I’m not the kind of girl who instantly gets the guys. I’m not the kind of girl who looks good in anything she wears. I’m not the kind of girl who gets all the facebook comments on her pictures. I’m not the kind of girl who everyone loves. I’m not the kind of girl that every guy wants. I’m just not that girl, but it’s okay because I am me.

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Today’s reflection

Well I have finally chosen an appropriate theme for my blog – after much searching and many trials…this feels like the best one – simple but chic – ensuring that all that I post is easily read.

I have wanted to have a blog for a while now and finally, since discovering tumblr this week – it felt like it was the right one for me to use. Mainly because it was easy to set up and simple to use – nothing that needs tutorials to get it perfect before sharing. I have also found my creative juices flowing again and many thoughts popping up in my mind that I have been wanting to share for a long time. I see blogging much like a journal – one that helps to declutter your mind from many thoughts and ideas but doing it by sharing with others.

Meanwhile, this is the second time I am writing this post – as I had it all written up and posted and then accidentally deleted over it with a picture that I wanted to put with the post. Hmm, yes that frustrated me but in the meantime, it got me to reflect upon the words that I had shared and relate them back to myself – this was mostly to do with perfectionism – making sure that it’s all perfect or I am all perfect before sharing. What a big lesson just there…Not only did I remember that I should really type in word before I post online (so I can save it…hehe) but also that what I thought were the perfect words to share before may have been only for myself to learn this and enable me to share a much better, more inspired blog entry! Proving to myself the words that I wrote are true – that we are always learning, growing and rediscovering our potential.

I have many thoughts that I wish to share and hopefully they’ll get their chance to be written….

Today, I wanted to share my thoughts on a conversation that my husband & I were having just this week about sharing Facebook statuses, groups, profiles, blogs, yahoo groups, etc that inspires others. He feels that he becomes bored from looking for posts to inspire himself and others and also feels that he’s not being authentic, putting these up but not actually at this point in time, applying these in his own life. There, the ego speaks, as it’s striving for perfection – meanwhile robbing our spirits of the experiences we need in order to grow, learn and rediscover.

Through my pages of posts, quotes, etc – I claim only the words of inspiration to inspire me as well as inspire others. I don’t claim to be the quote or the words or the inspiration or the example. Far from it – I am like everyone else in this world…. Finding a better way to live within myself & with others. The quotes, blogs, videos, affirmations that I post inspire me to strive for what I know I am capable of. It’s a reminder of what my true potential is. It’s often a challenge to remember so many things – what better way to be reminded but by having friends to share this with who are experiencing something similar? What better way to make new friends?

I feel that by sitting around waiting for perfection, I am robbing myself of many experiences, growth and learnings – It is by jumping in & revealing my heart as I feel that I am able to along the way, apply all those principles that I quote or share along my journey. Often we put others such as Neale Donald Walsch, Wayne Dyer, Oprah, Doreen Virtue, and others – on an “all knowing” pedestal. Sure they’ve found an avenue to rediscover themselves and they’ve shared this with the world and by doing so, have been able to experience a life that they truly desired – and I don’t doubt that I they’ve implemented into their lives what they teach…at the same time, they are humans just like the rest of us. I have no doubt that all their teachings also give them an amazing ride of growth, learning & experiences along their journey.

As I was writing this, I am thinking about what I wrote in my first blog that I lost this morning and realising how different this one is compared. It really was as if I wrote the other one only for me! Who would have thought that writing this blog would bring me so many learnings? Ha! Ha!

I will finish this blog with something that I read in Eckhart Tolle’s, “New Earth” this morning – which I found inspiring:

“There are many subtle but easily overlooked forms of ego that you may observe in other people and, more important, in yourself. Remember: The moment you become aware of the ego in yourself, that emerging awareness is who you are BEYOND ego, the deeper “I”. The recognition of the false is already the arising of the real.”

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