What is Reiki?



Reiki is Japanese for Universal Life Force energy.

It is one of many forms of healing through the use of natural forces which were given the name Chi by ancient Chinese mystics. Other forms of healing using Chi are Chi, Gong, Pranic healing, etc… The difference being in techniques of application & an energy quality commonly known as vibration (describes the feeling of energy levels – whether dense/low vibration or high vibration of a spiritual expression.

We are all born with Reiki Energy.

This is our birth right.

Anyone can lay their hands on a person & help accelerate the healing process by transferring magnetic energy.

A person fine-tuned through the process of the healing energy, has had their etheric bodies raised to a higher vibratory level. The chakras (energy centres) are opened during the attunement to allow higher amounts of life force energy to be channelled.

Reiki is drawn and passes through a purified channel opened by attunements.

Reiki is not a religion as it holds no creed or doctrine

Reiki is an ancient science hidden for thousands of years & rediscovered by Dr Usui.

Reiki is not a belief system, therefore no mental preparation is required to receive a treatment, only a desire to receive & accept the energy.


Simply by the practitioner, laying their hands upon the person to be healed, with the intent for healing & then the energy flows

The energy, like the Universe, is very smart as it knows exactly where to go, what to do once it gets there.

It manages its own flow to and within the client.

It draws through the healer exactly that amount of energy which the client needs.

My job as the practitioner (conduit) is to get out of the way, keep the healing space open and watch/listen for signs of what to do next.


Reiki can heal anything as it works at very fundamental levels of reality.

The limits only apply when the recipient is not willing to accept change and/or the healing.

The level of reality where Reiki operates, is the underlying energy structure of matter, as the physical matter we see around us is a solidified form of energy (remembering Einstein’s famous equation which says that unit of mass is equivalent to a certain amount of energy).

At the level where Reiki functions, ANYTHING CAN BE CHANGED BECAUSE ALL IS FLUID-LIKE & VERY MALLEABLE. This is in theory and from the experience of practitioners.

Emotional difficulties are just as healable as physical ones, since they are more directly present in the energy structures. In the practice of Reiki, healing brings the physical form of pain into closer alignment with the ideal form, which is wellness.

Deviations from our ‘ideal’ from come through limitation, which can come through early forms of childhood experiences (where we are most open & inquisitive about life).

Another limitation may be a physical pain or limp after physical injury has healed, where phantom pains are experienced. The limitations come from behaviour patterns, eating patterns, physical limitation, imagined physical limitation, psychological, mental or emotional ways of being, living, expressing or lowing that’s not in alignment with our personal highest expression.

Reiki helps to give the recipient conscious awareness of the pattern of the limitation & recognising it, so that it can be released & open to receiving newer perspectives.

Reiki is also a gateway to shine pure love into the Universe. This love is what allows us to transcend our wounds & help us remember our true nature.


In the spirit world, time & space is non-existent.

We are but the smallest fragments of all that exists around us. There is more in existence than our physical bodies can detect (unless trained to extend our consciousness perception). Therefore, going by this theory, Reiki can operate without regard to limitations of space. As at Level II practitioner level, healing can be done regardless of distance.

Objectifying the recipient via a photo is most common, or the intention can be placed on a teddy bear, pillow or anything suitable according to the healer (practitioner). No matter what, it’s about the intent of sending healing to that particular person and the object is merely a representation of what or who needs to be healed.


Not only can Reiki be used on humans & animals.

Reiki can be used on your car, your computer, sometimes even your phone!

Reiki can be used on your food before eating.

Reiki can be used on relationships between people (again objectifying the relationship like a remote healing & applying the energy).


Energy exchange of any sort in our society is in the form of money.

Society sees that the more they pay for something, the more valuable it is.

For me to become a healer/practitioner, time was spent in learning the Art, going through my own crap, pain & several spiritual deaths. Money was spent on books, training & journey of a spiritual & personal development nature to get me here. This livelihood is at the mercy of the universe.

We all need money to survive in this world so we can eat, pay our bills, have a roof over our heads, take care of our family, etc.. The exchange of energy being money for healing is how value is placed on it for the recipient to receive.

Giving it away places no value on what the recipient is receiving & most of the time less likely to believe & trust in what they are receiving when it’s free. It’s the sceptic in us ALL. In some instances, it may be relevant for the exchange to be one of service (much like bartering).

Think of it like getting your car serviced. When your car is in urgent need of a service, do you just simply drop it by the mechanics, pick it up when it’s finished, say Thank you and take your car home without paying for the service that you just received? No. For every service that’s received, an energy of exchange occurs so that you (the recipient) places value on what you are receiving not only for your money, but what it can do for you.


My vision is for everyone to not only know about Reiki, but to experience Reiki.

Reiki allows greater peace & harmony to flow through our lives. It brings a better understanding of ourselves in mind, body & spirit.

It’s a gift that we all share.

I believe that when we heal ourselves, it helps us, as well as the world &the Universe. In truth, WE ARE ONE.


My channel is pure & clean, with courage, integrity & love for all

Source: David Herron








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History of Reiki

My journey with Reiki began about 15 years ago. In my experience so far not many know about it, despite of the fact that it has been around for all this time. So I wanted to share a summary of the research that I have done on Reiki here with you all.


Roots in Japan prior to WWII.

Most resources were lost in the war.

Mrs Hawayo Takata, who learned Reiki before the war, was the 1st person to bring recognition of Reiki into the Western World after she became a Reiki Master in November 1936.



In the 1900’s, Dr Mikao Usui began a journey of presumably investigating the way that Jesus healed (there are lots of differences in opinions around this supposed fact). For many years learned through different schools in places like Europe, India, Tibet & US. He delved into US Christian schools, Buddhist writings in a monastery in Orient. Also found some ancient Sanskrit writings in India or Tibet (this is a little vague in history) to make the medicine Buddha (a Tibetan Buddhism common practice).

After more years of study, he came to realise that the only thing left to with all the knowledge he had acquired, was to go in deep meditation. He did along with a 21 day fast on a mountain. He was struck by a ball of light on the 20th day and taken on a journey which showed him bubbles of all other colours of the rainbow in which were the Reiki symbols with total understanding.

After that, he was able to heal. He also learned that healing needed to come with teaching of gratitude as well for people to understand their healing.


Dr Usui then met Dr Chujiro Hayashi along his travels. He was very impressed with Dr Usui’s sincerity and conviction. They travelled together, teaching & healing. When Dr Usui passed in 1926, Dr Hayashi became the leader of Reiki and opened a clinic in Tokyo.



 Dr Chujiro Hayashi then passed then passed the teachings on to Mrs Hawayo Takata (born in Hawaii). When she was sick, she was looking for an alternative way to operation and she was referred by her doctor’s sister to Hayashi’s Clinic. After much objection, Dr Hayashi agreed to teach Mrs Takata to Reiki Level II over the course of one year.

She returned to Hawaii & treated her neighbour, whom she didn’t charge, therefore did not value the treatment & was not successful in the healing. She treated another relative and charged, and this relative stayed well. The tradition of charging for Reiki was then introduced.

In November 1936, Dr Hayashi went to Hawaii to promote Reiki in a speaking tour. It was then that he trained Mrs Takata to teach Reiki, making her what we know now as a Reiki Master.

Near the end of WWII, before he died, Dr Hayashi appeared to Mrs Takata in a dream, asking her to go to Japan; where she was then announced as leader of Reiki.

Mrs Takata continued using Reiki in Hawaii then brought it into California.

She then trained 22 masters before her own death in 1980.

Source: David Herron, Wikipedia

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Passie’s After workout Juice

Passie’s After workout Juice


Please make sure to wash all vegetables & fruits before juicing

  • 1 large green Apple(or 2 small ones)
  • 3-4 large leaves of Kale
  • Top part of  half  a Celery
  • 1 lime(peeled)
  • 1/4 Pineapple
  • About half a bunch of mint
  • 2 ice cubes(or crushed ice)
(This should make enough for about one and half servings)

  1. Juice the apple, pineapple, lime, mint,kale & celery(in that order)
  2. Serve in tall glass, take away cup or wine glass over ice

Just watch when you put the Kale through, the beautiful green that it spits out over the rest of the colours in the juice. Simply divinely beautiful.

This is a very sweet tasting juice, giving you lots of energy to go on with your day after your workout :)

YUMMY!! :)

Get on this :)

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Open your heart to come from your heart

This may be a short or long post, I am not sure as I am just being urged to write it and just going with the flow and listening to the message.
This weekend was a massive step forward for me.
I had the wonderfully amazing opportunity to open my heart and to trust again.
It has been so long since I allowed myself to do that and I feel like I have found the soul that understands me and I connect with. This soul has been right under my nose for a couple of years now but because I have been so wrapped up in trying to protect myself from trusting and giving, missed many opportunities to open my heart.
Everyone has their own way of coming from their heart.
Our hearts need to be open in order for us to come from our hearts when we need to communicate and need to deliver powerful messages such as this one.
I am so grateful for the opportunity that presented itself and that I allowed the connection with this soul.
I am not saying it’s not scary.
Because it’s FKN scary!!
It’s definitely a learning process but it was a massive leap into this learning process and I am so glad that I allowed my heart to open, with the help of my Angels, whom I thank for leaving the door ajar, so that I can step through on my own.
In this case, I not only received the messages from my Angels on the higher realm, but also from an Earth Angel :)
Gratitude seems like such a feeble word to describe how I feel about this gift I have received.
Thank you for allowing me to share this self revelation and reflection with you all here

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Releasing s*** with meditation

This may be a short but sweet blog entry..one that I just HAD to share.

I admit that I am one to hold on to s*** but when I meditate, I find that I release with much more ease.


I know that this can be read in 2 ways, and really that’s the way that I wanted to write it.


I started meditating again today, after weeks of no meditating. 

And asked myself the question, as I always do..

“Why did I stop meditating again???”

I love this feeling of release, ease, joy, peace and freedom to listen to my inner voice.

There’s nothing like it in this world!

So, if you have some s*** that you’ve been needing to release and haven’t been able to…


You only need 15 mins! 

That’s it.

Go on Angel..

Do it and share with me what your results are :)




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