Hungry For Inspiration Welcome and Motivation

I just wanted to extend a warm welcome to all our new friends on HungryForInspiration

We are growing much faster than I anticipated – which I am so happy about, because we can all contribute so much to each other’s lives, our journey – nothing like support on an adventure :)

Thank you for joining me on this amazing journey. A journey filled so far with wonder, adventure, good days and bad days, inspiration, support, encouragement and so much more.
My name is Pascale (or you can just call me Pas) and the reason why I started this page is in my About page. First and foremost, I am mother of 2 sons and 1 daughter. If anything, they are the ones that motivate me to be the best I can be. So I can be the best example and help them to shine in their lives in whatever way they choose to.
This is all a journey, an adventure. There is no wrong or right way – just discover ourselves through our physical beings, our minds and our spiritual beings. It’s all interlinked! Once we start to improve one aspect, the other just automatically follows suit! There will be methods that I do or adopt that you don’t or vice versa, but respecting each others choices and supporting one another is what it’s all about.

I am so excited to be sharing this journey with you all. Please feel free to browse, share, comment, like everyday, also remember the following to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything:

Facebook is changing again! Please be sure I show up on your news feed by following the steps below. I would love to keep us connected! :)

1. Go to the top of our page and find the “like” button (it will say “liked” if you already are a fan).

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3. Make sure that there is a check mark by where it says “show in news feed.” If there isn’t one, click on the option and one should pop up.

Most of all, if you are enjoying what you are receiving from this page -please share it with your family and friends whom you think would also benefit.

Love &

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An inspiring week

Last week was quite a turbulent week for me as I found it challenging to return to a regular diet(basically eating again).

I noticed many changes in my body, which was mainly retaining fluid(this would have been as a result of my drink fest a week ago. For the whole week, I found myself fighting many cravings. Thanks to the inspiring blogs and Facebook pages that I follow, I found myself back on track as soon as Tuesday. And also, thanks to myself – for listening to my inner guidance and following what my spirit needed so as to not binge and allow food to push down my emotions(which  I can so easily do).

For my week’s workout:

There was no exercise on Monday.

Tuesday was Zumba class with carmengetfit @ the local school hall(love that class and the instructor – she is so energetic and I love that we get to dance to Top 40 music!) = 60 mins

Wednesday, my daughter and I walked to the school and back with the boys = 45 mins walk

Thursday, the day started beautifully and my daughter & I were having such a great time spending time with each other, and also she didn’t look like she was going to bed anytime soon. So we rugged ourselves up and went for a 49 mins walk(with a stop at the park and the shops along the way)

Friday, I was feeling lazy but really wanted to push myself to do something(as walking was out of the question since it was raining and rather gloomy outside). So I somehow talked myself into doing a  54 mins yoga session with Shiva-Rea – OMG, it had been way too long. I love doing her method of yoga, it’s like meditating and exercising at the same time!

Saturday, after coming home from basketball for my son – got changed and did 30 mins of Week 3 Ripped in 30 with Jillian Michaels, followed by 20 mins yoga again with Shiva-Rea

Sunday was rest day.

So all in all, I am very happy with my fitness regime for last week.

The food intake was a little less favourable but really, I should be patting myself on the back because I am making so many more conscious choices and decisions as to what I put in my body!

My husband and I went out on Saturday night to a 50th birthday and I only drank about 3 glasses of red wine and that was all in 4 hours! So considering how I did the previous weekend, this was great for me.  I did pour myself a fourth but was hardly able to take a sip and ended up leaving it.The other great thing was that it was an organic Shiraz. I drank water and even our late night hunger was taken care of by a better choice than McDonald’s! I had a chicken burger with lettuce and mayo from the nearby Hamburger shop. Fresh chicken, none of this processed stuff. Was very proud of ourselves although I did feel bloated after the white hamburger bread.

No matter.

In the morning, as I expected, I had a bit of a headache from the red wine(even though I ensured to drink plenty of water before going to bed). I decided that I didn’t want to take care of it with paracetamol as it was very mild and controllable I felt – so I had a glass of the vital greens as I do most mornings as my probiotic and drank a big cup of chamomile tea, as well as a dash of Clarity aromatherapy essential oils on my temples. 20 mins later was perfect. Headache was gone and felt full of energy!

We ended the weekend with some treats yesterday but considering what I could have had, that was nothing…three small coconut almond fingers with 2 cups of tea. It was like allowing that treat before embarking on my new health adventure today. More about that in the next blog, for now, get this post up and get on with my workout and share more later!!!


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Coconut Date & Almond Balls

On my search for healthy snacks I can prepare myself, I discovered this awesome recipe. I tried them out on Friday as a test and all the kids loved them, as well as my hubby and sister. So today, I made a big batch to put in school lunches as snack :)

Coconut Date & Almond Balls


3 cups coarsely chopped dates

3 tsp of finely grated orange rind

2/3 cup blanched almonds, roasted

1 tbs of honey

1/4 tsp of Cardamom

1/4 cup dessicated coconut


Place all ingredients(except coconut), in large bowl. Mix to combine.

Using food processor, process mixture in batches until a paste is formed(as below)

Lightly wet hands and roll mixture into balls about 1 teaspoon in size.

Roll balls in coconut and store in air tight container. Store in fridge

End result is absolutely YUMMY .. great for a sweet treat :)

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Staying true to my basics…

One minute I feel like I have most of what I need worked out and the next minute, I am completely lost.

But today, I received the answer. Thanks to this amazing video that I watched, which I just need to share here, because it’s the best way of putting things into perspective that I have seen from anyone in a long time!

The most important things that I got out of this video – which was all just a reminder to follow my own path. To remember what I am being guided to do and to listen to myself and not everyone else! The shifts are definitely happening..that’s a no brainer. But I am figuring out that we decide how we move through these shifts – whether it is fully in our spirit or with our ego or both. Obviously the ego, will have to be part of the whole thing because the whole purpose of experiencing this life, is learning to rediscover ourselves through our ego’s lessons.

That is …hmm, in the words of my father..W O W!!!

After my experience last Friday – which can be read in detail at A thinspirational journey , and a few scenarios that has been shown to me that could have potentially made my situation that night so much worse…I am surrendering. Surrendering to the Divine good and choosing to follow the path that I knew I should have begun that night. But obviously, I needed to have things reaffirmed. As I always do.

My path has been shown to me clearly in the last few months – and although I am taking some of the very small necessary steps, there are bigger steps yet to take that I must take so that I can fully step into ME. It’s scary. Even just writing this here, it scares me. But I am also excited. Feeling empowered by it.  I am seeing a path. I am seeing ways to balance my life so that I can be what I need to be…in all aspects.

These are the things that  I need to remember in order for this to come to fruition(writing this for myself also, as a reference point when I am unsure what or where I should be):

Write things down as soon as they come to mind(which could result in daily blogging)

Daily entry in Gratitude journal

Daily meditation(even if only for 10 mins – this has lapsed in the last couple of weeks)

Daily yoga(even if only for 20 mins)

Daily affirmations

Daily inspirational reading(which is going well)

Planning some things ahead of time – like exercise, diet, time with kids, wealth creation exercises, etc..)

(This is not mine, for some reason mine didn’t want to upload here, so just accepting that I am not meant to share this yet!)

Looking at my Vision board daily – which sits on the wall opposite me at my desk as I am writing this – by doing that, I see the progress and I see what is to come – the anxiety is only FEAR which I am allowing my ego to grab a hold of me with – by doing all the above, this does subside and helps me to focus and be at peace within

Writing my blogs as I am now, from my heart and from my intuition

Connecting and Listening more to my inner voice

Staying true to my promise to being healthy and fit, in my body, mind and spirit


For now, these are what have helped me to be where I am now and I know that consistently doing these things will help me to grow…and most likely find some new ways along my journey.

I am glad that I got this out of  my head today – feeling de-cluttered already :)

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Did you know this about BROCCOLI?

Did you know that broccoli is:Image

  • a brain/nervous system food
  • contains the phytonutrients sulforaphane & the indoles which are amazing for taming down the cancer cells
  • a birth defect protector
  • a cardio-protective vegetable
  • an immune system booster
  • balances out blood pressure
  • cancer protection
  • cataract prevention
  • closes down prostate cancer
  • crushes colon cancer
  • improves heart health
  • keeps vision keen
  • lowers lung cancer risk
  • no breast cancer
  • protection from Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • protection from ulcers
  • stronger bones


  • A member of the cabbage family
  • Closely related to the cauliflower
  • Originated in Italy – known as ‘broccolo’
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A welcomed hiccup on my journey…

I feel like I need to share about this and basically get it out of my head so that I don’t make it out to be a bigger thing than what it was.

Basically to cut a long story short, I did fall off the wagon on Friday night. And terribly so, as I went out and drank the same amount I would have drunk prior to the cleanse. BIG MISTAKE! That was only the first mistake. The other is that I forgot that by drinking, I was opened to so many energies around me that I was just completely absorbing after I had also been cleansing myself spiritually during the cleanse. Suffice to say, it was a short night and I think that says it all.

Why am I sharing this exactly?

Well, because I have to believe that I am not the only one that does these things. I can’t be the only one that does stupid things, things to sabotage my own progress – or finds myself having to teach myself lessons the hardest way possible. So I guess I am sharing this, putting out there, not only to help me to process it all, but also for anyone else that may be in this situation at one point and need to know that they are not alone. That there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Often, when I am down and out and yes, sometimes over thinking things – I come to the computer and look for inspiration. And what I am looking for always finds me. This time, I wanted to be my own inspiration. This is something that I wanted to do since I began this blog, and that is to lay it all out there on the line. To be honest and to use this blog as a way of documenting my journey. Basically, going back to the REAL PAS, with my heart on my sleeve, but still exercising my street smarts that I have picked up along the way.

The health journey is not just about what you put in your body, it’s also about what you put in your mind and in your spirit.

From this experience on Friday, instead of going into the lull of feeling sorry for myself and basically hiding from the world and hope it all goes away…which is what I usually would do. I found myself just wanting to face it all, no matter how bad it is! Just own it and go through it! I won’t admit that the anxiety levels are still there but I am not hiding. I basically said to my ego, “Well you won this time and I did allow it! But this will only be short lived, as I know that I have control – I know where I want to be and who I want to be – I know who I really am…this was not me, not the REAL ME!” How I picked myself up yesterday – it was like the whole experience, as unpleasant as it was physically, was a way to show me how far I have really come! WOW, as I am writing this I am getting goose bumps because I knew that this was a year of massive change for me, but it’s just dawning on me right now how truly MASSIVE it is!!!

I have changed in so many ways…and GOSH, I know that there is still so much more to come, but really what a revelation this is for me. And that lull that I would have gone into, I managed to turn it around and use the energy and pour it into something positive, like this blog and the FB page:, as well as other things that I’ve had going round and round in my head for the last year, and more prominently in the last 3 months…voicing what I need to do and now taking steps to put it into action.

There are some decisions that I am making with this experience and using the words of a very wise friend of mine, if a decision needs to be made, then it’s likely that it’ll be the hard road – and that hard road is usually the right road, if it was to be easy, we would just do it and there would be no decision to make! Hmm, I am just realising now how powerful those words really were for me, if only they knew how much they helped me :)

I am feeling so grateful right now…I am actually grateful for this happening to me this weekend! And I am seeing that through that experience, as I am pushing through, so much of the REAL ME is shining through. I read so much stuff everyday, so many of other people’s experiences and keep wondering when these kinds of feelings, revelations will happen to me. Well, now that I am standing up and paying attention, I can see that the process is actually happening to me. Why? Because I am allowing it to happen. No, it doesn’t mean that I am suddenly enlightened…far from it! But I am on the road, no matter how long that road is, and wherever it takes me, I will keep travelling. I am grateful for all that surrounds me spiritually and for my amazing family and friends.

Thank you for allowing me to vent and like I said, putting this out there may help someone, but for now, it’s helping me :)

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Completion of Master Cleanse

I haven’t had the time to sit down and write about my experience for a while now as I have been busy with my new health page:

I have been doing a lot of research via pages and through my own references for the last 2 weeks and thinking about things that I wish to share there via this blog also. It’s something that I have been wanting to do for a long time. Not to teach others as much as to learn! As I research and share, I am discovering many new things that I want to implement in my lifestyle.

Being on the Master cleanse(consisting of detox, cleanse and fasting) for 28 days, really helped me to put things in perspective. I know where I want to be and what I want to do, the trick now is to follow through.

The last week of the Master cleanse was the toughest for me as it ran into Mother’s day weekend. Although, I had already planned to eat on that Sunday. I was taken out by my family to a lovely local cafe and I had my first meal in 3 weeks which was: a smoked salmon salad with avocado. It was delicious. So I had put the pulse adventure on hold until dinner that night. Since coming off the fast and the fact that it is that time of the month, I found myself wanting to eat everything. I have been seeing and feeling myself spiraling down to a scarcity mentality. A deprivation mentality. Like I would like to devour everything that I haven’t had for the last 28 days.

The one thing that I noticed in the last week of the Master cleanse is even after 2 weeks of fasting/detoxing, whilst on the Pulse adventure, I was going through yet another detox. As I mentioned, part of it was because of my monthly’s but also my body was going through another purge of detoxing. I found it quite amazing! A lot of emotions started to come up and I am still having to deal with these emotions now and I guess now that I am eating again(but ensuring that I am sticking to the healthiest foods), I am finding that I am looking for comfort in food.

Since being on this health adventure, my pantry or fridge has nothing but raw foods and fresh foods(much to my kids’ dismay at the moment) – so the foods that I had to search for comfort in were prunes, raw cashews, raw almonds, etc. So in that way it has been good. One thing that I have been craving for the last week has been cheese! OMG..I just want to eat cheese, sliced cheese, melted cheese, grated cheese…just cheese! I have never wanted cheese so much in my life. lol Luckily, there’s not too much of this in the house either at the moment.

I did go to my sister in law’s house yesterday and she did make a beautiful cafe style sandwich of roast chicken, avocado and cheese on multigrain! It was so yummy. Delicious. The only thing was that I haven’t had bread for the last 30 or so days, so the bread did make me feel extremely heavy and way too grounded! I suppose instead of kicking myself at the moment, I should really be taking this in my stride and taking in the differences that these foods that I have decided to leave behind and how they affect me, my emotions and my body.

The new section in our local Shopping centre opened yesterday, and so after I left my sister in law’s, I drove there. Parked the car, and walked to the school from there to pick up my boys(had to get some form of exercise in for the day) which is about 1.5km walk. Picked them up, walked back to the shopping centre and went to visit the new section. Whilst there, I really wanted to treat the boys to something that they haven’t had for a long time. We went to Donut King. Initially I was thinking to buy them donuts but then saw that they had milkshakes and smoothies and thought these would be a better option that they donuts. So we had a milkshake each, my youngest had a thickshake which he couldn’t finish and my eldest son and I ended up finishing it. More dairy! This feels like some kind of drug relapse, I just want dairy! Cheese and milk! This whole experience is really helping me to see how addictive the foods that I am surrounded by are. When most of what is around is what you need to resist, it certainly makes it a MASSIVE CHALLENGE!!!

I did have cheese again last night with my dinner(which was pumpkin soup) and then went to bed @ 10pm as I was extremely tired and frustrated. Tired from the day and probably from what I put in my body and frustrated with myself for giving in to these things that I craved. I know that it’s all an experience and a chance to learn, but when you are going through it, it’s often difficult to see things clearly.

Today is a brand new day and I plan to start again. This week did not really have anything concrete in place for me to follow, except for soups, fruits & vegies.  I have gone off track a little, but I am sure that it is all for a reason. Like I said, many emotions have been coming up and I know that I am searching for comfort foods and I guess that explains the dairy cravings! Coming up with my own answers as I write this. Thank God for my Gratitude journal that I write in everyday, this keeps me sane. I will post more about this, but on my other blog @:

For now, it’s time to go and get my kids up and get lunches ready for school…hope to share more at another time…meantime, I am glad that I wrote this and got a chance to vent, empty out my brain from so much clutter. :)

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Did you know this about BLUEBERRIES?

Did you know that Blueberries:

  • are a brain/nervous system food
  • help protects the brain from oxidation stress
  • reduces the effects of age-related conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia
  • as part of your diet can improve both the learning capacity and motor skills of the aging
  • can act as an unusual type of pro-biotic by blocking attachment of bacteria that cause urinary tract infections
  • contains chemicals that curb diarrhea
  • has a viral activity
  • are high in natural aspirin
  • improves vision
  • clears your arteries
  • strengthens your blood vessels
  • promotes weight control


  • Native to North America. Rarely found in Europe and only been in Australia for a few short years
  • They are the fruits of a shrub that belong to the Heath family


Source: Don Tolman FDR 2-3

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Does it make me less spiritual?

This line from 2Pac’s Ghetto Gospel triggered this post in my mind over the weekend, one I have been wanting to write for a while:

But am I less holy
’cause I choose to puff a blunt and drink a beer with my homies

It got me to thinking how many preconceptions of a spiritual person that we all have.

How many judgements are placed on a person who decides to follow a spiritual path.

And what is most amazing still, is the look  that come from the people that you are the closest to and least expect to be judged by.

Maybe it’s the beliefs that we’ve been brought up in and religions that we have been raised up with, but there is always that first judgement of, “What makes you so special?”

We have all thought it and I will be the first to admit it – it’s our ego, it can’t help itself!

Meanwhile, here’s a person, doing their best to find the best path to share what’s in their heart, whilst having to deal with people who have this pre-conception that in order to be spiritual, you have to be holier than the holy!

I read this not so long ago on someone’s blog, where they basically said that they had enough of anything spiritual as there were just too many rules! And I totally agree. It’s seems to have more rules built around it than just living life…but I think that we are the ones that complicate spirituality. More and more I am seeing that the best thing to do is find up to 7 things/rules that you know that you can live by everyday and do that. Just that. Nothing else. Forget about everyone else and their opinion of what you should be doing, what you shouldn’t be doing etc.. Just do what feels right for you!

I am still figuring out exactly what those 7 things are for me as I walk along my journey but I know them when I find that it is not a chore for me to do it! When it comes easily and nothing can stop me from doing it on a daily basis. I do plan to share them at some stage.

So what are the things that makes a person less spiritual in your eyes?

Is it because they drink?

Is it because they go out and have a good time?

Is it because they dress sexily?

Is it because they like sex?

Is it because they do drugs?

Is it because they aren’t as calm as they could be?

Is it because they are stressed?

More and more, as I embark on this journey, I am seeing that the more that I run away from my ego, the more it comes back to bite me in the ass! The answer that is clearer to me now, more than ever – is that in order to find the light, there is a certain need to embrace the darkness…within reason of course.There are some rules that are a no brainer – like respecting another human being, doing unto others, etc, etc… I am referring more to things like, aspects of ourselves that we want to ignore and run away from…such as being dominant, manipulative, vain, etc, etc. Whether we like it or not, these are all aspects that each and every one of us have in ourselves. Some more prominent than others..some dying to come out and some just linger in the background but never need to be brought out. The ones that we need to address and embrace are the ones that come up in our daily lives…they are the ones that will shine the light on our path! So long as my intention is to free the light within and let it shine by embracing my ego, does that make me less spiritual?

Thanks for allowing me to vent …thanks for reading :)


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Did you know this about APPLES….

Did you know that Apples:

  • keep the Cut, Burn & Poison pushing Doctors away
  • protects and heals every body system, every organ & function and cells in our body
  • contain a long list of phyto(plant) nutrients that function as protector/inhibitors(antioxidants) and support our heart health in this way
  • nutrients are mostly in the skin
  • give you around 4gms of dietary fibre in a medium-sized serve, which includes insoluble fibre(cellulose), & soluble fibre(pectins)
  • cushions joints
  • blocks diarrhea
  • improves lung capacity
  • prevents constipation
  • slows aging process


  • Apple is a member of the rose family
  • There are many many different apples all over the world: Red Delicious, Jonathan, Granny Smith, Braeburn, Bonza, Pink Lady, Golden Delicious, Fuji, Gala are but a few of the many :)
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Did you know this about ALMONDS….


Did you know that Almonds:

  • are considered to be a brain/nervous system food
  • increases blood supply to the brain
  • nutrients target the emotions & other functions of the brain
  • are a good source of dietary fibre
  • have heart-healthy monounsaturated fat and assist in losing weight
  • have high-quality protein
  • lowers  LDL cholesterol & reduce risks of heart disease
  • contain Manganese, Copper & Riboflavin – which produce more energy
  • promote Colon health
  • helps prevent Gallstones
  • reduces inflammation of blood vessels
  • Almonds are technically the seed of the fruit of the almond tree – which is a medium-sized tree, bearing fragrant pink & white flowers.
  • Its cousins, the peach, cherry & apricot trees, bear fruits with stone-like seeds or pits within. The seed of the almond tree is what we refer to as nut
  • The sweet almonds are the ones eaten, which can be purchased either in or out of the shells
  • The bitter almonds are used to make almond oil
  • are thought to have originated in Western Asia & North Africa regions








Source: Don Tolman’s FDR #2 & #3


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Day 24 – Take 2


Why Take 2, because I started typing this before and lost it all.


Day 24 of 28 day fast/cleanse

Day 10 of 14 day Pulse Adventure

Basically I just feel that I want to write in here and let out some things that are in my head at the moment and hopefully give it some room to breathe!

This morning, I was reading another person’s blog, not on here but on the WW community…and was reading one of her posts where she’s been feeling stuck as her weight has not shifted for 28 weeks! I could completely relate as I was stuck on the same weight for about 4 months, until I made recent changes. These  changes have been drastic but that is how things work with me. If I don’t make drastic changes, things don’t change. If I don’t step out of my comfort zone, I feel miserable. And I know that there is so many more things that I need to do this with in my life, but at the moment, I figure that this is a baby step,  if you will. Even though it all feels like a giant step!

What I shared with her is that maybe this is something that she needs to do also, something out of her comfort zone, to give her body the boost it needs to move the weight. But before doing that, it’s important to change the mindset. Before embarking on this whole adventure for the last 24 days, I had to get my mind in the right frame and grab on to that determination. Not just hold on to it, but pull it in, until it has become a part of me. This whole adventure has shown me just what I am capable of doing when I put my mind  to it. And my focus also had to change!

ImageIf you read my past posts, you see the pattern of how obsessed I was with the number on the scale. Now I am not going to lie and say that it’s not the case anymore, the obsession is still there a little. But I have shifted the reason why I wanted to do this detox/fast/cleanse. I kept hearing all people that have lost weight saying it…watching Biggest Loser for years and other shows, blogs always say the same thing, but I never understood it as more than just words. Now I am living it! I am so focused and embracing the change for not just me, but for my family.

After watching Hungry for change…I saw it as a warning for not just me, but for my children. If I am going to make a change, it has to be NOW. And I need to be the example in order for them to accept that change.

ImageSo my focus has now become HEALTH!

I started this wanting to rid my body of all toxins that I have been purposely putting into it, such as alcohol(granted,this is my choice – moderation is my next challenge to undertake!), medications, junk food, and lots of others that I didn’t even know was affecting me, until I stood up and paid attention. Toiletry products that have aluminium, SLS, parabens and many others also had me standing up and paying more attention. Since I had my daughter and been home with more time to read and research, becoming more and more aware meant that changes had to be made. I could NOT plead ignorance anymore, no matter how much I wanted to!!! Also after my operation a few months ago, all the anesthesia, aspirin and antibiotics that was pumped into my body was quite astronomical and  I could feel it all draining the life out of my body.

After 2 weeks of Lemon Detox, then 2 weeks of nothing but wholefoods diet(as per Pulse adventure), I have no shame in saying that with  a combination of the detox/cleanse and the colon cleanse,  my body is grateful! I have 4 more days of the Pulse adventure to go(not counting today).

I won’t lie, I’ve had some great days and some not so great days. For the past week, I have been craving chicken! But I haven’t given in! I know that there will come a time soon that I will be able to eat it, so that is what is partly helping me to stay on track. I know that giving in to it will only have me kicking myself. For Mother’s Day, I plan to eat Lunch with my family, so I will have a small break from this and extend it to the Monday. My plan is to eat mostly raw foods such as salads and possibly salmon :) I know that I just need to take it easy and listen to my body on the day.


(Front view – The difference in a year!)

Regarding my weight, this has been quite slow and steady since being on the pulse adventure I have exchanged 1.2kgs in 10 days. This must take into account that I have been doing harder workouts than the 2 previous weeks and weights as well :) So I am happy with the results, as in my mind & spirit, I feel fantastic. And my body is reflecting all that! Seeing so many changes in my clothes…that has just been astronomical. I fit in everything that I had hoped to since the beginning of this journey. I really needed a new clothes goal and I have one now – an egyptian looking white dress that I bought 2 years ago. It’s quite tight fitting at the moment, so the goal is to have it look flowy on me. No time frame. That’ll just be my goal – it may be around the same time that I reach within my healthy BMI of  22.45 :)


(Side view – The difference in a year!)

And lastly, because I really need to get off here and have a shower lol – I had my last colon cleanse yesterday – as part of the 3 package. After this I am doing a 6 weekly maintenance, and perhaps longer if need be. In this last cleanse, I felt the full advantage of it with some more tips that were given to me to help clear out more “stuff”. I found that by focusing on something that I wanted to clear out of my life, the more I released. This time, it was fear for me and all I can say is that I had a very flat stomach after that session HAHAHA!! Don’t know that it dispelled it all, but it was certainly a start. Perhaps part of the next journey that I undertake :)

So I will leave with my affirmation for today:

“I am willing to let go! I am free to create that which is meaningful to me!”

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Taking the plunge and putting myself out there….


After months of thinking about doing it, I have finally taken the plunge and started a health page on Facebook:

The reason why it had taken me so long to do it was because I was not able to find a name for the page. So yes, the name is partly inspired by what inspired me to embark on this journey, Hungry for Change. What I wish to do is share what inspires me daily in ways of quotes that motivate me, workouts that I use and found effective, new recipes to integrate in my new healthy journey, and any information I feel should be shared with the world about our health by others that inspire me such as Don Tolman, Jillian Michaels, Billy Blanks, etc…

Very excited :)

I don’t profess to be any kind of expert on health. This is not what the page is about or this blog. This is me, putting myself out there and sharing the information that is inspiring me and my family to be on this journey. I am only an expert when it comes to my body and you are an expert when it comes to your own body. Only you know what is right for you, Only I know what is right for me…but we can all learn from one another. I subscribe to many other blogs that inspire me everyday … but what works for them may not necessarily work for me.  There are experiences that others have that I find interesting to read about, just like I may share something here that has peaked your interest for a while and what I post may help you to make a decision as to whether you will go ahead with this.

I am also looking forward to at times sharing video blogs – this is another step into being out of my comfort zone. These small steps that I am taking right now within myself, I know will help me with grander things to come.

I am looking forward to sharing on this page and I will also have links to my blog posts. So please come join me on Facebook by clicking above link :)

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