Day 14 of Operation Raw Pas

I feel like it’s been ages since I have posted in here!! Well it has been about 4 days since my last update! 28 days to go on this challenge!

I decided that I am not going to post my daily food intake as that can get quite boring for  people to read after a while. I will only do so when I have done something different. As you’ve noticed for the 11 days, it was much the same.  Today I started my day with a good ‘ole lovin’ juice, which I haven’t had for a couple of days and missed!

I was watching a few of Kristina’s Fully raw videos on you tube last night because I was needing some inspiration and my motivation needed a top up. Through watching her videos, I have been lead to her friend Megan  Elizabeth Raw, who has so many recipe ideas. And also through my research to make Tahini Dip & a few other things, I found Dan, The Life Regenerator – who is also very motivating & inspiring on this raw journey.

Why have I been lacking motivation and needing inspiration?

Well for the last couple of days I have come down with a slight cold. I know that it’s all coming from the whole detoxing process of going raw. Kristina, who has been on raw lifestyle for 7 years, said in one of her videos that she was detoxing for a year and a half before being where she is still today, in her mind, body & spirit. After hearing that, it really made me rethink what I said about that there was no possibility for me to have this as part of my lifestyle. I think I just need to be more open minded about the whole process. That there will be many ups and downs throughout. In the last few days, I really felt like giving up and just eating cooked food. I have found myself actually craving for hot food, cooked food.  And I worked it out, and then had it confirmed by one of Dan the Man’s videos I was watching last night…that I am craving the denseness from cooked/hot foods. So what I have found that I have been doing is eating way too many nuts & seeds & dried fruits to compensate for that addiction!!! Crazy huh!?!I think I had an overdose of nuts yesterday, so as from today I am detoxing from this for a few days, and slowly reintroduce it in acceptable portions. After watching all the you tube videos yesterday, I keep feeling a pull back to the 80/10/10 book, the more I am looking for guidance on this journey! Been ensuring that I read a few pages daily.

On an emotional level, I have been feeling quite clingy – needing affection & energetically drained.  This is also because I know that I need more variety in my fruit and vegetables intake, as well as needing to eat a lot more fruits!!!! All a learning process, I am certainly not expecting to be perfect. Just want to learn to listen to what my body needs more and more.

Spiritually not as high as I have been, but that is also because I have been unconsciously grounding myself way too much with the denseness of nuts & seeds. But meanwhile, been following some guidance to help release some negative ego that I’ve had to deal with. Very timely with the full moon of last night :) At the same time, I am also feeling grateful more than before. Not miraculously becoming zen or anything, but just being able to have that feeling more and more, a lot of the time, without consciously thinking about it!

Mentally, I have found myself a lot more aware again than ever. Awareness of my emotions, of my reactions, etc have stepped up a notch definitely. Not that it stops me completely in my tracks or anything, but I  do feel like I am participating and observing at the same time…it’s quite an experience! There are always tests, every minute, every hour of everyday though, that’s for sure!!

Oh and the other thing that I have discovered, is that I am not as much of a sweet tooth as I thought I was. The sweetness from dates, or dried fruits, can be quite overwhelming for my palate I found.

I think I have released all that I can for now, the headache that I am experiencing at the moment is not allowing my writing to flow as freely as usual, so I will take that as a sign to stop.

Leave you with this, till next time…

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Tahini Dip

I found this recipe on you tube, from Life Generator – whom I want to thank for the yummy recipe:


I am posting the recipe and my  attempt at making it here, which can also be seen at the bottom of the video on youtube:

served w/ a VEGETABLE PLATTER! ❤

* I n g r e d i e n t s *
— 2 cups Sesame Seeds
— 1 Zucchini aka Courgette, roughly chopped
— 1-4 cloves Garlic
— 1/2 cup Lemon Juice, freshly squeezed (approx. 2-3 lemons)
— 3 teaspoons Sea Salt, or to taste (Celtic Sea Salt if you can get it)
— Water (use as much or as little as you need for your blender to be able to effectively blend!)
— 1 cup Fresh Dill (Dried Dill is OK too)

You can use these veggies,
or whichever kinds you want to!
— Cauliflower Florets
— Carrot Slices
— Zucchini Slices
— Beet Slices
— Celery Stalks
— Broccoli Florets
— Snow Peas
* P r e p a r a t i o n *
— 1) Blend the sesame seeds alone w/ NO other ingredients in your Vita-Mix, or other high-powered blender of your choice. If you have a “regular” blender with a weak motor, you may need to do this in stages! My blender here has a 3 horsepower motor! You can see it in the store along with others right here:

— 2) Add zucchini, garlic cloves, lemon juice, sea salt & water to blender, and blend until desired consistency is reached.

— 3) Add dill LAST, and blend a little bit more.

— 4) Arrange the veggies on your vegetable platter, serve with your tahini dip, and enjoy!

I was quite happy with the end result, the only thing that I will say is that I probably wouldn’t put as many garlic in next time as it was quite overpowering. But that’s me! Some like it this garlicky.And I probably could have done with a little more salt, but that was my own thing, as I didn’t measure it. I had it with a plate of cucumber, celery & carrots – all sliced on my  new mandolin! So much easier than trying to cut it up myself with a knife! This was my dinner tonight and very filling! I made such a huge amount that I froze the rest to be used for other things I would like to dip on another day. All in all, a great recipe :)

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Raw Apple Pie

This recipe was put up today on one of the pages that I like on Facebook: Familiesgettingfit – Thank you for sharing this :)

As soon as I saw it, I knew that I had to make it – especially because I had many apples in my basket which were not getting eaten as quickly as I would have liked.

I did have to modify it a little. By the time I had made the crust, I ran out of dates. So had to improvise and ended up using honey instead for the filling – only because it was the only thing that I had in the house.

I also used a combination of green and red apples, and to put the cinnamon in the filling process, so instead decided to sprinkle it on top.

Now I don’t know if it’s because of the honey, but it is quite sweet.  I am happy with the overall result though and the rest of the family thought it was tasty too. Leaving it in the freezer overnight as it got a bit too late to all have a slice tonight(it was only a taste test), but I think it will taste even better by tomorrow :) Definitely recommend giving it a try…very yummy!

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Day 11 of Operation Raw Pas

It’s taken me 2 days to finally sit down and write this post.

The last 2 days have been challenging to say the least. Not so much in terms of making sure  I eat raw, but in regards to my emotions. As I mentioned before, it is that time of the month for me – so that in itself is ALWAYS  a MASSIVE challenge! But this time has proved to be a little more challenging as I do feel a little more restricted than I normally would be when it comes to cravings. The cravings are usually mostly sugar or chocolate. But thank goodness that I have been able to substitute with things like dates, honey, organic raisins, etc!

The emotions that have been running high for me have mostly to do with issues within myself that keeps revisiting. Mostly to do with my ego and how to deal with its desires. It’s not something that can be solved overnight. It is a process. But sometimes, I just get tired of the lessons/tests that keep being thrown my way. Sometimes, it feels like giving in would be easier than be stronger. But in a way, being on this path of going Raw at the moment, really helps me to be focused somewhere else. It helps me to be more in touch with my spirit, therefore, it does make the choice to be stronger, a little easier. So the last two days have been about me resting, reflecting, crying, learning, watching & observing myself.It felt a bit like a lull, but today I feel stronger – like I am coming through the worse of it now.

Anyway, enough of that for now. So I am about a quarter of the way through Operation Raw Pas = 31 days to go.

Let me just share my daily food intake firstly:

Day 8 Menu = Monday

Breakfast:1 huge banana/strawberry smoothie with Almond milk

Morning snack: Mango Pulse & banana

Lunch: Large bowl of fruit salad shared with my daughter :)

Afternoon Snack: Mango Pulse, Trail mix of nuts & seeds

Dinner: Huge green salad

Late night snack: Red grapes

I am having to back track a few too many days so I am finding it a little hard to remember exactly what I ate and did that day. I do remember waking up to workout that day – the last time I worked out this week. This day was the beginning of me feeling a  little blahhhh. I spent some time in the afternoon making a big batch of juice for the following day, knowing that I will feel

Day 9 Menu = Tuesday

Breakfast:1 huge green juice & 1 banana

Morning snack: Cranberry Pulse, Green Juice

Lunch: Mediterranean salad(lunch with my sister)

Afternoon Snack: Cranberry Pulse + Trail mix

Dinner: Huge fruit salad

Late night snack: Left over Cranberry pulse

This was shopping day. I was having cravings for cheese from the night before and gave in to it by allowing Feta cheese in my salad at lunch with my sister. Did I feel bad? Well, yes in a way but also I reminded myself that this whole process is not meant to be one of deprivation but not one of over indulgence either. So in order to put a halt on the craving, I thought it was better to give it something rather than nothing. Otherwise, all that will happen is that I would want it so bad once this was all over and   most likely end up on a cheese binge. It’s not easy to admit these things to myself, let alone out loud – but I am being honest with myself. Facing myself. Not denying myself or being in denial or justifying my actions. This is the truth. Today all these things I listed as foods, were eaten little by little…all day! I was constantly eating. That time gives me this bottomless pit in my stomach that constantly feels like it needs to be filled. Other than the cheese, it was all good choices – perhaps over my calorie count! No workouts on this day- but there was lots of walking around the market. Also took the kids to the school to play basketball, walked around the court with my daughter a lot, as well as walked to and from school(which is only 5 mins walk one way) and jogged around half the oval as well :)

Day 10 Menu = Wednesday

Breakfast:1 Carrot/celery(plus others) juice & 1 banana

Morning snack: Cranberry Pulse, Carrot/celery Juice

Lunch: Sunflower seeds milk Banana/strawberry smoothie

Afternoon Snack: Cranberry Pulse + Trail mix

Dinner: Huge green salad

Late night snack: Chocolate pulse

Yesterday was  a real downer day for me. I was not in the best of moods plus I just wanted to have a good cry. So I decided to watch Earthlings , narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. OMG, this was so sad to watch. It certainly had me feeling glad that I was not eating any animal products at the moment. Unfortunately, this is not something that I can force on to my family. They are happy to have vegetarian days throughout the week, but cutting it out altogether is not an option at the moment. I had to make spaghetti for dinner last night and I had already taken out the mince meat to be defrosted and the thought of doing this really saddened me after seeing this documentary. What I did though, and also told my children to remember to do when they are eating any kind of meat, is to thank the cow that gave up its like to feed us, sacrificing its life, in perhaps not the greatest manner. Making sure to bless it and send it love and light :)

I highly recommend to watch this documentary…even if it doesn’t make one vegeterian, it sure helps you to be more compassionate towards animals. After what I saw in this documentary – which I know has ensured to show the worse that there is out there, and I know that not all methods of slaughtering are the same – I am glad that I buy my meat from Halal butchers. I would much prefer to know that the animal was not put through torture before getting to my plate! I know that there are a lot of vegetarians out there that wouldn’t agree with me. And that’s fine. We are all entitled to our opinions and beliefs. I have the utmost respect for vegetarians and vegans. If anything, I understand this more now, than I ever did before. In the past, I have not wanted to know about all this. I will be honest and say that ignorance was my bliss. But this is no longer an escape for me! :)

So yesterday, was spent mostly watching this documentary, talking to my kids(got into some deep conversations about God with my 12 & 9 year olds) and then later a documentary about Michael Jackson – Life of an Icon with my 9 year old. Also had my sister and nieces over for dinner – which was nice to be able to spend some time with them, before my sister goes away for 2 weeks. I also made Sunflower seeds milk & Pecan milk yesterday. Not a big fan of the sunflower seeds but the pecan one is nice..especially in a smoothie this morning :)

This morning @ Day 11 – I am feeling so much better than I did in the last 2 days. I  feel like my old self again, and more. Full of energy and bounce once again. I am about to head off on a long walk with my kids once I posted this blog. Oh and I will say that I just snuck a peak at the scales – 10 days without doing so was an achievement in itself. I couldn’t help myself, just felt like I wanted to know. I haven’t exchanged a great deal to this point, but I really shouldn’t be surprised at the result as I have been eating a lot more than I have been putting out the last couple of days. Making up for this by long walk today. Feeling like cardio is required of my body at the moment, more than weights! So will be focusing my workouts accordingly for the next week. Time to make up for lost workout time! I am feeling back on track and raring to go NOW :)

I best sign off and get all the kids out into this beautiful day that we are about to have in Melbourne = 26 degrees today. Love Spring.

I leave with this very appropriate quote for me today:

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Weekend update of Operation Raw Pas


Didn’t have much time to write in here over the weekend…so this will be my attempt to catch up.

Friday night was an interesting one to share. We had my son’s hockey presentation night locally..which included dinner. I was sure that it was not going to be anything that I could eat and I was mostly right! Luckily, I was able to find some salad, among the sea of pizza and sausages in white bread!!!! I was able to have the salad(with no dressing) and then enjoyed my Cherry coco pulse afterwards with some water. But by the time I got home, I was starving. So I allowed myself a late snack of grapes & Trail mix :)

The rule of no food after 8pm was out the door this weekend. But I figure that I could have done  a lot worse!!

Saturday was a very busy day, with usual house cleaning and driving to sports activities, so I was mostly drinking for the day.

Day 6 Menu

Breakfast:1 huge Green juice

Morning snack: Cherry Coco Pulse(which I munched on most of the time that I was out),Green juice

Lunch: Brazil nut milk banana/watermelon with dash of vanilla & cardamom smoothie(Best Smoothie EVER!!!)

Afternoon Snack: Green Juice, Pulse, 1 coconut & date roll

Dinner: Huge Salad

Late night snack: Trail mix of nuts, seeds and organic raisins

I didn’t do any form of workout on this day as I didn’t have the time, but there was lots of cleaning going on, which must count for something right?? lol

I was feeling great most of the day but really hungry all the time..which I wasn’t understanding why, but figured out that it is because it’s women’s business time soon :-)

Day 7 Menu

Breakfast: Cashew nut milk banana/strawberries/blueberries with dash of vanilla & cinnamon smoothie

Morning snack: Mango Pulse, Banana

Lunch: Huge salad(consisting of cabbage, ruby grapefruit, avocadoes with 1/2 lime juice & olive oil

Afternoon Snack: Mango Pulse, Almond milk banana/watermelon with dash of vanilla & cinnamon smoothie

Dinner: Zucchini pasta with salsa sauce

Late night snack: Red Grapes

I woke up to workout at about 7.30am and did Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown for 35mins, followed by some yoga/meditation with Shiva Rea. Felt fabulous after this. Then made myself some smoothie and got ready for a drive to the local markets for some fruit & veggies  shopping for the week.

I was extremely tired by the time I returned from the markets. I sat and sat for the day in front of the TV, catching up on some shows with hubby. I even fell asleep for half an hour or so at one stage! Felt much better after that :)

So, you may be wondering how I am going overall…

Well, so far I have to say it’s definitely a challenge. Especially during this time of the month for me, where my appetite is much higher than usual. Last night, I was struggling with cutting up beef for the family’s dinner – I just couldn’t touch it for some reason.The smell and thought of touching it made me feel eeek!! So I used a fork to hold one side whilst cutting the other(reminded me of when I was pregnant with my daughter). Whilst I was cooking their meal – which was red kidney beans, diced beef in tomatoes with brown rice, I found myself craving for cooked food! Not necessarily what they were eating..just something hot! I suppose this is a form of detoxing? I didn’t crave for cooked food this much when I was on the juice/lemon/pulse detox in the past. It could be just because of that time of the month.

I was thinking about it this morning, and at this point – on Day 8, I can’t see this being my lifestyle after the 40 days. I can see myself eating mostly raw throughout the day, and one cooked meal in the evening? That sounds a little more balanced to me. I have to say that I admire people who live their life like this. Again, it’s early days yet and I may feel differently in 20-40 days, but right NOW, this is where I stand.

Another issue that’s been going round and round in my head lately, that I feel like I need to release somewhere and what better place to do it than here. One thing that I don’t do, is tell everyone in my family what I am up to unless I am asked and I feel it’s relevant. For cases like this, I would only share the information to make myself accountable. Since we’ve embarked on a clean eating lifestyle since the beginning of this year, people have noticed the change in myself and my husband(we both needed to lose a few kgs!) And because of this being noticed, questions have been asked, therefore information was shared as to what we’d been doing and what has motivated us, etc.

Throughout this process, there have been a lot of judgement passed within my family…no names to be mentioned here….because that’s not the point. I am trying to just come to some understanding of why this is happening by writing about it.  People who have  embarked on their own health journey and came across the information in the past and are no longer on the same journey, realising that we have come across the same information that we are applying to our health..and being quite snide about the fact that they have come across this information a long time before.  Which is great! I am glad that they know the same information. I was in no way pushing the information on to anyone, merely sharing it as it was stumbled across. I was not in any way doing any kind of presentation or preach. I know that the reactions means that this is their issue. But the fact that it has affected me, means that it is also mine! Bringing up old issues of the reason why I don’t like sharing what I do in my life with others and also the reason why I don’t end up moving forward in my passions.

So what’s the lesson here?

Hmmm…well that people will judge no matter what I do…whether it is good or bad. Also, thought about whether I have been judging anyone else in my life in this way – where I felt some loss of power or ownership over something that I felt was what I knew most about over someone who is just beginning to discover it. Something that was mostly part of my life for a long time and then having another person come and tell me about it like they know more about it than I do. And the answer to that is …YES. So, I guess now I know what that feels like. Why do we think we own the information just because we were the first to see it and apply it? Really we should be sharing that information with the world so that all benefit. Why would you want to keep something like improving one’s health to yourself! Sure, the method that I am using may not be for everyone, but I think I at least am responsible to share the information and allow the other people to make the informed decision as to whether or not it is for them.

This is a massive deep realisation for me. Helping me to see that when we judge others, we are truly only judging ourselves!!Also shows me that we are all really on the same path, at different speeds. We all get on the same train…eventually :)

Oooof, I feel better now! Something that I really needed to objectively release out of my mind and writing it out has helped me to see the thank you for reading my ramblings, allowing me to share this here and reading it. Whether it makes sense or not.hehe

I will leave this here so it can be posted before my daughter wakes up!

As usual, some  food for thought:


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Day 5 of Operation Raw Pas

Today I am feeling amaaazing!!!

I can’t even explain it but I will try.

Not saying that I have finished detoxing, because that is still happening. What I have noticed is that it is a slower detox process when eating only fruits & veggies compared to when detoxing on say the Lemon detox for example. On the Lemon detox, it’s a really fast process. During this detox process, I find that it’s a slower process. I am feeling everything, little by little and with so much more awareness. This is not because of going raw only, but also a lot of other spiritual & mental exercises I have been undertaking.  I am so much more aware…the awareness is amazing me! I feel like so many doors that have been long shut inside of me, are finally re-opening!!

So yesterday I didn’t get to blog at all as I had a sick boy at home then decided to go and do a little shopping and check out the new sections opened at my local shopping centre. So here’s an update:

Day 4 Menu plan

Breakfast: Almond milk banana/cinnamon smoothie(all home-made by yours truly for the first time!!!)

Morning snack: Original Pulse(which I munched on most of the time that I was out)

Lunch: Salad(Greens, avocado, squeeze of lime)

Afternoon Snack: Trail mix of Nuts, seeds & organic dried raisins, Pulse, 1 coconut & date roll

Dinner: Huge Fruit Salad(consisted of pineapple, apple, canteloupe, rockmelon, kiwi fruit & red grapes)

Didn’t wake up for workout that morning as I was too tired. So instead walked from shopping centre to school to pick up my other son and back to carpark at shops – that was about 3kms :) Was happy with that.

My emotional state yesterday was quite solemn. Not as full of energy as I am today. Although I felt like I could have walked a lot yesterday but just didn’t as it wasn’t practical with the shopping that I had to do. I was very tired  after we got home around 4(walking around the shops from 12pm, then walking to school and back..that’ll do it!!) I  had a lot of stuff to put away, wash dishes and make dinner. So by the time I was done, I was poooped! So needless to say, it was an early night last night. Glad that I did it because it gave me so much more energy today.

Day 5 Menu plan

Breakfast: Green juice(consisted of Kale, celery, green apple, pineapple, orange, ruby grapefruit, pear  & parsley)

Morning snack: Original Pulse + 1.5 cups of green juice

Lunch: Large Fruit Salad(Grapes, Blueberries, Strawberries, Canteloupe, Watermelon)

Afternoon Snack: Cashew milk Watermelon & strawberry smoothie, Apple, Trail mix

Dinner: Huge Salad(of what exactly I am not sure – will go with how I feel, but it’ll be huge – as it needs to fit in my new huge bamboo bowl I purchased yesterday)

I got up at 6.10am this morning to do my workout – which was 20mins of Jillian Ripped in 30 Week 3 + 35mins of Jeanette Circuit training. Felt awesome after that. Full of energy. Couldn’t wait to get my juice into me after that workout!!!

I explained my state mostly at the start of today’s blog entry. I am feeling like I know what I need to do and I am just listening to my body, my spirit and my mind. Everything that needs to be … I am allowing to be. So far, this journey has been so much about NOW. And I am loving what it’s teaching me! Especially that I am able to step out of myself and be the observant and not just the critic.

Whilst looking at some more videos on youtube yesterday, I stumbled across this video which I can’t find now but anyway, it was with an Aussie bloke who explains what is most important whilst on a raw diet. And it was so important that I did stumble across that, as it brought some things to my attention that I really needed to know. One thing I did learn is that I am not eating enough. Need to eat more fruits! So I am doing more of that as of today. I know that a lot of this information will be in the 80/10/10 book, but  I have not had the time to read it as much as I would have liked lately and really need to make it more of a priority..along with many other priorities on my list lately lol. Calorie counting is also important so that I know exactly what I am putting in and out – so I can balance these out and be where I should be for the fuel that my body needs. So I have started to do this again today with My fitnesspal – which I have been using on and off since the beginning of the year. Great app on the phone also.

Also had sooooo much fun making milk galore today. After yesterday’s most exciting first day/time of making Almond milk. Today I made Almond, Brazil & Cashew milk. It was so exciting and exhilarating to do this. Words just doesn’t justify it. Although I loved all 3, I really loved Cashew milk and the consistency of it is so smooth. I love the fact that it doesn’t need to be strained after blended! No pulps! Amazing. The whole process still amazes me. I just love seeing that change to milk in the blender…it’s like there’s this sense of self satisfaction, control of one’s health. Knowing that this is not GMO’d in any way. It’s as organic as I can get(beside actually buying organic nuts- which they weren’t by the way! lol) Very much looking forward to my smoothie this afternoon ;)

Well  as much as I could keep typing here, I am going to sign off as I do have to go and wake my daughter up to go and pick up my sons early today – last day of school in Victoria :)

So I will leave with the quote that I saw today that resonated the most with me, and must share:

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Day 3 of Operation Raw Pas

Here I am at Day 3 of going raw.

I will be honest and say that with a few stresses going on yesterday, I ALMOST gave up! Yeah, can you believe it? Only at day 2! The reason was because my fridge and cupboards were completely bare. Wasn’t able to go to the market yesterday, as I mentioned previously, due to my car not working. So when it was dinner time and I was grabbing some leftovers for the kids out of the freezer..I was feeling like this is too hard….as I saw the frozen lentil soup and pumpkin soup in the fridge. OMG, I knew this was going to be a challenge but it wasn’t until yesterday – because of the lack of choices in the house – how much of a challenge it really is!

Thank goodness..I didn’t give up. I just put together whatever I could find in the fridge, which were: Cos lettuce, radish, cucumber, green pear & orange in a salad and also made myself a freshly squeezed OJ. I made sure that I sat down and chewed the food slowly, remembering the reason why I am doing this. That it’s not just about the counting the days, but about experiencing every day and moment.

Today, I finally was able do a big shop @ the market just at the shopping centre. It felt so good.  I have loved spending 80-90% of my shopping on fresh produce for the last few months. And I love that I am still doing this. I love that it has become part of my life and I couldn’t imagine our lives any other way. I loved seeing that all my market shopping today took up my whole kitchen bench! I think it is an achievement in itself, when I look at any fast food, or packaged food and simply get put off. I won’t say that I haven’t had packaged foods, I have – but I have made sure to read the labels and that has just become a habit now. If I don’t understand what’s in it… I don’t buy it or eat it :)


Day 3 Menu plan

Breakfast: Juice(mostly made up of leftovers in the fridge again: Carrots, green apple, lettuce, tomatoes, oranges, ginger & parsley)

Morning snack: Original Pulse(this is raw snack from Don Tolman) Banana & 1 small piece of date & coconut ball(again raw)

Lunch: Salad

Afternoon Snack: Fruit Smoothie/Trail mix of Nuts, seeds & organic dried raisins

Dinner: Huge Fruit Salad

Oh and I didn’t end up having to walk to the school to pick up my boys yesterday, as it was raining, I had a lovely lady at the school who was able to bring them home for me. So grateful for that. Today my car is fixed…with massive thanks to my husband, who slaved most of the night with our mechanic friend to fix it. Again, feel so grateful for that! So no workout happened yesterday, but I think I will count all the walking up and down and lifting that I had to do to empty out my wall unit in the lounge room – getting ready to paint the room and set it up for my home business :) Good news is that I woke up for my workout this morning though(after having a very restful sleep last night) – Circuit training for 30mins with Jeanette Jenkins and finished off with 35mins Yoga Melt with Jillian Michaels. Felt amazing :)

Although I am feeling a little tired now as I am still due to have my lunch, today I am feeling pretty good. No headaches. The detoxing is still being felt though – I hope that it finishes by tomorrow!

Wow, I can write! lol..I will leave this here for today and get myself that lunch….leaving with a quote:


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Day 2 of Operation Raw Pas

I woke up with a slight headache this morning…but all in all, I am feeling good.

I wanted to share what my daily menu is made up of, in case anyone ever stumbled across these blogs and wanted to take on the same challenge:

Day 1

Breakfast: Green juice

Morning snack: Banana/Blueberry pulse

Lunch: Left over salad from my daughter’s birthday, plus added some spinach, green apple with a squeeze of lemon/Chamomile tea

Afternoon Snack: Blueberry pulse/Trail mix of Nuts, seeds & organic dried raisins

Dinner: Fruit salad – made up of 1 kiwi fruit, 1 orange & 1 apple topped with sesame seeds

Lots of water and nothing to eat after 8pm(had the boys’ school concert last night, so there was not much time to eat after dinner – which was at 6pm)

I wasn’t planning to workout at all yesterday as I was feeling extremely tired and my back was killing me from the endless hours of standing on Saturday & Sunday…but in the end, I had car trouble and had no choice but to pick up my sons by walking to the school. Which is all good..just that the weather was not ideal but thankfully it held up for us. :)

Day 2

Breakfast: Green juice

Morning snack: Green juice/Blueberry pulse

Lunch: Spinach & mixed lettuce, cherry tomatoes with grated carrots, sprinkled with a little Himalayan salt and fresh lemon juice

Afternoon Snack: Blueberry pulse/Trail mix of Nuts, seeds & organic dried raisins

Dinner: Fruit Salad(which is still to be determined what it will consist of as I have yet to go shopping – missed out on the market this morning as my car is still playing up today!!)

It looks like I may have to walk to the school again today to pick up the boys since car is still out of action – some impromptu exercise again :) My plan was to wake up early for my workout this morning, but I was exhausted and really felt like I needed the rest, so listened to my body and what it was demanding :) But plan to get back to my routine tomorrow, as getting my workout out of the way, gives me so much more spare time for other things that I wish to get done throughout the day.

I also wanted to take  a pic of me at the beginning of this journey – just to see the benefits of raw food actually is apparent in my physicality, as well as my being.

I also took a few pics of myself in a dress that I bought quite a few years ago…before my third child. It’s a size 12 white Egyptian style long dress. The problem is not that I don’t fit in it, as I do, but it doesn’t flow just around my hips…its clings…gotta love those black hips and butt. lol. So I thought I would use this as a gauge as to whether or not I lose inches on this adventure. I will share these at the end of the 40 days :)

Physically I am still feeling a little bloated but that comes from the 2 days of really abusing my body – if I am to be truly honest with myself.

Emotionally I am feeling like I am still going through some form of detoxing…so getting back into the habit of reading my daily chapters from my meditation books and meditating is of utmost importance for me to bring some balance at the moment.

Spiritually, I am feeling a little lost and as with my emotional remedy – I feel like I need my gratitude journal, meditation and reading positive books and keep being inspired by others who are doing this out there


So I will leave this here as it’s almost time to go and pick up my sons and wanted to make sure that I get this blog entry out on time. They probably won’t be as long as this one daily – somedays, I feel like writing more than others :)

Thank you for reading. And as I say in my other blog – remember to take away what resonates with you. All this is purely my experience that I am sharing here with you…but all is about self-discovery when we undertake the experience ourselves :)

I will leave you with this:

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Day 1 of Operation Raw Pas

I decided last week that I wanted to take on a new challenge. After investigating the raw food lifestyle, I decided that I wanted to incorporate it into my lifestyle.

Why am I doing it?

Well, after incorporating juicing in my diet for the last two weeks and the amazing feeling that I have been experiencing in my mind, body and spirit – just from that simple change…I started to wonder what I  would feel like if this was all I put in my body – only raw fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds for at least 40 days?? And not doing for the sake of losing weight. If this comes with this experiment, then it’ll be a bonus but what I really truly would like to obtain from this challenge is an amazing control over my well being…automatically pouring out to amazing wellness in not only my body, but also my mind and spirit.

It will be a massive challenge, but I believe that I am up for it :) So this began Monday 17th of September and plan to complete it on Sunday 28th of October = 42 days technically(but it sounds better to say 40 Beyond that, if it becomes so natural that I can extend it and depending on how I am feeling(which I am sure will be fabulous) – it may just become my life!

I weighed myself today but making the promise to myself that I will only weigh myself again @ 20 days and on the 40th day. (this is itself is a massive challenge for a daily/weekly weigher)Bringing the experience to be one of growth through good nutrition, daily workouts & meditation, gratitude, reading, healing and raising my awareness in what my body is happy to receive. I also plan to blog here daily…record whatever is happening to me and whatever I feel is important to share. This will be my daily journal. If there is no time to update here, I will be sharing regularly on my twitter  account

After having my daughter’s 2nd birthday this weekend, there were a lot of less than favorable food/drinks choices. Nevertheless, I don’t regret it. It was  a long day and weekend, on my feet for many hours in the kitchen cooking up a storm for the family lunch, as well as some cupcakes for her birthday cake. But it was all worth it. Today, I am extremely tired and of course apart from this being because of how hectic the weekend was, this is also my body detoxing from all that I allowed it to consume over the weekend. It’s not as bad as all that , but enough to have my body screaming out “WTF!?” lol

I started writing this blog entry yesterday but didn’t have the time to complete it until this morning :)

Here is a quote to end:

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Date & Pecan Loaf Bread

Well, on the Macro wholefood market organic plain flour packet it’s actually called:

Apple, Date & pecan tea bread

(..but close enough!!! hehe

Cooking Time: 50-60mins

Oven Temp: 180 degrees

Serves: 14

What you will need:

  • 300g Organic plain flour
  • 2 tsp Baking powder
  • 2 tsp Ground cinnamon
  • 1 tsp Ground ginger or mixed spice
  • 125g Raw sugar(organic if you have it)
  • 1 green apple, cored
  • 150g of pitted Dates
  • 100g of Pecans
  • 2x free range eggs, lightly beaten
  • 60ml of light olive oil
  • 60ml Honey(organic if you have it)
  • 1 tsp of Vanilla essence


  1. Lightly grease a 22x11cm loaf tin
  2. Sift the organic plain flour, baking powder and spices in a large bowl and add the raw sugar
  3. Finely slice the apple, roughly chop the dates and the pecans and fold into the dry ingredients
  4. Combine the eggs, olive oil, honey & vanilla essence and slowly stir into the dry mixture
  5. Place the mixture into the prepared tin and bake for 50-60mins or until browned/cooked – test this with a skewer or fork
  6. Turn onto a wire rack to cool
  7. Slice and serve with or without some butter
  8. ENJOY :)
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It’s been a long time between posts!!!

Although I have been sharing recipes here, it’s been just over a month since my last update post on here.

WOW, where did the time go??

Well, the last time I was blogging about my 2 week detox before my niece’s 18th birthday. I didn’t totally follow that through…well, I did up until the day of her actual birthday, which was on Wednesday the 15th of August .. when all the celebratory eating and drinking began. Although, I was very disciplined with my workout regime during that time. But in the end, I was happy with what I had achieved during that time. I was focusing a lot on my arms and legs and hips for my workouts – which really helped to ensure that I fit in my size 10 black dress(as pictured). I was really happy with how I felt and looked for the party on the 18th of August.

But, truth be told – after that party – my exercise regime and healthy eating habits all went down the tube. I don’t know what happened exactly but it was like I completely gave up! Perhaps I pushed myself too much during those two weeks? Well, I decided to surrender to it for 2 weeks and only walked about 2-3 times a week where time permitted. I basically then took the time out to focus on other things that I had let lapse for a while – especially when I have to allow time for a workout everyday in the limited time that I have whilst my daughter is asleep. I did get a lot done in that week though! Although, I was eating more, 8 times out of 10, it was a healthy option! I wanted to blog about it at the time but felt too tired to do it most of the time. Mostly because I was busy with other stuff going on but also because I was just plain tired.

I found myself eating a lot of sugar during that time and actually observed myself a lot. I decided to see the whole thing as an experiment. I saw the effect that sugar was having on me. My mental stability and emotional stability were completely shot! I was a wreck. My attitude was really taking a beating and it was being demonstrated to the rest of my family. This really proved to me how much it is true what they say about sugar being the same as drugs. And the come down effects are so very similar! I knew I wasn’t going to be able to stay at this for long…by the second week of eating a lot more junk or sugar than I have been in the last 2 years – my body started to talk to me and tell me how much damage this was causing. That the experiment had its time and it was time to get back to where we were before.

One of the positives during this time though, is that I experimented with a lot of baking. Through that experiment, have been discovering many different alternative ingredients that can be used so that I can still enjoy this perk every now and then. I love baking and I am looking forward to baking cupcakes for my daughter’s 2nd birthday on Sunday :)

So since Monday 3rd of September, I have been back on an planned exercise regime and incorporating my healthy eating habits as well as experimenting with new ones!

I have found that I really need motivation to develop this whole thing into my lifestyle. So I have been watching a  lot of documentaries, reading blogs, reading books, watching you tube videos to keep myself informed and ensuring that I still have a high level of interest in mine and my family’s health!

After a long time coming, I really wanted to get into juicing a lot more. I don’t actually own one(I do have a food processor that doubles as a juicer, but really not the best and a pain to clean!!!)so I asked my sister if I could borrow hers for a while as she has one that she’s not been using for a year or two. It’s a Breville Juice Fountain. I am loving the experience! Because I have been wanting to incorporate more raw foods into my diet/lifestyle but I know that I wouldn’t eat it all, so I thought juicing would be the ideal way to ensure that I get the full benefits/nutrients that my fruits & vegies can give me. It’s just been an amazing experience. I don’t know how long I will find it amazing for, but I am enjoying every minute of it NOW. The feeling after drinking a fresh fruit & vegie juice is amazing! Beyond words. My energy levels are through the roof in the morning. I am not doing a juice fast or anything like that. I have just been incorporating it as part of my breakfast and/or snacks.

When juicing the green, it takes a little getting use to. But I just ensure that there is plenty of citrus fruits in it to help with the taste. I am pretty happy with the taste of it at the moment.  For a long time, I have heard and read about Kale, but finally yesterday, I was able to find it! I can’t believe it took me this much time to find it! I found it in a little market in a place where I don’t usually shop but decided to go there yesterday. I believe that it was expensive @ $5 for a bunch but I was determined to give it a try. I put this in my green juice today and I don’t know how it tastes on its own, but it was all good with my own little concoction :) I have been experimenting with juicing since last week – where I did so for 5 days, and today is my 2nd day for this week. I was really motivated to juice by this documentary – Sick, Fat & nearly dead . It says it all and I love being inspired by everyday people. The whole reason why I have this blog and my Facebook page Hungry for inspiration is inspired by the fact that I am an ordinary, everyday person – who is just looking to give myself and my family the best health! Since I have been motivated and inspired by those people, I think it’s my duty to inspire and motivate others too :)

Just reflecting – that when I decide to cleanse my body, where I purposely set out to cleanse it by changing what I put in it – I find that I am more motivated to make/cook amazing healthy foods and bring that enthusiasm to my family’s palate as well. I actually found, earlier in the year when I was doing the 28 day cleanse – what I cooked and prepared as meals for the family was with so much more love. This must be because I am loving myself more during the process of taking care of my body therefore, that love poured out when I was preparing their foods. I have found that when I am planning to eat the food, that my mindset can be so different. Depending on how I am feeling that day, the food could look and taste different because of my mood and the energy that I am pouring into it! That’s a very interesting observation!

Lately, I have been loving reading a lot, therefore been reading 3-4 books at a time. lol…basically a chapter a day from each book – otherwise I never get the chance to really get into my books.

One book that I have discovered on my raw foods research journey in the last 2 weeks is: 80/10/10 Diet by Douglas Graham. I read about this book a few times upon this journey and decided that I have come across it too many times to ignore it and finally bought it a couple of weeks ago. It came in the mail last week and it is one of the books that I am reading a few pages at a time each day. The main reason why it attracted me much more this time around was because of it promoting the raw food diet…which is something that I am slowly looking to incorporate in my lifestyle. Still in the early stages of the book but I hope to share more on my findings of this book over time.

I will stop here and I hope to share more here –  I always hope but it always depends on what time allows as well as what it is I feel like doing that day. So I will leave with a quote from 80/10/10 Diet:

“It is always better to correct a problem – to remove its cause – than it is to supplement or suppress it!”

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