Dancing & boxing my way to a healthy exchange!

WOW..It has been a while since I posted!

Life has been soooo incredibly busy that I am having to purposely set aside for time with my thoughts and reflection of my exchanges. I have so many blogs written in my mind – and time will need to be allocated to write them for you all to read.

So firstly, I thought I would start with my WI in the last two weeks.

Week Ending 19/5/2011


I was very happy with that after an STS the week before.

Did I do anything differently? Mainly I changed my exercise plan to include at least 3x a week of Tae-Bo s well as dancing sessions like Zumba,  Wii  JD#2 & MOS Pump it up & Burn it dvd. Doing these have given me a massive amount of activity points! I earnt a massive 53 activity points that week. And this gave me the incentive to make the next week even bigger.

Other than the exercise plan, I also planned my meals ahead in the planner. And I tell you what, it helps immensely to know what you’re gonna eat for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner and having the remaining points to play around with for snacks. Quite liberating I found.

Although, I had written a couple of blog entries ago that I would measure myself again on this day, I decided to leave it for the following week and accept the measurements for what they were at the TOM.

What was I grateful for in this week?

  • I have to say the momentum in my exercise
  • My willpower(something I have always said that I don’t have, but I am amazing myself more and more each day with how much I can do)
  • Billy Blanks
  • Friends on the community

Probably could list so many more, but you get the idea :)

Week Ending 26/5/2011


I was totally amazed when I saw the results on the scale. Don’t get me wrong, I knew how hard I had been working, but didn’t expect to see such amazing results, so quickly! This week I earnt 90 activity points! No wonder! lol. This was again, lots of dancing, tae-bo, ministry of sound(MOS), Wii JD#2.

This was also the week I went and gave a bootcamp class a go with a friend of mine.  I was so terrified about going to that class. I was sooo close to not going at all as I was suppose to go with my sister, but she pulled out at the last minute…and if it wasn’t for my husband pushing me and telling me to just go and get outta my comfort zone, I would’ve stayed home, feeling like crap. So I took a deep breath, got in the car and drove there…met up with my friend and once we got started, about 10mins into it, I had the biggest smile on my face. Why, you ask? Because I was proud of myself, for having gone out of my comfort zone by going to the class alone and allowing me the chance to meet new people and have a different kinda workout from just staying home and having my instructor on a screen :)

I love the class. And right after, was her Zumba class which I enjoyed immensely also. My plan is to incorporate this in my weekly workout, every Tuesday evenings – although I won’t be able to go this week as my husband has something on that night.

What was I grateful this particular week?

  • Firstly that I stuck to my exercise plan and food plan
  • Planned quite well for outings and ensured that I counted everything
  • That I stepped out of my comfort zone and went to the Bootcamp/Zumba class
  • I am finding FIT Pas all over again(She is the one that helps my metabolism to stay high and eat what I wish at the same time as exchange the kilos for my health via exercise)

My measurements were also amazing:

ARMS : -1cm;

 HIPS: -1cm;  

Waist: -3.9cms;



Well I am going to have to leave this post here, as it is 1.08am and sleep is overtaking me. I hope to write these other entries that I have rustling around in my mind very soon.

Thanks for taking the time out to read my thoughts and reflections :)

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when you’re Tempted to Indulge in Low-Energy Thoughts” ~PD

(This is actually a Wayne Dyer quote which I tweaked a little)

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Transferring to new blog

Well I decided to leave the WW blog nest and actually use this not so new blog that I have had sitting here for years instead. Mainly because this  blogs allow more room to write…whereas the WW blog only allows 4000 words. There are days that I just feel like writing and writing and  having that limit really interrupts my flow.

Thanks to Aimee(bubba-licious) for leading by example and pushing me to do this when I had it in mind to do for a while but was just being my usual procrastinator self! lol So I will be only posting introduction on my WW blog with link to this blog for full read.

So I would love you all to come and follow me on my new blog.

This is also my opportunity to thank you all for your amazing support and always such encouraging comments and advice. You all play such an important part on my thinspirational journey..more than you realise :) So thank you again.xxx

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12 May 2011 – Moving into Week 11 with an STS


Post Image

This morning I have been searching for inspiration..anything so that I pull myself up from the downward spiral that I could feel pulling me down.

It’s so challenging to accept an STS after all the work that I know that I have put in!
At the same time, there are other factors at play here – like it’s the 1st day of TOM and I am more bloated than normal…hence why I am making today my rest day, as there is no way that I could do a workout.On the other hand, I know that the effort that I put in will reflect next WI(providing that I stay on top of it with eating right & exercising)

There’s a fight between my mind and my body right now.
My mind is saying, “Come on Pas, just do it!”
My body is replying with, “Pas, be gentle with me, I need the rest today so you can have better workout days ahead!”
So I am doing my best to listen to my body and not feel guilty for having a rest.

I know that you’re all going to say, “At least it wasn’t a gain!” Yes, I know! That’s what I keep telling myself too. And I do admit that I am feeling lighter in my body and in my skin….well, beyond the bloating! I can feel the difference of changing my exercise plan is working! I know that I just need to keep moving forward. I think I am feeling a little low because I can’t put that into action straight away today….well, have chosen to anyway.

Today was my measuring week(I do this every 2 weeks now)…And there are definitely huge improvements on my waist & on my hips…but this will be the last time that I measure myself on first day of TOM because the tape does reflect the bloating too. So I decided that I will measure myself again next week :) I know, I know, I should’ve just kept away from the measuring tape, but hey, we live and learn, as they say!

I do have one positive share though – on Mother’s day on Sunday, to go out to Pancake parlour for breakfast, I wore my size 12 jeans that I bought years ago from Millers(the one I referred to one of my past blogs – that I believe is actually a size 14). I was able to button it up and although it is still a little tight, I could sit with it buttoned up and eat too(although by the end of the day after having a Muffin break muffin, I did have to unbutton it). I felt great in it …I wore it with a top that’s also size 12 that I haven’t worn for over 12 months along with a long black jacket…apart from being very cold that day, it was also to hide the bulges that I would prefer not to blind everyone with!lol. But it felt good to wear them…

Upon reflection for the past week or so, I have realised that I this time around on my road to better health journey, I seem to have to force myself in a way, to enjoy the milestones along the way – like fitting in to clothes or my face getting smaller, etc… Some days are easier than others. The last time I was on this journey which was about 5 years ago- it was the first time I was exchanging health for what seemed like so many kilos that I had piled on. I was doing it a lot slower and I had my sister on travelling the road with me as support to each other. The last time I had many big clothes that I replaced with smaller clothes along the way…it was much more exciting, so it seems. This time, I have a wardrobe full of size 12 & Medium clothes(It’s what I had been for 2-3years before falling pregnant), waiting to be worn. I can’t justify buying new clothes right now! I have a small pile of clothes that fit me at, which I rotate to wear everyday. Sometimes, just the fact that I am still wearing these clothes(even though they are much looser on me than 4 months ago!!!), is discouraging. I feel like I have such a wide range of clothes but I can’t even wear them!
Out of my mind and into words to help me release them by sharing it with you all. I WILL get back on track, today is just ONE OF THOSE DAYS!

“No matter what’s been happening in ur life, U can change the trajectory of events, by closing ur eyes, reviewing ur thoughts & behaviour & send love.

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6 May 2011 – Supplements


Post Image

I went to my Naturopath on Friday, and told her what’s been happening and this is now my supplements intake daily – with some additional benefits information that I thought would be good to share here:

Tackling health issues:

  • Vitamin C(recommended to always have this as part of my diet(other than foods that contain it) – 2 in the morning)

Not only is Vitamin C great for the common cold & immunity, but did you know that it is also a powerful & effective antioxidant, been shown to lower blood pressure, lessens hypertension, provides proper dilation of blood vessels, lowers your blood lead levels, and helps fight cataract by increasing the amount of blood flow to the eye? Well I certainly didn’t – I have only ever used it for the first 2 benefits.

  • Hawthorn tea or Red Clover tea(at least 3 times a day)

Hawthorn tea is a heart tonic.The herb is used to improve cardiovascular function by increasing blood supply to the heart, reduces resistance in arteries & improves extremity circulation. I have been advised to drink this heavily infused(strong) – I drink this after lunch & dinner.

Red Clover tea may help with premenstrual symptoms, reduce bad cholesterol levels, may help in the flow of blood to the arteries & veins and help with inflammation & infection. I drink this as my morning tea instead of regular tea with breakfast.

Tackling migraines and hormone related symptoms:

  • Omega 3(1 tablet x 3 times a day)

This little tablet has a lot of health benefits ranging from cardiovascular to pregnancy to diabetes to improving ones mental health from such things as depression, bipolar, alzheimer’s, etc…

  • Magnesium fibroplex(1tsp Morning & Lunch in water or juice)

Helps with migraines, muscular pain, cramps & weakness, fatigue, stress & blood sugar maintenance.

  • Mixed herbs(including Hawthorn – 7.5ml 2x daily with water)

I tell you what it tastes disgusting but you do get used to the taste after a while ..just have to drink it very fast! lol This is to help regulate my hormones and moods after having another baby. Helping to bring my mind & body back into balance.

So there you have it, my cocktails of supplements everyday. I have devised a plan near all of these but I am pretty much use to it already and slowly feeling the benefits. She did tell me that it would take approximately 2 weeks for me to see clear results.

Some Louise Hay affirmations to finish off this post:

I care enough for my body to nourish myself with all the best that life has to offer
I learn about nutrition because I am a precious being, and I want to take the best care of myself.
My body is special – different from all other bodies; therefore, I learn the things my body assimilates the best.
I learn everything I can about food & beverages.
I pay attention to what I eat & drink and notice if something does not seem to agree with me.
If I have something to eat and an hour later I fall asleep, I realize that the particular food is not good for my body at this time. 
I search out the foods that renew my cell and give me good energy. 
I bless all my food with love & gratitude.
I am nurtured & nourished. 
I feel healthy, happy & energized.

“I nourish myself each and everyday day and take loving care of my body now.”

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6 May 2011 – Rolling out of Week 9 into Week 10


Post ImageI can’t believe that it’s been 9 weeks already since I have been on WW!!!
I am really ecstatic with my results so far on this journey:
Today’s WI = 1.5kg exchanged for my health
Activity points earned this week = 47 (my biggest yet and only ate into them on Sat night)
Exchanged to date(from 10/1/2011) =13kgs
Cms exchanged to date = 32cms

So I made up for last week’s gain and topped it up with this week’s exchange of 1kg. I was so determined to turn that figure around. What motivated me the most last week was having my hubby home – so I was doing my normal DVD workouts and then walking with him to pick up the boys after school as the weather was permitting! This week, I think I only was able to do that on Tuesday, after that, it’s just been getting too cold for bubs. I know I can rug her up and everything, just don’t have the heart to do it. She just lays there and feels that wind on her whilst I am getting warm by walking. Anyway, that’s how I am feeling right now but I may change my mind if I am motivated enough to do it :)

Basically, that is what I did differently – I upped my workouts by another 40-60mins a day. But in a smart way. Not by doing everything in one session. I do my workout dvd in the morning, then if weather permits, walk to pick up boys in the afternoon, then later on the evening jump on the Wii Just Dance 2 and sweat it out whilst having a boogie! Just got this last week after it was recommended by my bro. I am so glad that I did. I am having loads of fun doing it. There’s a Just sweat section – which you can begin with a mild program = 1 song a day, tough program = 3 songs a day or Advanced program = 6 songs a day. Mild was just too easy..so quickly moved on to tough and now I am already feeling ready for Advanced. It has a lot of songs that I love or that are simply great to listen to. Anyway, I have found my other form of exercise which doesn’t feel at all like exercise but by God does it make me sweat! It’s great!!! I had set up a 6 week workout plan which I am doing the last of that cycle next week and beginning a new one the week after(which will see the workouts stepped up again).

Another thing is that my scales seem to be more stable and in sync now. I weigh myself on both the rotary one and the digital one for the decimal.

Also my motivation for this week definitely came from meeting a few of the lovely ladies on the Melbourne-ites group. A couple I often chat to and others were completely new. We had coffee(well I had chamomile tea) at a cafe in the city from 2-4.30ish. It was amazing to meet so many inspirational women. No matter what stage everyone is, everyone contributed something of inspiration to me. I was on a high after the meet up and I rode that all this week. lol I mean can you imagine the momentum of exchanges if we were to meet more often to support another…the dynamics are just not the same as going to meetings. Then came today, where I was totally tired after a week of intense working out. But I listened to my body, took a 1.5hr nap instead of doing my planned aerobics and later on jumped on the Wii for 30mins of dancing :) My body was grateful and I felt like it was rewarding to have that much needed rest. To be honest, it’s more my mind that has me so tired because my head has been filled with so much crap lately and I think that my sleeps haven’t been as restful as they should be.

I will update on my health in another blog after this one, so meanwhile my gratitude list for the last 2 weeks as I didn’t have one last week:

  • 1.5kg exchange this week – what a mighty effort on my part
  • Feeling that energy wave of change and riding it to my advantage :)
  • Resting when necessary
  • Meeting with the Melbourne girls on Sunday
  • Looking at my gain in a positive aspect and taking charge to make the necessary changes this week
  • Meeting new people and connecting with more people on here
  • Stepping up my exercise plan
  • Taking affirmative action on other fronts towards my health

“What U do today, can improve ALL ur 2moros!”

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28 April 2011 – The inevitable gain has finally happened….


Post Image
…it was bound to! I mean really, I have been pushing my boundaries for a couple of weeks now! Some may see this as an excuse but I have to say that it has been an emotional roller-coaster for me the last two weeks and because of that, I have to say that I am proud of myself for not allowing it to be worse than a 500g gain!

Apart from the fact that it was Easter weekend – and I have to say that I was quite great with all the planning…until dinner at my sister’s on Tuesday night – that was the push over my allowance pps. Just went crazy eating salty/spicy foods and drank 3 wines! I also had my niece’s dessert that she made – something that I usually make and had to taste what hers was like. lol. The thing is I knew that by Tuesday night, I was falling back into emotional eating. Isn’t that an achievement? I could actually see myself doing it and stopped myself! Remembering how I will feel afterwards if I was to keep going(and believe me, I could’ve kept going on my binge). There was a lot of self talk going on this weekend – telling myself that I would rather keep the feeling of gaining my health and slimming body than the feeling of utter disappointment after binging.

You’re probably wondering why I allowed the emotional eating to even TRY to rear its ugly head in my plan… well, as you all know from my last post about my health update, I will eventually be making a decision about what I should be doing about this aneurysm. I think the worse thing about that week was that I had held back on telling my sister about it and that was cutting me up inside as her and I tell each other everything! Although I had noted that I would tell her in my last post – I decided to wait until she was done with the Run 4 kids and allowed her to bask in her achievement. Then, just when I was thinking about making a time to talk to her about it all, she calls me to tell me about my 47 year old cousin in Mauritius who had a massive asthma attack, she ended up going into cardiac arrest at the hospital and went in a coma! I don’t recall exact dates as such – but it all started on the 13th of April – cardiac arrest was around 4 days later. She seemed to be responding to medication in between but never gained consciousness – she finally passed away on the morning of Saturday 23rd of April.

Even as I type this, it send shivers down my body. I still can’t believe she’s gone! I wasn’t that close to her despite that, she was my family. It hit home more so because of everything that has been happening with me and the fact that she was SO YOUNG! Sadly still, that she left behind her 13 year old son. Anyway – so as much as this is not an excuse – but just to show how much stuff that happens in our lives affect our moods, emotions and state of mind – so we are bound to fall off the wagon every now and then.

Still, despite all this – I have really stayed on track – just ate more than I should have on one day – but I did exercise EVERYDAY(Well Sunday was a leisurely stroll in the park, yet I was still moving). I have stepped this up a bit this week too as boys are back to school – so on top of my regular DVD workouts, I am walking to and from school. To make it even more fun, hubby is home this week so motivates me to do it even more as he wants to get back into walking too :)

Not having blogged last week – as I felt like I really needed time to reflect and be there for my family – I feel like I have so much to say and can see the counter dwindling down very fast already.lol So all in all, I knew that the gain would happen this week.. I could feel it in my body because of the emotional heaviness I have been carrying around but at the same time, the exercise as been helping me to lift out of this in a massive way!

Also, I measured myself this morning and it was good to see after looking at 500g gain. I have exchanged a total of 5.5cms in 2 weeks! And most of it around my hips and my waist!!! I am soooo happy with that.

When focussed, NOTHING gets in our way :)

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14 April 2011 – Day 42 Reflections


Post ImageI am having major trust issues right now!!

Between my body and my scales!

My scales are only 4 months old but they were the cheapest scales you could buy from K-Mart! So I have noticed today that the reason why I keep having to go up and down the scale 10-20 times, is because the scale keeps showing me a different result everytime I get on it. I have to adjust the darn thing and step up on it exactly the same way that I did previously. That’s just crazy..so after my TOM is over(which finally came today!), I will go to my sister’s house and use her digital scales and see what it tells me! Hopefully I am on the right track. What about if it’s totally wrong and I am not in even in the 80’s? OMG, I will scream & cry if that’s the case. lol

When I weighed myself this morning, initially it came up as one figure.. I thought, ok I’ve stayed the same. But I thought I would make sure of it. So got off, re-adjusted the needle to where it should be and hopped back on. The scale then showed me a much lower figure…WHAT THE? Anyway, after and up and down result for another 10 times, I decided to wait till later and came down to do my measurements and record them on tracker.

My measurements after 6 weeks are as follows:

That’s pretty great for 6 weeks, right!!?? I am quite proud of myself with these figures. I have decided to measure myself every 2 weeks from now on because it does help to give me more incentive :)

Initially, I had recorded the lower WI as my exchange but I didn’t feel right doing it. So I waited a while and weighed myself again about 1.5hrs later…..and after several weighs and what seems to be the most logical to me, I decided to only record it as a 200g exchange. Taking into consideration that my TOM would most likely be weighing me down at the moment. I think it is better than I record that this week and reflect the difference in next week’s exchange.

So all in all, am I happy? Yes I am happy. I really expected to STS…so 200g is great! I know that my food choices have been less favourable than usual because of my cravings, even though I have been sticking to my points and not overdoing the allowance..and been a lot more tired too! I know things will change and I will see a greater exchange next week!

Remembering also, all the other things that I have blogged about – all the small changes that are contributing to my health!

My gratitude list this week:

  • 200g exchange(better down than up)
  • Had 2 days rest which helped me to catch up on some much neglected issues
  • Realisation that there is a lot more ways to determine my health exchange other than the scales
  • Participating in more challenges
  • Giving back to the community really allows so much more room for receiving
  • Great people & support
  • Listening to my body when it demanded the 2 days rest and allowing myself to have it instead of badgering myself for it
  • My beautifully supportive husband
  • My boys supporting me by asking how many points for everything now :)

“Positive thoughts & actions ALWAYS generates positive results!”~Gay Hendricks

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11 April 2011 – It’s the simple things…..

….that motivate me! Well, especially since Friday night, I had been feeling very ordinary. You know when that TOM is just around the corner and no matter how much you workout, you still feel blehhhh???

So here are a few things that I discovered during my weekend:

  • I put on these Size 12 pair of jeans that I bought from Millers about 5 years ago – they were actually my first Size 12 after I got down to a 12 the last health exchange. I don’t really know what came over me to do that but I did know that they were quite generous in their sizing, so maybe it really is a 14. Anyway, I put them on as I wanted to know how much more I would need to exchange in order for me to fit in these jeans. And I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. I was happy to find that they went over my butt to begin with.lol. Although I would struggle for breath if I was to button them up, I feel that I only need another 5kgs to exchange for them to fit…it maybe a little snug, but it’ll fit! So that made me feel great!
  • Same with a pair of trackies – which are a 14 & hipsters, would definitely fit in them in 5kgs time!
  • It’s amazing what a difference in your mind it makes when you’ve left one decade to go on to another…as in being in the 90’s and now on the top end of the 80’s. I also put on this size L dress that I bought from Cotton On(one that can be worn over leggings) when I was pregnant – which accommodated for my belly at the time. When I wore it after I had Anjalia, it also accommodated for my butt!!!And always put a jacket on over it. Yesterday I put it on to take the boys to the library, not thinking that I actually hadn’t worn it for a while & to my surprise again, it looked so much better. I know there’s a lot more to lose on my hips, but so much has been exchanged. And my tummy looks ALMOST flat…compared to what it was. Even hubby said it to me in bed the other night………….whilst talking guys……………..get your mind out of the gutter..lol…he said, “Hey look, your tummy’s gone down heaps!” That brought a big smile to my face indeed :)
  • Last night, hubby gave me a compliment whilst wearing the above mentioned dress and said, “You’re shrinking baby!” Awwww felt so nice!!! I said, “Thanks for noticing..helps me to know that I am doing all the right things!”
  • Other things like my everyday leggings are getting looser and a denim jacket that is a size 14 but had been tight on me for a while, now is nice and loose…and I CAN button them up around my chest!
  • I also worked out the other day that I need to exchange at least another 10kgs to be in the higher end of my healthy BMI! So that is a great goal that I am looking to achieve

So with all these little things, simple things, yes, they are things that don’t show on the scale. Really the scale is just a number to gauge your progress but so are all these other things that I have shared with you on this post.

These simple things are helping me to stay focused and on track. Helping me to push myself and do that workout that I might not feel like doing. Helping me to push even though my TOM is telling me to just eat whatever I want and worry about it later. I make sure to remember(more when I am not an emotional, irrational wreck lol) during that time that I do retain more fluid and I do bloat, so trying on these clothes yesterday by chance helped me to get through that, seeing that there are results, massive results, regardless of the scales.

Apart from the mood swings on the weekend, I did remarkably well with my PP allowance. I still have 30PP left…Only had 1 glass of wine for the whole weekend. Did have to compensate with some alternatives for my cravings, but made conscious choices! Very happy with that :-D

WI this week will be with measurements – so looking forward to see how much of a difference there is from 6 weeks ago :) Just had to share this with you all today. Thanks for reading.xx

I am responsible for MY LIFE, MY FEELINGS and for EVERY result I get! ~Bob Proctor

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7 April 2011 – Day 35 Reflections

Post ImageO M G!!!!!!!!!!! Believe it or not but………..
Whooop there it is….
900g Exchanged today!

10.9 exchanged for my health to date!

(I have decided to change language of weight loss, for health exchange – as language is everything when you want to keep improving positivity in your life!)

I am so happy. Been walking on cloud 9 today. With a little bit of stiffness from all the walking and yoga! But how worth it was it? So worth it! I am so proud of myself, for sticking it out. Even after my big downer on Monday..which only ended up lasting a few hours and a soon as I got out there for my walk, it’s like the endorphins just took control and been riding on them ever since!

I had to work so much harder than I had in the last 3 weeks but I am so glad I did it. I was thinking, my gosh, if I put this much effort in another week and controlled my allowance intake(much easier when home)…I could possibly get double that next time? It’s a possibility. With all the dedication I have shown the last 4 days…all I need to do is keep the momentum going and I could definitely at the very least exchange another 1kg! I actually was invited out for my cousin’s birthday tomorrow night but I declined. Mainly because I know how things turn out when her and I get together…not so much food wise, but drinks wise! We go ballistic. I think I’ve had enough fun to last me a little while from the last couple of weeks. Quiet drinks at home on a Saturday night is much better to control – as is what I eat when I get the munchies :-p

It did again take me going up and down a few times on the scale – I was so amazed to see the under 90 result. I was stunned actually…made sure of it about 10x!LMAO

So what did I do differently from other weeks that I blew my allowance or felt like I indulged a little too much(which I really didn’t, just me and the guilts taking over)? The biggest difference was exercise really – I walked everywhere that I had to go locally…whether it be to the school, the doctors and the shops. It actually felt amazing and with such amazing Melbourne weather permitting at the moment – taking full advantage!

From Thurs 31/3 – Wed 6/4, I ended up walking a total of 34kms and burning a total o1798 calories = 34 activity points for the week! This doesn’t include calories burnt from Sunday walk on the beach as I didn’t bring my pedometer with me then, as well as the Saturday night boogie!

Other than that, just like I have mentioned before – made sure that I stuck to my 30 daily points(which I am now on 29 after today’s weight exchange), drank LOTS, and I mean LOTS of water, ate sooo many salads and stayed away from bread & rice just for the last 4 days(as they do tend to make me bloat more after indulging). By today, I needed the rice and had a very small amount for dinner as well as rice cakes for lunch :) I also didn’t eat into my activity points because I thought it best to keep them and make up for the negative 28 points in my allowance. Must have been a good strategy as it worked!!!

So there you have it…. to end another happy WI post, here are the things that I am grateful for over the last week:

  • 900g exchange…WOW
  • Stepped up my workouts
  • Contributed to the environment by waking to most places
  • Changed my attitude even faster than I have before
  • For the massive support here(I know that I write this every week, but it always comes from the bottom of my heart and just needs to be mentioned) Everyone is really amazing here…couldn’t do it without you all
  • My 50c exercise piggy bank is growing nicely
  • The challenges that I am participating in as they are keeping me soo motivated and accountable
  • Other people’s inspirational blogs that keeps me going(I would rather reach for a blog than a chocolate on a downer day)

DO NOT look for immediate measurable physical results – instead LOOK for improvement in your mood, your attitude & your emotions. When you FEEL better, you are more in alignment & everything else will follow!” ~Abraham(via Esther Hicks)

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4 April 2011 – Positive Attitude – it changes EVERYTHING


Post ImageAfter writing that blog this morning, it had me thinking most of the day.It was an entry I had to let out of my head otherwise I would’ve festered on it by myself and made it into something bigger than what it was. The reason why I joined WW in the first place is to ensure that I don’t do this on my own and use the support around me as much as possible!

Funny enough, after writing the blog – I actually shook myself up and instead of wallowing in self pity all day long. Making excuses as to why I should just sit on the couch and eat – I got off my arse and took my daughter to the doc’s by walking for 40mins(20mins up and back) and later on picked up the boys by walking to school for another total of 40mins. A total of 6 activity points for today. You will laugh to know what actually motivated me to do it – it was actually that I felt that it was necessary for me to put something down for my activity for today on tracker as well as feeling accountable to do it for challenge of doing 30mins everyday. I felt so much better for it afterwards. A little sore but hey, I have a lot of maccas to work off.lol

Whilst I was walking, I also remembered that in the tracker I didn’t account for the fact that I danced for the whole night at the wedding..so even though I didn’t do a workout that day, the dancing surely was a workout as I was working up a sweat! So I added this to my exercise tracker which brought down my negative figure a little more. And I am happy with the decision I made on Sunday morning to get up and go for that 50mins walk with my sister.

And also, although I was panicking when I wrote that post this morning – mostly as it was at the time that I was recording everything I ate and just thought OMG…WHAT HAVE I DONE!? – the truth is that I had a great time on the weekend. I was so happy to be with family and so happy to have some time out with hubby – this being our first time that he and I have left the kids since Anjalia was born almost 7 months ago. So I don’t regret it. I wanted to have fun and I did..tremendous fun and I am not going to punish myself for that :p

Even though I did eat a lot of unhealthy foods on Sat & Sun … I was still very aware and conscious of the decisions I was making with the foods. Therefore, I think that this will actually help me towards, at the very least, an STS and not a gain. It’s all about the positive thinking and using it to turn a potentially bad result to one more to my liking. That is what has partly helped me the past couple of losses….It’ll take hard work, but I am seeing that change is on the horizon, so time will tell.

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4 April 2011 – O M G….What have I done?


Post ImageThis is just a vent entry.

I am feeling a little low at the moment. Really I have NO ONE else to blame but myself. I know that playing the blame game doesn’t help me or anyone…and I am doing my best to give myself a break.

This weekend would have to be my worse and TOP indulgent weekend. I really let go and did not really think too hard about the consequences. After having such great losses for the last 4 weeks, even after indulging weekends..I will be gob smacked if I was to get away with a loss from this one! I have 4 days to get myself back on track before WI. Is it possible? Yeah it probably is. But can I be bothered? Right now, I have to say NO.

The thing that I have to also confess is that I had SUCH a great time at my cousin’s wedding. It was really great to just let go and have soo much fun. I know that fun doesn’t need to be had with alcohol and crap food. But what didn’t go in my favour on Saturday night is that the wedding was not dinner, it was a cocktail party and as usual with cocktail parties – they serve mostly fried, crumbed snacks. Not knowing that this was the case, meant that we had no dinner before hand and the snacks basically became our dinner to survive the night!

Alcohol consumption was probably no more than it was the last weekend, but still MANY of them were consumed. To give myself a little credit, I did drink lots of water before and in between and after :)

It’s the after the wedding that threw me over the top even more. I thought that we were going to keep partying afterwards with my brother and cousins but the night ended sooner than I expected and by that time, had consumed another 2 champagnes and was on a high! Suddenly, I had to bring myself out of this high. And the only way that I know how and has always worked for me – ensuring that I don’t suffer too much the next day – is by eating. So stopped @ the servo’s on the way to the hotel and ate a small sausage roll. Which was not enough – then saw a Maccas on the way and bought a large fries. Got back to the hotel, drank a coffee, more water with aspirin and a small cookie – courtesy of the hotel. After that I completely crashed up until 6am(in then new time – my body clock is still going with the daylight savings time of waking up at 7am)

Another credit to myself…having my sister staying with us in the hotel also – which was in Rosebud West by the way, by the beach – so we took ourselves off for a 50mins walk on the beach. Felt so good!!

But then was starving…we were meant to go to a brekky bbq with the family in a reserve in Rosebud…but we were all so hungry that we decided to stop by Maccas(again I know!!!) and grabbed one of their bakehouse brekky roll deals with coffee and hash browns. O M G….I won’t go into any more… but I think I have given you all enough of a picture. Basically everything has gone down hill from there. After recording everything that I can remember in the tracker – very reluctantly mind you – I am in negative in my allowance of the week. What the? How the heck do I change that back into a positive? Is there really any coming back from that now? Or do I simply just do as I have every other weekend and damage control by ensuring that I get back on track now? Will these negative allowance points now represent a gain for me?

Panic has set in and to be honest…making it really difficult to want to get back on the wagon. Even though I know it’d be worth in the end…but I feel like I have blown it way too much this time!!!!

I am just thinking and venting at the same time. I am sure that I will get back on track but hearing the good angel and bad angel having a massive battle on my shoulder!!!


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1 April 2011 – Day 28 Reflections

Post Image

Here I am, at Week 4 on WW and surprised myself with yet another 1kg loss this week!!!

I was absolutely stunned & amazed and in disbelief. Mainly because this is how it went. I weighed myself @ 7.30am as I usually do. I did expect to lose maybe 200g or to STS…but the scale that morning told me I had put on 200g. But I knew that I had lost something and I knew that what was weighing down was the fact that I was bloated from 2 days of blockage in my bowel. So I left it and thought, I will have breakfast and see how things are after that. I don’t know if this is cheating…but you know, when you know that a different result should be on that scale. The scale only tells you what is, not the facts that have lead to the result that is showing. Anyway, I went about my normal morning and then had a nap with my daughter for about 2 hrs. Finally when I woke up, I was able to move my bowels(sorry if this is too much information!). So once I did….about half an hour later, I weighed myself and that’s when I saw the difference….where the scale was now reflecting what I was feeling in my body – that I had lost 1kg(if I STS, I would’ve put the feeling down to more inches having fallen off). I went up and down that scale 10 times. I made sure that it was correctly adjusted and everything you could think of.lol….Out of those 10 times – at least 6 out of 10 showed the one kg loss and the rest of the results were about 200-500g off.

So, have I cheated? Or have I made sure that a true reflection of my weight has shown this week, instead of next week showing that I’ve had a BIGGER loss, which wouldn’t actually be the fact. What I mean is, if I recorded 200g gain and next week I lost 1.2 – then this is really accounting for my bloating at the time that I weighed at 7.30am…does that make sense? Am I justifying or is this legitimate? I think at the same time I am looking for ways to sabotage my results because this week’s loss is my first milestone – 10% reached as well as another 5kgs down – which I am to reward myself for!

I thought about jumping on the scales again this morning…but then went against it because I usually peek on Monday mornings anyway and if I have somehow cheated myself…then, it will show on the next WI. Although, I don’t feel that I have. Think I am just having a hard time accepting that I have reached my first WW goal more than anything. Also, I think I had been beating myself up over the weekend more than I cared to admit. Although I have indulgent weekends since being on WW, this is the first that I had where I blew all my points in one day with food and alcohol being the culprits. But I also have to recognise the fact that I did get back on the wagon. I again ensured that I stuck to my PPs for the day and flushed my system out with a lot of water! Funny enough, if I didn’t indulge that w/end, I feel that I could potentially already been in the 80’s – but no use dwelling on what might have been, got a great result regardless.

So this morning, I finally made the steps to reward myself for my 5kg mark/10% reached with a book that I have been wanting for a long time called The Secret of Shamballah by James Redfield. Felt awesome after I ordered it…and can’t wait to get it next week :)

To end this post, my gratitude list over the last week:

  • Yet another loss of 1kg
  • Ensuring that I drank a lot of water
  • Rested a lot by listening to what my body needed
  • Worked out for at least 3 days this week so far :)
  • Picked myself up after my bro’s birthday/girl’s weekend
  • Priding myself on the fact that I am not turning to foods such as cakes & biscuits when I am down
  • Continued amazing support here on this community
  • Reaching my 10%
  • My episode from 2 weeks ago has so far been diagnosed as mere ly a chronic migraine and not at all a stroke…thank goodness!
  • Rewarding myself with 50c in my piggy bank for every w/out

“You cannot create a new reality while looking at your current reality – you need to change your vibrational alignment right now!” ~Abraham

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29 March 2011 – Every little change counts….

I just had to write a blog about my weekend….was gonna leave it, but decided that I should share it with you all.

On Saturday, went on my road trip to Ballarat with my sister in law, for my brother’s birthday. I have to be honest and tell you that I was dreading going at all only because I had NOTHING TO WEAR! And that’s no joke! I tried to see if I could buy something really cheap, but my heart wasn’t in it as I had already told myself that I won’t buy anything until I am halfway through goal – which will be at around 79kgs and then at the end 61kgs. I really just want to make do with what I have in the meantime and I have PLENTY of clothes that I have yet to fit in as well as my goal.

So in the end, I ended up wearing this long aqua flowy top that I had bought just before I started my thinspirational journey – which I had worn out on a girls’ night out. I purchased it from Glassons with a little jacket to go on it. Believe it or not, it’s actually a size 12. I love that shop, their sizes are really nice and generous to me. At that time, I was at my heaviest and liked the top as it hid any kinds of bulges…but still showed my tuck shop lady arms – which I thought is it’d be fine for when I am in a club anyway, as no one can really see…well, that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it.lol..So of course when I wore it then, the top underneath was quite tight.

Anyway, when I put it on, on Saturday night, it was loose on me!!! Yeah, the bottom top was loose and the shoulder straps were loose also, regularly falling and having to pull it back up. I felt so good…knowing that I have lost quite a few inches around my hips, butt and chest area.

I also wore a black jacket over it – which I had bought when I was about 5 months pregnant. I bought it at XL but it was from one of those little shops that have a lot of Asian size clothes, so the sizes are very underestimated, not like Glassons at all. When I put it on, I realised that the jacket actually buttons up over my chest and I could pull it across with my 2 hands and it covered my chest. Before I couldn’t even get past my the sides of my boobs. Wow…I think I have come a long way already! It felt soo good, that I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

Now, I did blow out all my points on the w/end with the numerous wines & Champagne glasses and then feeling hungry @ 4am and had Maccas….hmm, and not any healthy choices either. You know how it is when you’ve been drinking…nothing matters any more! I wasn’t completely oblivious but there was nowhere else to go at that time and my sister in law by that stage had an incredibly crazy night and weren’t in the mood to get all fussy about what to eat at this stage. But the next day…well on the Sunday at 12pm brunch @ her mum’s house, she served us a lovely breakfast, which could have ended up being the most greasy breakfast choice, but it was actually just what WW would have approved of …. Seeded bread with 1 free range egg, 3 thin slices of ham, cooked tomatoes & mushrooms. They were perfect and for the rest of the day, although I could’ve made better choices, I still ate within my 30PP. I know! Incredible..but true.

Maybe I shouldn’t have done it but I did peak at the scale this afternoon sometime. I know it wouldn’t have been a true indication with the time of the day as well…but I needed to know what I needed to do exactly to get back on track. hmm and it wasn’t pretty!!!

So what are the additional changes I will be implementing?
Lots of exercise as from tomorrow(still keeping it to walking & yoga); No bread or rice after 5pm; plenty of vegies, fruits & salads to fill me up. And some of the other things I adopted last week. Fingers crossed! Then have weddings coming up on Saturday as well….can’t wait till all these are out of the way! Hopefully be a lot easier to keep under control at the wedding!

Well there you have it…my vent…thanks for reading :-D

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24 March 2011 – Day 21 Reflections


Today was weigh in day – another loss of 1 kilo was staring at me on the scales this morning!

I was so dreading it! After all the weekend’s drama with my health and not being able to exercise for 3 days, I really thought it was going to be a very small loss. COULD NOT wipe the smile off my face. lol since I was feeling soo good and really too excited to go to back to bed, decided to do my 1 hour yoga @ 6.30am :) Felt great…I wish I could get up and do it at that time everyday!!!

I do have to admit that to counteract the fact that I couldn’t exercise, I did make some changes that I hoped would help me. What were they, I hear you asking?

  1. Made sure that I ate within my 30PP since Monday(following Weight Watchers program)
  2. After a weekend of indulgence, I ensured that I didn’t eat any more into my PP allowance
  3. Making a start on measuring my foods more(which I have only really been guessing)
  4. Made sure to eat only light meals as snack before bed – sometimes even only opting for a glass of warm milk(which I have read is a whole lot better to have if your’re having trouble sleeping)
  5. Ensuring that I am online – helping others whilst seeking help for myself – via blogs or forums (this is not really a change, but I have been doing it more this week as I needed the lift to get over the weekend’s events)

And there you have it – just 5 very small changes but really they were changes in the direction of a positive outcome and I am glad that I was able to see what was needed to make these changes and actually followed through with them. In the end, it all paid off.

Only 1 kilo to 10% & 2 kilos till I am down to the next decade!!!! :-D

My health? Well I’ve had my neck ultrasound – which is all fine. I am still waiting to hear from Monash to have MRI, which I hope to have next week. Then I will probably need to see a general neurologist, as I had to 6 years ago. Where I am sure that he will end up prescribing me these hard core pills for my migraines again! Honestly, this is not the avenue that I wish to take this time around – providing I’ve had all the necessary tests and all is clear, I will go and see my Naturopath instead. This is what I should have done the first time, but I wasn’t to know then. Because this whole migraine thing is partly stress related as there are a lot of family issues going on but mostly related to my hormones recovering from another pregnancy. I am not a big believer in pharmaceutical medicines as the solution to everything for my body – naturopathy has worked wonderfully for me in the past (together with meditation, yoga & positive thinking) – I love it as it is natural and non-evasive.

Anyway, enough of that! So this week, I am grateful that:

  • Tracking is becoming more and more of a habit
  • Another 1 kg is down
  • I exercised 4 days out of 7
  • I did my best to pick myself up after yet another indulging weekend
  • Although I did have bit of muffins here and there on the w/end…cakes/biscuit have been kept to a minimum for a week (as I have mentioned before, this is my weakness, so this is an achievement all on its own)
  • I am losing more inches (this week I have noticed that my towel wraps around me more; I can almost see my private area past my stomach LMAO; and I can feel my ribs sticking out when I lie flat)
  • I am loving the way a top that I bought a while ago from Cotton On is starting to look more like it should on me
  • For the MASSIVE support on this community and all the beautiful friends I have made and keep making everyday
  • I know where I am heading (having a clearer picture after the weekend’s event – you can do SO MUCH thinking being in a hospital for 10 hrs!)
  • My water intake has increased and I believe it’s contributing to my losses
  • I have supportive hubby & children – love them to bits!

“The key to bringing your body to a new place is to SEE it differently from the way it is and focus on the body that IS coming!” ~Abraham

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