I bake.

I have not yet made it, but my old time favourite dessert is Cheesecake…Yum. I adore it!

(ahhh…I am on day 10 of my juice cleanse today and so would love a small piece of cheesecake right now!lol)



5.I am a Reiki Master, Relaxation Massage Therapist, Angel & Numerology Reader & more – rolling all that into one, I have titled myself as a Wellness Angel.

I serve & inspire you to honour your self love by honouring the love, truth, light & peace within.
Connecting with your weird & unique essence which needs for you to shine in the world.


6. I have run my healing practice/sanctuary Wellness Angel  from home for almost 2 years.IMG_20130326_092246

I absolutely love being to do what I love and still being here for my kids – as they love having me home.

What kid doesn’t right?



Angel VA services logo


7. I am a Virtual Assistant part time from home also. 

This is completely new for me and have been fortunate to have doors open in this area, using my 18 years of banking, administration, accounts experience and also bringing my online experience from developing my own business from home.



images (2)8. I have worked out and dieted since I was 13 years old. 

In that time, it has brought me many lessons and helped me to develop better health for myself.

I absolutely love working out daily.

Yoga being one of my favourites.

Jillian Michaels & Shaun T being my best workout DVDs and trainers :)




9. I have an absolute love for books and passion for knowledge – especially when it comes to spirituality.

And I am a bit of a nut for controversy ;-)



1.Pascale singing 10.08.0810. I sing!

Always had a passion for singing..coming from a musical family, especially from my Dad’s side.

As I stated in No.1, I did aspire to become a singer and always wanted to be one but have always allowed my fears to hold me back!

I have recently returned to singing lessons and LOVING IT! :)


And there we have it, my 10 random things.

If you would like to know more about my spiritual journey, please click here :)

Thank you for allowing me to share with you and for reading!

Namaste. <3 <3 <3 <3



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Why I choose to juice?


This post has been sitting in my draft folder since the beginning of the week and I feel it’s about time I stop procrastinating and  share it with you all.

So, I have embarked on yet another juicing journey. And the reason why I say that is because if you go through my past blog posts, you will see that I have embarked on many over time. That is because I love it and it is amazing for me.

I have done this a little differently this time around. I started it at the same time as the Big Juice Cleanse that Jason Vale runs every season..but because I have done it before and to be honest, I do get bored of the recipes, especially if I decide to do it for a longer period.

I started out with Jason’s 3 day detox – which went from Monday to Wednesday.

Since Thursday, went on to the 5lbs in 5 days program – which has some new recipes on there. This will keep me going until Monday.

Following that, will go on to the 7lbs in 7 days program – which again has more yummy juice recipes for each day that I can follow.

That in itself, is keeping me motivated. Variety is very important to me, otherwise I just become complacent and drop off.

Meanwhile, the happiest news of all since I have been on this Juice Cleanse, is that my husband has joined me since Tuesday and plans to go all the way to Monday 29th of July with me – which makes this a 15 day cleanse(this will be the longest juicing cleanse I have ever done)

It is amazing to have someone else in the house going through the same thing as me. We get to support one another.

When I am going through my bouts of hunger pangs, he knows exactly what I am going through and I don’t have to witness him having late night snacks, whilst I am hungry. lol

I am so proud of him for being on Day 4 today and planning to do this cleanse all the way with me.

Which now brings me to the title of this blog:

PicsArt_1405644127779Why I choose to juice?

There are so many sceptics out there about juicing. And most of the time, it is from people who have not experienced it for themselves or are just afraid of not actually eating.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions of course.

I have been doing juice cleanses for 2 years now and every time I do it – it amazes me how good I feel.

I choose to juice, first and foremost because of that feeling.

The amazing energy and vitality that emerges from my body is truly phenomenal.

Initially, I chose to juice to lose weight – and that is obviously the added bonus that comes with  a cleanse.

But in my experience, juicing to me became more than just a body cleanse.

It has become a mind cleanse, because when embarking on this journey it is vital to clear all the negative thoughts, all the debris and all the junk that we allow to accumulate in our minds.

It has become an emotional cleanse. By God, the experience of juicing certainly brings up a lot of stuff. You wouldn’t believe how much stuff. And yes, that does come with some major mood swings and snappy toms too.hehe

Most importantly to me, it has become a spiritual cleanse. It allows me to be lighter and be more connected with my Divinity.

And I am saying to me, but it really can be for anyone.

It’s all about intention at the beginning of the cleanse.

PicsArt_1405310752830The first few days of juicing, I am tired, cranky, lethargic, tired, edgy – which all has to do with the withdrawals of the foods I was eating before(which for me is namely bread, sugar).

But at the same time, I literally feel my body cells being cleansed and the lightness in my body is amazing.

In that time, I feel that this is how I should feel all the time. And it is how we should all feel all of the time.

It is when we eat processed, HI(Human Intervention) foods, junk, packet foods, a ton of wheat, drink alcohol, take drugs and so on, is it any surprise that our body revolts? Even our mind and spirit.

Our bodies become heavy and dense.

Our minds become cluttered, in disharmony and scattered.

Our spirit becomes something that we think only others can connect with or only seen by psychics.

It’s only natural that the body will respond in a loving, joyous, light way when being fed only fruits and vegetables as that is how nature intended it to be.

Giving our bodies the nutrients that it really needs is our ultimate responsibility, is it not?

In our spirit, we truly know what is the right thing to feed our body with – but it is our environment which we allow to influence our minds and our egos.

It is said that juicing makes you feel like a new person, alkalises and detoxifies your body, giving you energy & vitality.

Let me tell you, that this is all true. For me it is the best thing for my just laps it up :)

My first  3 days with this Juice cleanse experience were relatively easy this time around, as I had executed a sugar detox the week before. But by the 4th day, I was feeling rather tired and sooo lethargic.

For me this was a delayed detox experience, sometimes it can happen from the beginning of the cleanse, and sometimes it can happen a few days in. Everyone is different.

At the end of day 4, I was actually feeling pretty good after allowing myself some rest and remembering to be most gentle with myself.

PicsArt_1405392935137Self love is so important in this whole process.

At day 5(being today), I woke up still tired but really feeling committed to juicing – so woke up early to prepare both mine and my husband’s juices for the day. Whilst juicing, there was an element of frustration due to the juicer not doing what I wanted it to do and me feeling like I was trying to beat time(which I was)…all my stuff!

After dropping the kids to school, came back home for some yoga. Oh, that is and has been the best thing to do during this cleanse, rather than hard and fast workouts.

So embodying of this whole cleanse for me, together with meditation.

After that, I was feeling pretty amazing.

My body full of energy

My mind full of clarity and ideas

My soul feeling connected.

Right now, I am feeling grounded to Mother Earth and connected to my Higher Self. I love that feeling and it’s my mission to keep that connection for as long as I live.

Sure there will be tests and challenges on the way. But when you have experienced this light and this feeling of being truly home, you want nothing more but to always be home.

images (12)

As you can see a juice cleanse for me is really about being in touch with my divinity, my true authentic self and working on peeling off all the rest of the unwanted stuff along the way. Which is, by the way, a life long journey..which at this moment in time, I am ready to face with all my heart and soul.

Juice for your health – is it convenient to have to deal with disease?

Juice for your right to achieve balance

Juice to examine your lifestyle & what you are doing to yourself

Juice to learn that you are in control of your body through your mind and your emotions(It’s the best way to truly experience this)

Juice to give your body the healing that it craves

Juice for change in your life

Juice to be FREE OF MEDICINE(Watch Super Juice Me to witness this or go on JasonVale’s Facebook page and see all the testimonials of people who are doing this all the time through juicing)

Juice to overcome addictions

Don’t wait until things get worse.

Take control of your health..only you can do that. No medicine. No pill. No doctor can do that for you.


No one else.

Most importantly, juice for your sake, no one else’s!

I will end this post with a quote from the man who inspired me to get on to juicing in the first place:

“If you don’t look after your body, you will  have NOWHERE to live”
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Veggie Power

Veggie Power Smoothie  

This recipe originates from Jason Vale’s 5 day Detox PicsArt_1405643956719

What you need:

  •  2 apples(Golden Delicious recommended by Jason, I used 2 Red Delicious & 1 green apple for this recipe)
  • 1 large handful of Water Cress – which I used in this recipe (or Baby Spinach Leaves as Jason has in his recipe)
  • 1 large handful of Kale
  • 1/2 Lemon
  • 1/2  Celery stalk
  • 1/4 Cucumber
  • 2 cm Broccoli
  • 1/2 Avocado
  • 1 small handful of ice


  1. Juice everything(except Avocado), starting and ending with an apple
  2. Pour into the blender with Avocado &  ice
  3. Blend until smooth

PicsArt_1405643758927The Benefits: No single food can maintain and promote good health. That comes from the overall benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle. But some foods have been classed as ‘superfoods’ because they are especially rich in health-promoting nutrients, antioxidants or phytochemicals (bioactive plant compounds) and therefore pack more of a nutritional punch than others. Watercress is surely the best of the bunch! Brimming over with an amazing 15 vital nutrients and minerals, gram for gram watercress can boast more vitamin C than oranges, more vitamin E than broccoli, more calcium than whole milk and more iron than spinach! Watercress also has exceptionally high levels of Beta-carotene which is converted into vitamin A in the body and needed for growth and development, immunity, and healthy vision, hair, skin, nails, bones and teeth. Apples and cucumber are amazing for flushing out and cleansing the system. Celery helps to flush the body of carbon dioxide and reduce acidity in the body. Ginger is a well-known, natural antibiotic and superb decongestant. Lemon is particularly powerful at removing harmful bacteria & toxins from the intestinal tract and is also simply amazing and efficient at cleansing the liver & kidneys.   This Veggie smoothie is packed with goodness. It’s light, refreshing and filling. Loving it!! I feel like I sound like JasonVale. If you go and check out his videos on line…he talks soooo fast but a really inspiring coach. PicsArt_1405644127779

“JUICING makes you feel like a new person – gives you energy and vitality in your body!”

Yes it does!! :) 

Get on this  :)


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Dreamy Detox

Oh So Dreamy Detox

 This recipe originates from Jason Vale’s 3 day Detox

 PicsArt_1405405464481What you need:

  •  2 apples(Golden Delicious recommended by Jason, I used 2 Red Delicious & 1 green apple for this recipe)
  • 2.5 cm Lemon
  • 2.5 cm Cucumber
  • 1 Celery stalk
  • 2.5 cm Ginger Root
  • 1 small handful of ice


  1. Juice everything, starting and ending with an apple
  2. Pour into the blender with ice(optional – but tastes pretty yummy, so do this step for a smoother juice)
  3. Blend until smooth

The Benefits:

This juice is full of Vitamins A, B1, B2 B3, B5, B6, C,  & K, copper, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, ellagic acid, beta-carotene, boron, ellagic acid, phosphorus, selenium, riboflavin, and anti-cancer phytonutrients.


PicsArt_1405405623929Apples and cucumber are amazing for flushing out and cleansing the system.

Celery helps to flush the body of carbon dioxide and reduce acidity in the body.

Ginger is a well-known, natural antibiotic and superb decongestant.

Lemon is particularly powerful at removing harmful bacteria & toxins from the intestinal tract and is also simply amazing and efficient at cleansing the liver & kidneys.


How much simpler can you get:


Real FAST FOOD! With amazing nutrients for your body.

Yet so dam good for you!

And not to mention, absolutely deliiiiishhhhhhhhhious!

I put in a bigger ginger than recommended, about Zing! Love it!

Can’t help but be  MIGHTTY excited about it


~Jason Vale

 Get on this  :)




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Super Detox Smoothie

SIMPLE AS 1,2,3 ~ Super Detox Smoothie

 This recipe originates from Jason Vale’s 3 day Detox


PicsArt_1405405151582What you need:

  •  1/2 pineapple
  • 1 large handful of fresh blueberries
  • 1 large handful of fresh blackberries(or Strawberries if not in season)
  • 200g of Organic Natural Yoghurt(or Soy Yoghurt if you prefer)
  • 1 small handful of ice


  1.  Juice the pineapple
  2. Pour into the blender with the blueberries, strawberries, yoghurt & ice
  3. Blend until smooth


This can also be made without the pineapple, simply as a smoothie – especially when in a hurry in the morning..still DELISH! :)

The Benefits:

This juice is full of Vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, D, Fibre, potassium,calcium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, folic acid, beta-carotene, antioxidants, zinc & sodium.


Blueberries contain some of nature’s most powerful antioxidants & anti-ageing phytonutrients – helping to destroy the free radicals that age the skin & cause premature wrinkles.

Blackberries are anti-bacterial – promoting healing & good for the treatment & prevention of diarrhoea.

Strawberries are an excellent source of antioxidant-promoting vitamin C and manganese. They are also a very good source of dietary fiber, iodine, and folate. Plus, strawberries are a good source of copper, potassium, biotin, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin B6, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Live yoghurt helps to maintain a healthy gut.

At the risk of repeating myself…this smoothie is DIVINE! A filling and satisfying breakfast on the run which beats anything in a carton or processed by a long shot.

Sweet, thick and yummy!

“The food that you eat, really creates the life that you live!”

 Get on this  :)




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Beyond Detox Smoothie

 Beyond Detox

 This recipe originates from Jason Vale’s 3 day Detox


What you need:


  • 3 apples(Jason recommends Golden delicious- in my recipe today, I used 2 red delicious and 1 green apple)
  • 1 large handful of Baby Spinach Leaves
  • 2.5 cm cucumber
  • 2.5 cm Red Beet
  • 3g of Parsley(I didn’t have fresh parsley at home for this recipe, so I used Mint)
  • 1/2  avocado
  • 1 small handful of ice




  1. Before turning on your juicer, place one apple in juicer (depending on your juicer, you may need to slice this in quarters, halves or you may be able to leave it whole)
  2. Pack spinach& parsley behind, before adding cucumber and start juicer
  3. Follow with all other ingredients(except avocado) and finish with apples
  4. Then add all the other ingredients(except avocado), finishing with the other 2 apples
  5. Place a 3-4 ice cubes in the blender along with flesh from avocado
  6. Add the juice and blend until smooth and creamy(generally about a minute or 2)
  7. DRINK THIS SLOWLY enjoying every taste and amazingness feeding all the cells in your body



The Benefits:

This juice is full of Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3,B5, B6 B12, C, E & K, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, sulphur, silicon, chlorophyll, folic acid, alpha-carotene, antioxidants, boron & amino acids.

The avocado provides you with nearly 20 essential nutrients such as fibre, potassium, vitamin E, B-vitamins & folic acid. It contains 250 calories but remember that it is a good, essential fat for our body – not at all comparable to fat in chips. This good fat helps to regulate your appetite. It makes the juice fuller and thicker – helping you to forget that you are not chewing during a detox).

Mint leaves provide a considerable amount of vitamin A, as well as small amounts of other vitamins. Vitamin A promotes healthy skin and supports your immune system — and also helps cells reproduce normally.  And is also amazing for your digestive system and for freshening your breath.

Parsley is one of nature’s super herbs – expelling worms, releasing gas, freshening your breath, stimulating normal activity of the digestive system & helps bladder, kidney, liver, lung, stomach & thyroid.

This juice /smoothie contains all eight essential amino acids – benefiting every cell in your body & mind.

Just really another delicious smoothie/juice…despite that it doesn’t look too great on the eyes, or appear as vibrant – your taste buds and body certainly appreciates its vibrancy, kick and fullness

Drinking it slowly helps your body, mind and soul to connect whilst you are giving it all the nutrients that it really needs.

Juicing gives you the benefits & nutrition of all the veggies and fruits that you wouldn’t normally eat!

 Get on this  :)




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Detox Special Juice

Detox Special

This recipe originates from Jason Vale’s 3 day Detox

What you need:PicsArt_1405309763463

  • 3 apples(Jason recommends Golden delicious- in my recipe today, I used 2 red delicious and 1 green apple)
  • 1 carrot
  • 2.5 cm lemon(with skin)
  • 1/4  yellow Capsicum(not a very large amount)
  • 2.5 cm cucumber
  • 1/4 stalk Celery
  • 2.5 cm Broccoli
  • 2.5 cm Red Beet
  • 1 avocado(personally, I only added half the avocado as it gets to thick for my liking with a whole one – personal choice in the end)
  • 1 small handful of ice


  1. Place one apple in juicer (depending on your juicer, you may need to slice this in quarters, halves or you may be able to leave it whole
  2. Then add all the other ingredients(except avocado), finishing with the other 2 apples
  3. Place a 3-4 ice cubes in the blender along with flesh from avocado
  4. Add the juice and blend until smooth and creamy(generally about a minute)


The Benefits:

This juice is full of Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3,B5, B6, C, E & K, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, pectin, boron, ellagic acid(a compound extracted from oak galls and various fruits and nuts. It has some ability to inhibit blood flow and retard the growth of cancer cells), beta-carotene, folic acid, phosphorus, selenium, riboflavin & anti-cancer phytonutrients. As well as amino acids(the building blocks of protein), essential fatty acids(avocado) and a good source of carbohydrates.


The avocado provides you with nearly 20 essential nutrients such as fibre, potassium, vitamin E, B-vitamins & folic acid. It contains 250 calories but remember that it is a good, essential fat for our body – not at all comparable to fat in chips. This good fat helps to regulate your appetite. It makes the juice fuller and thicker – helping you to forget that you are not chewing during a detox).


The beetroot is amazing for cleansing the blood stream and excellente! as well as lemon, for cleansing the liver and kidneys! Who doesn’t need that? Everyone does, especially if you have alcohol in your system before detoxing. It’s also one of nature’s finest blood builders. Seriously, I have to say I don’t love beetroot..I don’t mind it but I don’t eat it nearly enough..considering all that it brings to my body..I definitely want more of it in my diet and juicing is the way for me or for anyone who refuses to eat it.


Celery helps to flush the body of excessive carbon dioxide and reduce acidity in the system.


This juice is has HIGH LEVELS of beta-carotene, helping  take away harmful free radicals AND strengthen the immune system – which is totally what I need right now as I am getting over a cold/flu!


Seriously, this juice…bellissimo! Divine! It was my first time making this recipe yesterday and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

Soo sooo amazingly and surprisingly delicious for me, because I was actually wary of the yellow capsicum in there.

And my almost 4 year old daughter..SHE LOVED IT TOO! She has no idea how dam good it was for her, she just loved the taste. Loved seeing her enjoy it


Get on this 


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